Saturday, June 29, 2013


Yesterday and today were workdays at the church I attend.  Of course because of work I could not be a part of it yesterday.  Today I really wanted to help, but my physical problems just would not let me.  And of course Joe with his epilepsy and central nervous disorder tremor couldn't either.  So we offered to bring lunch today.  Last night we went to Shop Rite and got loaves of bread, lunchmeat, cheese, chips, pretzels, beverages.  We put it all together and took it over at lunch time.

Everyone seemed to enjoy it.  We made ham and swiss, turkey and American cheese, and BLTs.  Then we had cole slaw and potato salad, garlic bagel chips, pretzels, potato chips, iced tea, lemonade, coke and coke zero.  For dessert there were mini cupcakes iced in red, white and blue.  There was almost nothing left!

A lot of work got done around the church.  The kitchen and both bathrooms were painted.  The sanctuary was completely scrubbed down, dusted and vacumned.  The microwave and other appliances were scrubbed inside and out.  The fellowship hall was cleaned and vacumned.  The grass was cut and weeds pulled up in the church yard.  It is looking good!

Here are some pictures I borrowed from the church's facebook page to show you.

After all this work I ended up taking a nap for three hours.  Saturday afternoons seem to be my catch up on sleep time.

So now we've read Genesis 4 (our text for tomorrow) from our Hebrew Bible and it's heading to bed so we can get up for church tomorrow.  It's been a good day.

Friday, June 28, 2013


I had my appointment with my oncologist yesterday afternoon.  Things are going good and he was very happy with everything, especially how my incision is healing up.

It was also my week to get my Zometa infusion.  I get Zometa to help with the bone loss from my cancer medications.  Even though I no longer take them, the effects linger on.  It took a really long time for them to get to me and then the nurse couldn't find a vein to use.  After poking me three times she called over another nurse who got a vein the first time.  My arm is all bruised and hurts so badly.  

I ended up taking the whole day off from work because I got nauseous from the medication (like usual).  I ended up sleeping for about five hours and felt much better when I woke up.  Joe made spaghetti for dinner and I was able to eat it all.  So it's back to work today.

I wanted to send a Friday view out to everyone.  The flowers I got two weeks ago at the farm are done with.  But their beauty lingers on with the pictures I took.  As each of the lilies opened up I took a picture of it.  They were so beautiful.


Thursday, June 27, 2013


Have I got a picture for you today.

This is Geno's Steaks, a Philadelphia landmark and in front of it a 1959 Chevy.  Anyone remember that?  I used to think this was the most beautiful car.  And a convertible too!  But having ridden in a convertible I now know it's not all that great.  Especially if you don't want your hair messed up.  And the car looks huge!  I don't think I could even drive it.  Ah, times change, don't they?  I wonder what people 50 years from now will think of our cars.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Today my grandson Colby turned 13 years old.  Who knew this cute little baby...

... would turn into this handsome young man?

With blue hair yet!  This is very recent and washes out.  But it doesn't look bad.  I told my daughter-in-law today that the best is just beginning. 

It's been crazy at work.  We are so very busy with the summer reading program.  And being short handed doesn't help either.  I will be so happy when they hire or promote someone for the McPherson Square branch and we get everyone back.  Being down a person does not make for a happy supervisor.  Especially since there are lots of vacations coming up.

I had to take Joe to the VA Hospital this morning for an appointment and I have to see my oncologist tomorrow.  Not being able to put in a full day doesn't help the situation.  I will be glad next week when things will calm down a little bit -- at least staff wise.  I know the summer reading will keep things hopping until September.  I am so very tired all the time.

And on that note I am heading for bed.  Good night all.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I was so beat yesterday that I never got to show you my garden, so I'm going to do that first.
My geranium.  It's starting to come back.

The pink hydrangea is overpowered by the blue one.

The pink ones are so pretty.

The blue lacecap is pretty too.

Roses.  Not many out there right now.  Maybe I'll get more since I cut back the plants.

The pink roses grow in groups like this.
The orange lilies are just about done, but the white one is starting to bloom.
 After church yesterday I took my friend Carol out for lunch for her birthday.  Then we went over to her house for awhile.  We spent four hours talking and talking.  It's been such a long time since we had a chance to spend time together.  It was great seeing and spending time with her.

Today it was back to work at my home branch, Richmond.  It was sort of strange being there.  I was having a hard time getting myself back together.  The first week of this month I was off having surgery.  The second week I was at work, but just sort of catching up on things.  Last week I was at McPherson.  It's been almost a month since I have had a "normal" day at work.  I'm sure things will get better as I go along.  I just have to get myself back on schedule.  It was extremely busy too, so that didn't help.

We had a major thunderstorm this afternoon.  At one point there was a clap of thunder and flash of lightning so close together that I knew the storm was right over us.  And the lightning seemed to come right through the windows into the workroom.  I jumped!  It was very scary!

I had barbecued pork chops, zucchini, and tomatoes for dinner.  I had been planning to eat outside, but the rain canceled those plans.  I hope sometime this week we can do that.

I'm going to end since it is after midnight and I have to get up for Bible study tomorrow.  We are in Ruth, chapter 3.  One more week to go before we end for the summer.  I need a break!

Until later....

Sunday, June 23, 2013


I will post my Sunday garden later today, but wanted to try to get caught up.  Yesterday was so very busy.

It started off slow because I am so tired I just wanted to lay on the sofa and watch TV.  But I finally got myself together, called Deb, and the two of us went to the farm.  Since it was later I didn't have a wide choice of things, but I'm always happy to get any of their fresh veggies.  Here's what I got:

More rainbow carrots.  They are so very good.  Beautiful tomatoes.  I used one last night and it's bright red all the way through and so sweet.  Green beans, a candy onion (it was the last one there) and a summer squash.

I discovered candy onions when I was in the CSA a couple of years ago.  Here is another veggie I would never have tried on my own.  It is sweet like a Vidalia and very mild.  It's great in my potato salad because it doesn't have that strong taste.

I took pictures of their flower boxes that they have on the gate.  So pretty.

I had the wrong setting on my camera so they came out a little dark, but I think they are good enough for you to see how beautiful they are.  If you live near Philadelphia you should stop in Greensgrow Farm.  It's at Almond and Cumberland Streets.  How many major cities have an active farm right in the heart of it?  I hear there are more all the time as Urban Farming becomes more popular.

Then we ran to Shop Rite to do our weekly (or in my case monthly) shopping.  I spent way more than I expected to, but since I haven't done a major shopping in almost a month and I was out of almost everything I guess I didn't do too badly.

I just got everything put away when my gardener, Frank, came over.  He did a lot of cutting back and pulling up for me.  Things I just can't do anymore with my bad back.  All the ivy has been cut off of the wall and away from the plants it was strangling.  And I had five volunteer maple trees, four of which he pulled up for me.  It was tough getting the roots out because they were pretty big, but he did it.  I want a tree in the yard and haven't had the money to buy one.  So we kept the biggest and most well placed of them.  It is already taller than me, so I am hoping it turns into a lovely tree to give some shade and a place to hang my bird feeder, etc.  

While he was doing that, I deadheaded and cut back my rose bushes.  I don't trust anyone to touch my roses except for me.  I have some more work to do on them, but it just got too hot.  It was around 4:00 p.m. and about 94*.  I ended up getting sick from the heat.  I just can't take it like I used to.

I took these pictures through the screen windows in the kitchen.  The patio set is out and the grass is cut.

Hooray I can actually see my wall again!
 After a nap (I love afternoon naps but they frown upon it in work) I made a dinner of crab cakes, fries and a beautiful salad with the veggies from the farm -- Boston lettuce from last week and rainbow carrots and tomatoes from today.

I wanted to get pictures of the super moon last night, but every time I looked it was behind clouds.  But I did get our beautiful sunset.  One of the best things about living where I do is the magnificent sunsets I get to see.

I have to run and get ready for church or I will be late.  I'll be back tonight with new views of the new stuff happening in the garden.

Friday, June 21, 2013


I made it through the week at the McPherson Square library.  I knew I would.  It is not a bad place to work and actually once I got used to how they do things there it was an enjoyable week.  So much work there though!  It is so busy with so few people that it is almost impossible to keep up with things.  I offered to stay another week, but Bob said he would do next week and Diane is going the following week.  I heard they are actively looking to promote someone into that position, so hopefully it will be soon and we can get back to normal.  I have been trying to run and make decisions for my home branch from the branch I am visiting, and it is difficult to handle two branches at once!  But I will miss working with the very wonderful people at McPherson.

Today they had a retirement luncheon for Paul who is the one we are all temporarily replacing.  Paul is a good friend of mine -- he was once my supervisor.  I haven't seen him in almost a year.  It was so good to be able to sit with him and catch up on things.  We are going to try to stay in touch.  He's such a nice guy.  We had pizza, soda, chips, and the librarian baked some wonderful cupcakes.  Yum!

Please continue to keep my sister in your prayers.  She is now having some medical issues stemming from the car accident she was in a couple of weeks ago.  She is waiting to get pre-certification so she can get a CT scan.  Also, she is still looking for a new car.

I was debating about what I wanted to show for my Friday view today.  There are two things I was thinking of.  But this being the first day of summer (hooray!), I thought I would show you the gorgeous sunset we had tonight.  I am so happy summer is here.


Thursday, June 20, 2013


Everyone seemed to like the Throwback Thursday I did last week, so I have found some others for you.  I hope you enjoy them.

People in this part of the U.S. know of Tastykake Bakery for producing great cakes and pies.  I don't think they are still delivered in this type of truck.  This is a picture from 1915.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Tuesday was much better at work.  Like I said yesterday I really do like all the people that work there.  They are so nice and friendly and helpful.  So I try to help them as much as I can.  Even though we all basically do the same job, each library has its own little way of doing things.  Sort of like when I was a secretary I could type, I could figure out things, but where one office wanted newer things filed in the front, another office would want the older things in the front.  You get the idea.

So I have been spending three hours a day on the front desk.  That doesn't change all that much from branch to branch.  We all check books in the same way.  We all circulate books the same way.  You can only give out a library card one way, etc.

I also noticed when I was shelving just how messed up the shelves were.  So I asked the head librarian today if she would mind if I straightened the shelves.  She was delighted with the idea.  No one has enough time to do it.  So now if I am looking for something to do, I just go over and start straightening.  So much better than trying to look busy or just sitting there.

After work I had to run over to my home branch to fix some things that I had left undone.  I got out at five and they were open till eight.  While I was there I picked up the next book for the book club Joe is in.  He was reading it tonight and is about halfway done already.  It must be good.

I have one more picture of the McPherson Square branch to show you today.  It is in the children's room.  They're theme is a garden.  These tables and stools are made out of a tree stump.  The wooden flowers you see behind the tables are on the back of a book case.

I think it is so unique and beautiful.

So that is all for today.  Since it is after midnight I think I had better go to bed.  Goodnight everyone.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I'm heading out in an hour for my second day at the McPherson Square branch.  Yesterday was... interesting.

I wasn't sure how long it would take me to get there.  I turned on the GPS (there are parts of the trip I am not sure of) and it took me a different way than I had ever gone before.  It turned out to be so fast.  And with all the construction being done on my way to work each day it is actually faster and easier than going to my regular Richmond branch.

The people I am working with are so sweet and nice.  I really liked them a lot.  The guard used to work at Richmond and he and I are very good friends.  So having the chance to work with him again was great.  But...

it is so unorganized.  In my branch I am the supervisor and I have the place running like a well oiled engine.  We all know what our jobs are, have a schedule for when we are on the desk, and know what we are doing and where we're supposed to be all the time.  At McPherson it's "Do you feel like going on the desk?  OK."  And instead of one person to handle everything there can be two or three on at one time.  Don't have anything to do?  Go on the desk.  The same with the other things that need to be done.  Feel like sitting there?  Sit.  Feel like doing something?  Uh...  well maybe you can shelve.  Or maybe you can do this list.  It's driving me crazy after just one day.  I was counting down the hours yesterday.  And I have four more days to go.  My mind just doesn't do well like that.  So today I think I am going to set myself some tasks.

Enough with the complaining.

I took a few pictures of the place to show you.  It's a beautiful building.

This is the outside of the building.  It is situated in the center of a beautiful park.  Unfortunately a lot of drugs and prostitution go on in the park.  In the back of the building is a small parking lot which is always locked so our cars don't get broken into.

This is the teen section.  It is new since I was there the last time.  The chairs on the floor rock and the kids love them.  The back is all cafe type tables where you can sit and read or do homework.  There's a leader that is there working with them.  On the right side there is a counter and chairs where you can plug in a laptop computer.  They even have four laptops that you can borrow and use the library's wi-fi.

This is the inside of the dome.  The skylight provides so much light and the lights help too.  It is right over the front desk but lights up the whole workroom too.

This is the children's section looking from the front desk.  It's so cute in there and STUFFED with books.
 I will try to take some more pictures today.  Only four days to go.  Like I said the people I work with are great so that is a big plus.  I can do it....  I can do it....