Saturday, September 21, 2019


I hadn't realized how long it has been since I did a What's for Diner post until I looked back at my blog.  An entire month.  So I decided tonight was a good time to give you some meal ideas.  So let's get to it.

On Labor Day we had our friend Frank over for dinner.  Joe made a pork roast, green beans, applesauce and mashed potatoes.  It's nice that every once in awhile Joe decides to give me a break and makes dinner.

The next day we called out for Chinese food.  The restaurant is one block from our house.  Joe walked down and got it for us.  It has been a long time since we did this.  I had moo goo gai pan and an egg roll.  Joe had chicken chow mein and fried rice.  This is a picture of my plate.

On the fourth we had spinach and cheese tortellini and garlic bread.  It's hard to see, but I put mozzarella cheese on top of my tortellini.

On the fifth we had a ham slice, mashed sweet potatoes and a salad.

We had grilled chicken thighs, mashed sweet potato, and spinach and mushrooms on the 9th.

Last night we had breaded flounder, corn on the cob and a salad.

I had another picture from the 6th showing our dinner of poached salmon, but when I went to send it over to my email, it disappeared.  I had already deleted it so I guess that's it.

We also had fried rice one night and macaroni and cheese on Thursday.  Tonight we had spaghetti and meatballs with tomato sauce.

It's hard for me to think up dinners.  I think I am losing my creativity in that area.  What are you having to eat?  Give me some ideas.

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a good night.


Friday, September 20, 2019


Can you believe another week is almost over?  The month is just flying by.

Today we had to go to Target to get Joe's medicine.  While he was doing that, I looked around the Dollar Spot.  If I had enough money, I would have bought a LOT of the things there.  As it was I got some new fall items.  Like I don't have enough fall decor.  Fall is my favorite season of the year and I love decorating for it.  Here's what I got.

I just couldn't resist this cute little pillow.  It's on the sofa and supporting my poor sore back right now.

There were all different kinds of kitchen towels with various sayings on them.  I had another set, gray, white and black, that said "My favorite color is fall."  Then I saw these towels and knew I had to have them.  So cute.  And I love the truck with the pumpkins on the one.

In fact, I liked the truck so much that I got a little ceramic one that I'm going to put on one of the counters in the kitchen.  I picked it up and put it down three times.  Finally I decided that if I liked it that much, I should get it.  I also got some really cute little pumpkin plates.  That reminds me that I should get out my fall plates and cups this weekend.

I also got some fall flowers, berries and wheat stalks to put in a vase.  Since these are fake they will last all season.  They are so pretty.

Then we headed to Rite Aid to pick up my medicine.  While we were there we were looking at the half-price fall items.  Joe saw the scarecrows and wanted to get the pair for the front window.  Being half price they were very affordable.  And so cute.

I also got a drying mat for the dishes for $1.

And finally Joe found and bought for me Halloween peeps.  I am not one for monsters and ghosts so I will have to eat them first.  *wink*

With so many nice fall decorations I think I have to get to work and clean up things so I can display them.  Have you gotten new decorations for this fall?

See you tomorrow.


Thursday, September 19, 2019


Do you like morning glories?  They are such a pretty flower but so invasive.  They have taken over my yard, covering all the fences, the lawn furniture, and the bird feeder.

But they are pretty.  And when I saw them growing on my neighbor's gate the other day, I just had to get a picture of them.

If only they would stay where they belong, I would like them a lot better.


Wednesday, September 18, 2019


Hello, friends!  Here it is the middle of the week already.  It was a busy day today.

I went to work this morning and completed everything that Pastor had left me to do.  It took a little over an hour but that was good because then I also had time to sort some toiletries that was donated to us to give to homeless people and was there when two ladies came to drop off food for our food pantry.  We have a very small pantry that we use to help out those who are hungry in our neighborhood.

Joe was with me this morning and Rick was there for awhile too.  Joe and I came home for lunch and then we were both so tired that we took naps.  But we got up in time to go food shopping this afternoon before we headed out to Bible Study.

Let me show you what I got at the store.

Bananas, mushrooms, brussels sprouts (I was going to get spinach, bout saw these and changed my mind) and chopped onion flakes.  I use these a lot to give just a hint of onion flavor.  I also put them in my potato salad these days instead of big chunks of raw onion.

I had just finished up the lemon juice, so it was time to get a new bottle.  We were getting a little low on milk so I got another carton.  The lactose free milk lasts much longer than regular milk, so this will be fine for a week or even longer.  And I had only two eggs left, so it was time for another carton.

Joe went to get the bagels and came back with cinnamon raisin.  Yum!  We got hot dog rolls and lactose free cheese.  It was on sale today for $1.99.

Treats for everyone:  Chips for me, M&Ms for Joe, and Temptations for Jack.  😉

Bird seed and cat food so that the birds aren't the cat food.

Frozen fries, bacon, stewing beef (it's getting to that cooler weather where a stew sounds good) and smoked sausage.  We had the sausage for dinner and it was good.  We were looking for hot dogs and couldn't find them so got this instead.

 Paper towels and quart sized bags.  I had only two bags left and was down to my last roll of paper towels.

The Bartlett pears were so good last week that we got some more.  I got some pancake mix that was on sale.  I haven't had it in over a year.  And then we got little pies for 99 cents.  Sweet potato pie for me and chocolate eclair pie for Joe.

I went to get fish and there behind the counter was my favorite fishmonger from the other Shoprite I used to go to.  She is such a sweetheart.  She pointed at me and said, "You're at the wrong store."  I pointed at her and said, "No, you're at the wrong store."  Then we both laughed.  I got breaded flounder filets and she made sure they were frozen and wrapped separately because I wasn't going to use them tonight.  So nice!  The ground turkey was on sale for $1.99/pound.  A nice change from ground beef.  And margarine.  I was down to my last stick.

I love it when you tell me that I have given you ideas for dinner or that I've shown you a product that you've never heard of.  It's amazing how differently we eat in different parts of the country and around the world.

I need to end this and go to bed.  I have work tomorrow and then a doctor's appointment.  It never ends.  I will see you later in the week.


Tuesday, September 17, 2019


Hello, friends.  Hope you are having a wonderful day.  I thought I would tell you how we celebrated our anniversary yesterday.  It was a very low-keyed day.

I didn't sleep in, although it was later than most days.  But I hung around getting caught up on my vlogs and the news.  I was still in my nightshirt at 11:00 a.m. and had to get a move on to get ready to go out to the nursing home.

We stopped over at church to pick up Rick and headed to the home where Joe was preaching today on Psalm 1.  Eight ladies showed up -- twice what was there last week including another new lady who is there because she sprained her ankle and then fell and broke her other leg.  Such a sweet lady who came with her Bible and was so excited to find out there was a Bible Study.

We took Rick home and then headed for dinner.  I didn't feel like driving a lot so we decided to go to East Coast Wings and Grill because it was near home and we both like it there.

We started off with their Pub Pretzels.  Hot (and I mean hot -- I could barely hold them) soft pretzel stick and honey mustard dipping sauce.

Joe got a 50/50 burger which is half Angus beef and half Applewood smoked bacon with barbecue sauce and white cheddar cheese.  It was messy to eat but Joe said it was wonderful.  He got fries too.

I got five wings with honey barbecue sauce and tortilla chips.

We were going to go see a movie but decided to come home instead.  So we didn't do much, but had a really nice day.

Back to real life today.  I'm getting ready to teach Bible Study this morning.  So I have to run.  See you tomorrow.


Monday, September 16, 2019


Taking a break today to celebrate 13 years of happiness being married to this man.

I'll be back tomorrow with another post.


Sunday, September 15, 2019


Hello, friends!  Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday.  It is early here but I am waiting until my medicine kicks in so I can eat breakfast so I thought I would take a few minutes to catch you up on things.

I ended up not going in to work at all last week because my back was hurting me so much.  I did check the desk/phone whenever I was in there (which was almost every day).  I missed only one call which Pastor was able to pick up on when he got back from work.

So much went on this past week, but let me tell you about yesterday which was so awesome.

It began with me getting up very early, falling back to sleep, and then getting woken up by a phone call from my friend Donna.  Thank goodness she did call me because I had to get ready to go out in less than an hour.

Joe went with me and we picked up Cathy and Kathy and went to church for the movie "Left Behind."  It has been years since I've seen it and although I remembered most of it, there were parts I had forgotten.  It was a lot more intense than I remembered it.  And it certainly wasn't a "feel good" movie like most of the ones we've been showing.

We took them home after the movie and then Joe and I went to Shoprite and got something to eat.  We had only 2 hours before we had to be back at church.  I was going to get something from the Asian bar, but there was almost nothing on it and what was there looked as if it had been sitting around for most of the day (which it probably had) so I opted for sushi.  When I picked up the package the Japanese man who runs the counter thanked me for getting it.  These people speak very little English but are so polite and always smiling.  The Japanese woman was sitting in the restaurant area eating food from the Asian bar so I guess it was OK.  Maybe I just wasn't in the mood for it.  Joe got a hoagie.  Then we headed back to pick up Kathy who was returning to church with us.

There were five congregations involved in the neighborhood prayer walk.  One of them was our sister church La Roca de Reading.  They had traveled for about an hour (67 miles) to be there.  As you can tell, they are a Hispanic church and there are many Spanish speaking people in our neighborhood.  What a help they were.  The other four churches were from our neighborhood.  As one of the pastors said, we are really all ONE church.  I took a few pictures before we started out and before all the people showed up.  There were over 30 people involved in the walk (not counting kids).

Joe and Pastor Ralph

Kathy and I could not walk the distance with our disabilities, so I asked Pastor if Kathy and I could drive the route, stopping to pray along the way.  He said, "Of course" so that is what we did.  I drove and we stopped about 8 times to pray for the neighborhood.  What a wonderful blessing it was for us.  But the people who walked got an even bigger blessing.

Over 12 people (they lost count) were approached, prayed for, and invited to services today.  Joe had brought along 3 Bibles and gave away all of them.  He was asked for more but didn't have any with him.  

There were some amazing stories of what happened.  One group came across a Dominican family that could not speak English.  But some of the La Roca people were in that group and were able to witness to them in Spanish.

One man had a dream the night before that he was talking to a young lady in a red sweatshirt.  He woke up with the distinct feeling he needed to talk to this girl.  During the walk he met a young girl about 15 years old in a red sweatshirt and his group was able to talk to her and pray with her.  

The wife of one of the pastors had their 6 week old baby with her.  She left the group and went to the church we were going to end at to feed the baby.  As she walked along she saw a teenaged boy and girl and had a strong urge to talk to them.  She stopped and did.  They parted and when she got to the church, there they were sitting on the steps.  They didn't know that was where she was going, they just happened to be hanging out there.  She was able to stop and pray for them before going inside of the church. About 10 minutes later her husband and his group showed up.  Not knowing his wife had prayed with these two teens, he began talking to them and prayed with them.

These are just three of the amazing stories that were told during the debriefing.  It was a wonderful night.  We ended with a praise song which was awesome and a promise that this was just the beginning of our witness in our neighborhood.

We took Rick and Kathy home and then came home ourselves.  We were very tired, but very happy.  I would not have missed that for anything and I can't wait until we can do it again.

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday full of God's love.  Now I have to go get ready for church.  My very busy week is over so I hope to have more posts this week.


Wednesday, September 11, 2019


To read about my experience that day as I headed toward New York City trying to get home, click HERE

Tuesday, September 10, 2019


Hello, friends!  Hope you are having a good week!  Just a quick note to let you know I may not be around much this week.  It is so busy.

Yesterday Joe, Rick and I went to the nursing home for our weekly visit.  Since Pastor is teaching these days, Joe has the speaking responsibilities.  I know Pastor would rather be with us than the kids in school, but it is what it is.

Today I teach the Ladies Bible Study and then I hope to catch up on my cleaning.  I've been doing really good and I don't want to lose my momentum.

Wednesday I will go to work in the late morning/early afternoon and then in the evening we have Prayer Meeting and Bible Study.

Thursday is just work.  Hopefully I will be able to work on the house again and maybe even get the grass cut.

Friday there is the Crafter's meeting.  Looks like it will be just Dorothea, Kathy and me.  I wish more people would be interested.  The more ladies, the more fun it is.

Saturday afternoon is our Second Saturday Matinee.  We are showing "Left Behind" this month.  I hope a bunch of people show up because this is a really good movie.  Then in the evening we are having a Prayer Walk with the other Protestant churches in our neighborhood.  Since Kathy and I can't walk, we are going to drive around the neighborhood and find a place to park, pray for that block, then move on to the next place we find to park.  We really wanted to be a part of this and so found our own way.

Then it is Sunday again.  So that is our week.  How is yours?  Somewhere in there I hope to give you a "What's for Dinner?" post.  I have a lot of pictures to show you.

Have a good day!  Enjoy these beautiful last days of Summer.


Sunday, September 8, 2019


Today's opening hymn is another one from Keith and Kristyn Getty and Stuart Townend.  These three talented people are the best known hymnwriters of today.  Hope you enjoy the hymn.

Have a blessed and relaxing Lord's Day.


Thursday, September 5, 2019


Hello, friends!  Hope you have had a wonderful day.  It was a work day for me -- the only one this week.  I ended up not going in yesterday because of the pain I was experiencing.  Today was better and I got there.  Tomorrow I have to take the car into the garage for inspection and oil change so I don't know if I will get there or not.  It all depends on when I get the car back.

On Monday Joe went to the store for sodas and came back with beautiful fall flowers.  He obviously likes buying me flowers.  These are so colorful with all the yellows, oranges and reds.  I thought you would like to see them.

They are on the kitchen table where I can look at them every day.

Now it is on to dinner.  I will have to post another What's for Dinner post soon.

Have a good evening.