Thursday, December 13, 2012


Beswitched by Kate Saunders (2010)

 About the book:
Twelve-year-old Flora Fox would do anything not to go to Penrice Hall, the boarding school her parents are shipping her off to because of a family emergency.  Penrice has horses and an Olympic-size swimming pool, but flashy facilities won't change how Flora feels about being sent away and having to make new friends.

On the train ride to Penrice, Flora awakens from a nap to find herself transported into the past -- 1935 to be exact.  And instead of a posh prep school, she arrives at St. Winifred's, where she has to speak French at breakfast, wear hideous baggy bloomers, and sleep in a freezing dormitory.  Life is bearable only because of Flora's wonderful roommates, Pete, Dulcie, and Pogo, who cast the spell that brought her to St. Winifred's.  They've pledged to help Flora get back to her own time -- but only after she completes the task she was summoned for.

In the meantime, as she rises to the challenges of her strange new life, Flora finds that the joys and complications of growing up are the same no matter what the year.  And that when you need them, family will always be there.

My thoughts:
What a good book.  This is listed as a children's book, but I feel anyone can read it and have it keep your interest.  I learned a lot about British schools in the 1930s and, I guess, British culture in general at that time.  

I've always been fascinated with time travel and that is why I chose this book in the first place.  But more than a time travel novel, it was a story of family relationships.  Of respect for others.  Of growing in your own skin to be a better person.

I highly recommend this book.  

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