Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Here it is 6 days to Christmas and I have nothing done.  I don't know when I've ever been this far behind.  But I am working so hard at my job that all I do when I get home is get something to eat and go to sleep.  

Tomorrow I go in at 11:45 and work until 8:00.  Friday I have off because I have to work on Saturday.  So that is the time I will finish off my baking, card writing, decorating, etc.

Do I sound frazzled?  That's because I am.  Christmas is really stressing me out this year.  I am trying so hard to enjoy it, but am not really enjoying it all that much.

So that's my complaint for today.  But in light of all the tragedy that has taken place in our country lately I guess I shouldn't complain at all.  Things will get done.  It might be more low key than in years past, but that's OK. 

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  1. Don't do this to yourself friend. You sound like me every other year but this year. Christmas is always stressful for me which is one of the reasons we started the whole leaving town tradition. I was bummed that we were going to have to stay home this year and I made a vow to NOT get stressed no matter what. I mean really, is it "that" big of a deal if every single thing don't get baked, every single person don't get a card and etc. I say eliminated. Make a list of what Must Be Done as in there is NO CHOICE. Then make a list of what you would like to be done. Go over those lists. You might just find that putting a few cards up till after the holidays and mailing them out in time for New Years will allow you to write a special note in them! Really friend, enjoy these special days. Thinking of you today and always :)


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