Friday, December 28, 2012


Another slow day at work.  All week has been really slow.  I thought with the kids off from school there would be a lot of activity, but there has been almost no one in the library.  I guess everyone is doing other things.  I know the PAL (Police Athletic League) is putting together a soccer team and a lot of the kids are interested in that.

I was on the desk this afternoon when Jerry called me back to the workroom.  I said, "I can't leave the desk."  He said, "Oh yes, you can.  Get in here.  We have to have a talk."  I thought, "What did I do now?"  When I walked in the room there was a cake with a lit birthday candle and everyone sang to me.  I was really surprised because I was sure they had forgotten all about my birthday.

Jerry had even stolen the paper flower off of Diane's desk to decorate the book truck that had the cake.  He has a habit of doing that.

They also gave me a card that they all signed.
This was so nice of them.  Especially nice of Bob who saw that Diane and Sheila were off, Jerry was just coming back from vacation, and took it on himself to plan all of this.  I work with the best people.


  1. What a thoughtful surprise! It looks really nice & the cake looks delicious.
    Great day!

  2. Happy Happy Happy Birthday Friend!! I totally didn't know it was your birthday. Hope it was an amazing day. Sounds like your co-workers think your as awesome as I do!


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