Saturday, October 31, 2015


It was a really busy day today.  It began when we took Pumpkin to the vet to be checked out.  He is about 7 weeks old, just as I guessed.  He has no fleas, nor ear mites.  He weighs just 2 pounds.  The only thing wrong is he has an upper respiratory infection.  I have eye drops to give him twice a day, a medicine I have to give every other day to deworm him (we don't know if he has worms or not) and vitamins for six months to help him grow.  Everyone loved him.

After we dropped Pumpkin off at home we went to Wawa and got lunch.  I ate quickly and then went off to church to help Carol with the Kids Club.

For the second week no kids showed up.  She had made up lots of treat bags with coloring pages, crayons, candy and a gospel tract.  So we boxed them up, got in her car and went around the neighborhood giving them out.  We left some on doorsteps or in mailboxes and gave a lot out.  All the people we met were so receptive and wanted to know about our church.  One woman told her little boy that we were ladies sent by God to tell him about Jesus.  One lady and little boy hugged Carol and another shook both our hands and asked where our church was located.  I was so happy and I know Carol was too.  It went so well.

I came home and saw that my front door was propped open.

When I got to the door I saw it was a cute little Halloween bucket.

With some candy and cute note in it from my friends Marion and Chris who are real estate agents.  I had referred several people to them and it was a thank you from them.  So sweet.

I started to straighten up the living room.  But...  I had done too much and just had to sleep.  I hate not having energy.  I had to lay down and went right out.  After sleeping about an hour, I got up and put together the treats for the Trick or Treaters tonight.

We sat out front of the house from about 5:30 to 7:30.  We had around 30 kids show up which is way more than usual.  We often get just 8 or 10.

I think Halloween is really fun.  I get to see and talk with my neighbors since we all sit out front together.

Thought I would show you some of the houses decorated for the holiday.

I always say when the door closes behind the last Trick or Treater, the holiday season has begun.  It sure doesn't feel that way this year, but I know the end of the year is close.

In fact I began today what I hope will carry through the season.  I am watching one movie a day until the end of the year.  This morning I watched A Boyfriend for Christmas on the Hallmark channel.  The first of 62 movies.  I hope.  It was a cute movie.  A real chick flick.  As you can imagine, I am watching these movies alone.

I'm going to go for now.  Another big day tomorrow.  Don't forget to....



It was quite a day yesterday (on Halloween Eve).  We had no librarian at work.  A friend of mine from many years ago who is a Librarian Assistant 3 filled in.  Threes can do the librarian job (but not the librarian pay of course).  I did think about staying and becoming a three but....  It was so much fun to see Clyde again.  We spent a lot of time talking and talking and catching up on things because we hadn't seen each other in about six years.  Because I was the senior member of the regular staff, we worked together throughout the day.

We had Angela, the Area Administrator, and Stephanie, the brand new Area Coordinator, come to visit us.  I gave Stephanie a tour of the building and introduced both of them to our new employees Matt and Denise.  

Angela tried to talk me out of leaving.  She said I was so important to the library and she had no one to replace me.  She asked me to stay just one more year.  I told her the reasons I was leaving -- health primarily -- and said I was willing to come in one day a week to volunteer and help out however I can.  She understood but was sad.

I was so proud of my newbies.  Matt was helping a customer find her way to another area of the city on buses and stayed 1/2 hour through his lunch time to just sit on the computer, write out directions and help her out.  Way to go, Matt!  I made sure I praised him in front of the visitors and told him to take his whole lunch time.  (I stood in for him.)  Denise went on the desk by herself even though she was nervous about it.  She did really good.

I am sad to leave.  I do love my job.  But I just know it is the right time.  

I wore my Halloween vest to work and got lots of compliments on it.  I kept saying, "I can wear it only once a year!"  It's very old but looks brand new.  That's because I wear it only once a year.

As usual I was exhausted when I got home.  So much so that all I wanted to do was sleep.  Forget about dinner.  So we decided to go out and I headed for the Country Club.  

We haven't been there in awhile.  We were surprised because they raised all their prices.  While two or three dollars isn't much, put it together times two and it was about $10 more than we expected to pay.  Joe ordered beef goulash and was disappointed in his meal.  It was not what he expected.  I got my favorite chicken francaise and it was as good as always.  What saved the day for Joe was the dessert.  He ordered two chocolate eclairs which he said were wonderful.

We were both so tired that when we got home we just crashed.  We didn't even watch TV.  I'm feeling pretty good this morning.  Of course, I'm always tired.  It would be nice to have some energy.

Today we are taking Pumpkin to the vet, and then I am going to church to help out with the Kids' Club.  After that it's getting ready for the Trick or Treat kids.  Another busy day.  

But at least we get another hour to sleep tonight.

Until later...

36 days to retirement 

Friday, October 30, 2015


April 9
Need a vacation badly and some time alone somewhere! Tired of feeling like an invalid, so I asked my doctor if I could go on vacation. He asked why I felt I could not. 

I reminded him of what he has been telling me all along, how we have to fix the thyroid and how I have to adjust my life in the meantime. 

He looked surprised and then sad and said, "Why I didn't mean for you to stay in the house. Sure, you can go out. You go to work, right? You can take walks as long as you don't overexert yourself. You can go on vacation. Just don't cross the ocean, don't go anyplace far, don't go out of state, don't go alone, by yourself. Make sure someone is with you. Avoid stressful situations. Sure, you can go on vacation!" 

In other words, ...What part of I need to be alone someplace other than here wasn't clear?
Too funny!

Thursday, October 29, 2015


It looks as if it will be a nice day today.  I think all the rain from yesterday is finished.  Not that we didn't need the rain.  We did.  In the morning it was cold and nasty.  But by the time I left work at 8 p.m, it was WARM and raining.  No wonder people get sick this time of year.

Yesterday morning the computers went down again.  Last time we could use them as stand alone, but this time even that was gone.  Fortunately they went back up around lunch time.

Not that I got lunch.  By the time I went out to Rite Aid to grab something and got back, Boss had to leave to go to a meeting and I had to sit in for him.  AND I overslept and was late for work.  So I didn't get breakfast.  Well... I had an apple.

I got these new (to me) apples called Snapdragon.  I have never heard of them before, but got them last week because they were on sale.  They are wonderful!  Sweet and tart at the same time.  I will definitely be buying them again.

While I was sitting in for Boss a fight broke out among some of the pre-teen boys.  They are regulars, so I knew all of them and went over and laid into them by name.  I kicked them out of the library for the rest of the day.  You just can't let a bunch of kids have a fist-fight and throw chairs around with little kids sitting there.  They were all mad at me and on the way out told Doug who was at the desk to go "F" himself.  Yeah.  Nice kids.  And people wonder why I want to leave.

Boss said to me yesterday that he didn't know I was really leaving.  He thought I was just kidding.  Hello!  I've been telling you for three months now.  I told him I had put the paperwork into Human Resources and he said he was just joking.  Was he?

You may have wondered about the title of this post.  Well, five years ago yesterday I began to blog.  I was doing it just until I recovered from my surgery so that my friends and family would know how I was doing.  I never expected to continue on for five years.  It has been terrible at times and but most of the time it has been wonderful.  I have met so many great people whom I have become friends with.  Isn't it great how people can connect in blogdom even though they have never met in person?  I tell people it is like a modern day penpal club.

I want to thank you all for your kindness, your comments, and especially for being you.  You all make my life better and I am so thankful.  I hope I can do another five years of blogging.  There's a lot to experience as I go into my next phase of life, I'm sure.

38 days to retirement

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


... or is it?  It's certainly quieter.  At least that is what we found when the entire computer system for the city went down yesterday morning around 10:30  a.m.  I think we were all secretly glad that the adults and especially the kids were less than usual.  I worked until 6 p.m. and the computers never came back up.  Someone was working on one of the streets around the main branch and accidentally cut the line for the phone system and the computers.  Some libraries had computers that worked but no phones.  Most had phones with no computers.  Only 12 of our 56 branches had both.  Today the computers are up again, but some libraries still have no phones (and therefore no faxes).

People were very upset that there were no computers to use.  VERY upset.  We were upset because we realized that almost all of our work is done on the computer.  We had stacks of things piled  up for us to do and ... we couldn't!  Guess what we're doing today.

It is cold today!  It looks as if fall is really here.  Well, it is almost November so what do I want?  And the trees have finally started to turn color.  Not like they will be in a few weeks, but at least it's a beginning.  I took these pictures on the way home from church on Sunday.

Last night Joe and I watched the new Cinderella movie.  I didn't think Joe would like it, but he said it was an interesting take on the story and he watched the whole thing.  I thought it was really good especially the special effects with the pumpkin turning into a coach (and back) and the animals.  It is a little long, but well worth seeing.

It's been three weeks now that only two other people showed up for Bible Study.  That's a shame because the lessons have been so good and we three (yes me included) got so much out of it.  We are nearing the end of Galatians.  Just two more lessons and then we take a break for the winter.  On Saturday it is our Dottie's 92nd birthday.  Here is a picture of her and my friend Debbie.  Dottie is a sweet lady.

I have been eating really badly so tonight when I go home I am going to cook a decent dinner -- poached salmon, veggies and pumpkin cookies that Joe baked last night.  I love it that he's a baker.

I'm going to end with another picture of my baby Pumpkin.  He is such an imp and into everything.  Today he learned to climb the stairs to be with us.  Here is a picture to show how tiny he really is.  Look at him with the remote.

 Until later folks...


40 days till retirement

Sunday, October 25, 2015


I was so tired this morning and really didn't want to go to work.  But I got myself together and got there just two minutes late.  And that lateness was because I couldn't find a parking space.  It's usually pretty easy but Saturdays are tough with everyone home from work.

We had a "guest" librarian sitting in today -- Mark from the Queen Memorial Branch.  He used to work at Richmond years ago so I didn't have to show him around or anything.

Doug and Denise worked on cleaning up the magazines today.  They got rid of all the old ones from 2011, 2012 and 2013.  They put all the ones we kept in order.  They stamped the old ones and put them out for sale.  (We sell the old ones for 10 cents.) It looks beautiful.  And empty.  Matt worked on the children's magazines doing the same.  Beautiful!  This is something I have wanted to do for a long time but have never had the time.  It is such a relief to have it all finished.

I also got the weekend schedule for next month finished.  I think I gave everyone what they wanted.  I tried anyway.  I have only two more Saturdays to work.  I still have not heard anything from the pension board or human resources or payroll.  I keep thinking, "What if things don't go through in time and I have to keep on working?"  But then I think it's a free country.  I can still leave.  Can't I?

Yesterday there was a knock at the door in the afternoon and these two guys asked if they could cut our grass.  It is something I've been meaning to do, but just didn't get to it.  I said sure and they assured me they would do a good job.  Which they did.  Joe went out to pay them and it turns out that one of the guys was his nephew.  Small world!  They are coming back in a couple of weeks to help me get all my plants cut back for winter.  Then during the winter they will come and shovel our sidewalk.  I always try to help out family first so this is a good deal.

I put on my Halloween nail polish last night.  Can you believe it is almost here?  It looks brown or black in the picture, but it's really deep purple with gold flecks.  Another Julep polish that I love.  But I didn't do a very good job putting it on.  I have to clean up the edges.

According to facebook today was National Pierogi Day.  I had bought some yesterday to have today because they are easy after working all day, not because I knew.  So that's what we had for dinner.  We like the potato and onion ones.  So good.

We have an appointment to take Pumpkin to the vet next Saturday.  He is too little for a lot of the tests, but we are having him checked for fleas, ear mites, worms and general good health.  I am thinking more and more that he was someone's pet that got out and I should post something around the neighborhood.  Joe says someone will come claim him so that they can hurt him.  Joe has become very attached to Pumpkin and the feeling is mutual.  Here are some more pictures of Pumpkin.

I love his blue/gray eyes although everyone tells me that they will change color as he gets older.

See the scabs around his nose?  He had those when I brought him in.  They are starting to fall off now.

I put this water bottle next to him for comparison.  He looks bigger in the pictures than he actually is.

He's such a cutie.  But a biter!

Like most kids, he's a joy when he's asleep.

All stretched out.
 It's very late.  I don't know what we are doing about church tomorrow, but I want to get some sleep so I can go somewhere.  So have a good night everyone.  Hopefully I will show you some more decorating tomorrow.

 43 days to retirement 

Friday, October 23, 2015


Another Marianne story:

April 9

Just got back from a much needed massage. The therapist saw me limping and asked why. I went into the whole saga of the Achilles tendonitis, the Plantar Fasciitis, the sciatica, the PTU anti-thyroid drug that causes massive muscle and joint pain and weakness, and an unforgiving back. She stared in disbelief! 

I told her my back would be a challenge. As she worked on it she said, " Layers of muscle won't move. Your back is one huge mass of knots. Really tight." 

Finally, there was a loud POP as one small muscle group moved to where it should be, but then moved right back to where it was. Again, another pop. She asked, "How did you get like this? I'm surprised you can move at all!" 

My response was that I have an unforgiving body, but an even more unforgiving mind which forces the body into submission! I went in limping and came out staggering. Much better!


Thursday, October 22, 2015


So the fall decorating goes on.  I probably will decorate until the first week of November.  Then I will put the Halloween stuff away and make it all Thanksgiving.  Ah...  I love this time of year.

Just thought I would give you a short post showing some of my decorations.

My scarecrows.  I had forgotten all about them until I was looking at pictures the other day.  In fact I had forgotten about a LOT of my things.

My black cats stay out all year.  That's why they are so dusty.  Oh my, I'll have to get on that tomorrow when I'm off from work.

My little stuffed Halloween cat.

The newest member of the pumpkin patch.  I had forgotten about this one too.
 Of course most of these came from Rite Aid.  When they go on 50% off and I get another 20% with my card -- well who can resist?

Pumpkin has settled in.  He plays and plays with the toys that Snowy never touches.  He climbs all over us and loves to sit in our laps and be petted.  I got him kitten chow and he went to town on it.

Snowy, on the other hand, is not a happy camper.  She growls, hisses and moves her tail back and forth which he thinks is great fun and tries to swat at.  She swats at HIM and got him in the face twice.  I try to let them just fight it out so the acceptance process progresses.  But if I see one of them getting hurt, I stop it.  It will just take time, but I think it will work out.  At least I hope so.

I checked Pumpkin over and he has no fleas or ear mites that I see anyway.  Still need to get him to the vet for a checkup.  I left my phone home yesterday by accident so couldn't call.  Today I will.

Snowy:  Get out of my house!

45 days to retirement

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Three days ago as I was feeding the outside cats I heard a loud meow.  I looked and here was a little kitten walking around my rosebushes.  He was very little.  I would estimate about 5 or 6 weeks old.  And so cute!  Right away I knew I wanted to take him in and try to save him.  He was too little to spend the winter outside.  I was afraid he would freeze to death.  But I couldn't catch him.

We have a hole where the groundhog used to live.  I was afraid he would fall down it, so I took the lid off of one of the trash cans and put it over the hole.

Yesterday morning I went out to feed the cats and there was this little kitten again crawling out of the hole from under the lid.  It must have been warm and safe in the hole.  I scooped him up and ran him into the house while he cried and tried to scratch me.

 He is scared, but getting used to things.  I think he appreciated not being in the cold last night.  I just could not leave him out there.  He's so little.

Snowy is not a happy camper.  I'm sure she will get used to him, it will just take time.  He follows her around as if she is his momma but she wants no part of him.

Guess it's time to really get the house cleaned up so he doesn't get into anything or gets hurt.

Here's a couple of pictures of the new baby.

He's just a little bigger than my hand.  I have never had a kitten before nor a male cat.  I have a feeling this is going to be an interesting adventure.

46 days to retirement 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Yesterday was just another day at work.  I got up so early and thought I had loads of time.  But when I think I have lots of time I start doing lots of things and as usual the time got away from me.  So I was late for work.  Ugh!

Our new trainee was in.  She is catching on quickly.  There are still some things she is confused about, but it's only her third day.  I don't know that I did that well on my third day.  I know she will be fine.  Tomorrow is Grace's turn and Matt is in on Friday.  I try to space them out so that we have extra help every day instead of everyone in one day and no one the next.

Since we have only one librarian now, I need to sit in as librarian while Boss goes to lunch.  It's challenging sometimes but most of the time I just sit there.  At least it's before the kids come in after school.

Yes, it was another one of those days.  And this is when we closed at six.  I am not looking forward to tonight when we close at eight.

I made roast chicken thighs, cranberry stuffing and cauliflower/broccoli mix for dinner.  It turned out so good.

I have to run because today is Bible Study day and I need to get ready.   I have to print out the handouts, pick up Debbie and Dottie, and get over to church in less than two hours.  I'm not even dressed yet.  Afterwards I have to go get my mammogram.  Then it's off to the bank and then I have to go to work.  It's going to be busy.  So I have to go.  See you all tomorrow.

47 days to retirement 

Monday, October 19, 2015


Joe and I have not been on a date in forever.  I can't remember the last time we decided to go out on the spur of the moment.  But Sunday afternoon I told him that I wanted to go out for lunch.  Even though it was about 2:30 p.m. we hadn't eaten anything.  So we headed down to the avenue where there are lots of places to eat.  We had no idea where we were going to go.  

There have been a couple of new places that have opened up recently and Joe suggested we go to the new East Coast Wings and Grill over by the Shop Rite.  I know that even though I am a huge wings fan, he is not, but he says he'll find something.  We had not only never been there, but have never heard of this chain.  Looking at their website I now see they are all over the Carolinas and Georgia with one in Florida and a couple in Texas.  This is the only one in Pennsylvania.  We were expecting a little take out place with maybe a couple of booths.  Boy were we wrong!

It was a sports bar and restaurant.  There were lots of huge TVs playing three different football games.  In the front there was a bar against one wall and some high tables and chairs.  In the back were some booths and some four seat tables.  We were seated in a booth and right away a waitress came over to give us menus and take our drink order.  I got lemonade which was freshly made and Joe got a peach iced tea.

They have a HUGE menu with over 100 choices and that's not including the 75 different kinds of wings they have.  It was hard to choose what to have.  I had my mouth set for wings so I got Honey Barbecue Wings with carrots, ranch dressing with herbs, and garlic bread.  Joe had a steak salad with romaine lettuce, red peppers and Italian dressing.  The food was outstanding!

A man and his salad.

The only problem I had was I got sauce all over myself -- hands, face, nose....  But it was good!

I couldn't eat dessert but Joe got a dish of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce.

Don't get between Joe and his ice cream.
 When we went to pay the waitress asked if we had a rewards card.  Of course we didn't so she gave us one.  You collect points for every dollar you spend.  When you reach 100 points you get $5 off of your order and $10 if it is your birthday.

We will definitely be back.  They even have take out.  I can order when I'm leaving from work and bring it home on my late days.  Good deal!

Even though it was really NOISY in there, the food was so wonderful.  And it was great having a date with my honey. 

48 days until retirement 

Sunday, October 18, 2015


I had to work yesterday.  Usually Saturdays are pretty quiet and this was no exception until....  About 3:00 p.m. the fun with the kids started.  Running in and out.  Shouting.  Throwing things.  Fighting.  Eating and drinking.  They were asked to leave.  Then they were told to leave.  One girl said she didn't have to leave because it was a public building.  No one could make her.  I told her the police would make her and she said she wasn't afraid of the police and she would like to see me try to make her go out the door.  They left and then came back with sandwiches and lined up against the front desk, using it as a table for their sandwiches and trash.  I asked them to leave and they turned around with their backs against the desk, still eating.   They finally left with a shout of obscenities.

I have been feeling like I shouldn't leave the library.  I love my job and my co-workers.  Suddenly I remembered why I SHOULD leave.  My stomach was tied in knots although I would never let them see it.

And then there was the woman who came in and screamed because I put her on computer #8 instead of #7 and then went to Boss and yelled at him because she is looking for a job and how dare he give her a time limit on HER computer.  She needed it the entire day.  What was wrong with him?  And where was the employee to sit with her the entire day helping her out?  She didn't know how to work a computer!  What kind of a place was the library?

We won't mention the teens in the side yard with their huge dog who was pooping all over while they were destroying the bushes along the building.  No, we'll just skip over that part.

I am SO GLAD this part of my life is almost over.

I had every intention of going to a different Bible Fellowship church this morning.  I even mapped out the route and decided what to wear.  Then the migraine hit.  I ended up sleeping the whole morning away and woke up around 12:30 p.m.  At least the headache is almost gone.  I know I am stressed about what is going on at church and that probably gave me the headache.

Life is not fun for me right now.  So I have to make it fun.  I think I will take this afternoon and clean the kitchen.  I will decorate.  I will take pictures.  I will make things nice for myself -- maybe even bake a dessert.  Life is what you make it, right?

In the meantime here are a few pictures you might enjoy.

I made a little pumpkin patch on my table.  I still have a few more to add, but I think it's cute.

Look what's happening at the apartment house in back of me.  I thought they were finished, but now they are adding a deck for the second floor.  That will be nice for them.

My autumn tote bag broke so I took off one of the sides and taped it to the refrigerator.

I do love fall.

Here's Miss A.  She's getting so big.  And she is about to have a baby..... SISTER!  In about 5 months that is.
The temperatures really dropped last night.  The house was cold!  I put on the stove heater to warm up the room.  Besides the flames look nice.

Hope you all have a nice Sunday.  It's back to work for me tomorrow.  At least it's only 49 days to retirement.