Monday, December 10, 2012


The theme for the second week of Advent is peace.  What a great gift God gives us when we receive His peace!  In our world, there are so many problems and pain. Nothing seems to work the way God planned it all to work.And into this disfunctional world came the Prince of Peace. Jesus brings peace into our world and into our lives. This is such a wonderful week for me.

Yesterday my friend Debbie came over and helped me clean up the living room.  I've been having trouble with my back and so things had gotten bad because there was a lot I couldn't do.  Well, Deb just went to work and now the place looks beautiful!  We work well together.  Next Saturday we are tackling the dining room and then the downstairs will be all done and decorated.  Thank you so much, Debbie, for helping me.  You are really a blessing in my life.

While we were cleaning I was running the vacuum and it broke.  Instead of vacuuming up the dirt, it was blowing dirt all over the rug!  I asked Joe to buy me a new vacuum cleaner as my Christmas gift.  You know I'm getting old when instead of clothes and jewelry I want a vacuum.  Ha, ha.  So we went to Target.  He said I could get anything I wanted.  I picked out a featherweight Dirt Devil that is a great machine.

We were walking through the store picking up a few things here and there.  Joe wanted to get dog treats for my sister's dog.  He turned to go into the aisle, got his foot caught on the corner of the end cap and started to fall.  He tried to catch himself and ended up stumbling down the aisle, falling, sliding halfway down on his face and stomach and knocking down a display which fell on top of himNo one from the store came to help him.  I was screaming his name and he didn't move.  I finally got down on the floor and he opened his eyes.  A man came over and helped me get him up.  Let me tell you with my bad back I was wondering if I was going to get up!  A woman that worked at Target finally came up and asked if he was OK.  Joe said yes and we left.  Neither of us thought to put in an accident report.  Now his elbow, ribs and hip are hurting him terribly.

Today was very busy.  Besides church, today was the Elder's Meeting.  Joe was hurting too badly to go.  It was my turn to make lunch.  I took over my crock pot and made meatballs in tomato sauce.  I got up early this morning and made potato salad.  I also made a green salad and took over three different kinds of salad dressing.  I also bought some sugar cookies which were absolutely delicious.  I stayed for the lunch, then left to go home because my sister, Elaine, was coming to visit with me for a few days.  She is here now and I'm so happy to see her!

Joe ended up attending the meeting by speaker phone.  He turned on the speaker on our phone and one of the other elders had his phone speaker on.  That was very clever and at least he was able to take part.

Tomorrow Elaine and I are going to go shopping for our last few Christmas gifts.  We are planning on heading to Walmart, Kmart, Target, Home Depot, Dollar Tree and Modell's.  Quite a lot, but hopefully it will all be done then.  I am hoping to put up my tree tomorrow also.  That will be nice.  Then the wrapping starts.

I'm really tired, so I'm going to go until tomorrow.  Have a good night everyone!     


  1. Your lunch sounded yummy. I bet everyone enjoyed.

    Sorry to hear about Joe's incident. Praying he recovers quickly with no permanent damage. Sounds like he took a pretty nasty fall.

    Can't wait to hear about your sister's visit. You gals have fun!

  2. It was my pleasure helping you.The results made it all worthwhile & looking forward to doing it again!!
    Sorry to hear about Joe's fall.Give him my best prayers for a total recovery.
    Enjoy your visit with Elaine & hope you both enjoy the quality time.
    Merry Christmas!!

  3. Where do you get all your energy?
    I know you say you don't but you sure do a lot during the day!

    How is Joe doing?

  4. Oh my Kathy! I can't believe Joe took a fall like that! That must have been just a shock to him and, what in the world just happened! I hope he heals up soon and that nothing becomes a lingering pain. That's just the last thing he needs. I will pray for him. How nice of your friend to come and help you clean...that is an awesome thing to do!

  5. Sorry to hear about Joe's fall in Target. That must've been so scary...for him and you. :(


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