Monday, December 10, 2012


So nice to have a day off and to spend it with my wonderful sister, Elaine.  We literally shopped till we dropped.  Well, till I dropped anyway.

We started out at Rite Aid.  I didn't get too much there, but got some really nice stuff.  Basically just soap and things for around the house.  But I did find some pretty red, white and silver ornaments.  Next we went to Wawa and I got a box of the coffee Joe has been wanting.  He's going to be very surprised at Christmas.

The next store we went to was Target.  The first thing I did was make an accident report on Joe's fall on Saturday night.  I got a couple of cute holiday t-shirts, some pj pants and a winter hat for Joe, and a few little things for Elaine that she saw and said she would like.

Then we headed over to Home Depot and I got a 15-in-1 tool that Joe has been wanting.  It was expensive, but he will be so happy.

Finally we went to Dollar Tree.  It is so easy to spend a lot of money in a dollar store.  "Look at this!  And it's only a dollar."  One thing I got there was a little stable for my Lenox nativity set.  It was just the right size.  I've been looking all over for one and here I found it in Dollar Tree of all places.
We went to Sonic for lunch and then headed home to take Joe to the hospital and get x-rays.  His ribs and hip are still hurting him a lot and we want to make sure that he hasn't broken anything.

While we were at the hospital Elaine brought out my Christmas village and used it to decorate the top of my piano.  It's so cute.

We had hoagies for dinner and watched a couple of Christmas DVDs.  Now it's getting late and I still have to type up the handouts for tomorrow's Bible study.  I'm going to miss having Elaine around when she leaves tomorrow morning.  It has been a good visit.  And I get to see her again when we go to her house for Christmas.


  1. The village is charming! Makes me want to move there...

  2. Sorry to hear about Joe. I hope he can get some answers, and I hope he mends quickly.

    Your Christmas village looks great!

  3. I guess I am way behind!!! Joe's FALL??? I better go read what I have missed!!!

    I love the $ stores too!!

  4. Hate to hear Joe is still in pain. When will you get the results of his X-ray?

    Sounds like your shopping went pretty well. I'm telling you Kathy, I have bought much of nothing. I have GOT TO GET BUSY!!

    Love your Christmas Village. It's just adorable.

    Hope you have a nice Wednesday dear


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