Tuesday, June 30, 2015


by D. Diana Kosmoski (2015)

     Lucy was born and raised in Ridgebury, in the mountains of Pennsylvania; an area steeped in superstition. When Lucy was 6 she discovered she had the gift of “sight”-the ability to see the future of others but not her own. Her “sight” is somehow connected to the Deep Woods on the back of her farm and makes her an oddity to other children. When her father mysteriously disappears when Lucy is 9, she enters the Deep Woods looking for answers to questions she is too young to ask. As a young girl, she marries into a religious order and eventually moves to the Valley towns of Athens, Sayre and Waverly . As a young wife, she is terribly unhappy and her life takes many twists and turns- including one of forbidden love, betrayal and abandonment. Her quest for love takes her to Florida and the Midwest, but ultimately takes her home to the mountains to seek answers to age-old questions. It is a story that will touch your heart.

This was written by my blog friend, Diana, whom many of you also know.  Well, if I know someone who wrote a book, you know I'm going to read it.  Whether it's good or not.  But this was good.  No, this was WONDERFUL.  The more I read the more I wanted to read.  I couldn't wait to get to the end.  And when it ended, I wanted it to go on.  I highly recommend this book.  And not just because I know the author.

THE CORPSE WORE TARTAN: A Liss MacCrimmon Scottish Mystery by Kaitlyn Dunnett (2010)

     The bagpipes are blaring at The Spruces, Moosetookalook's finest hotel, reopened just in time to host the Burns Night Supper, an annual celebration of Scotland's beloved poet, Robert Burns.  In the midst of the long Maine winter, the festivities are just the thing to give the hotel a much needed boost -- and to bring fresh business to Liss's shop.
     But when the Scottish Heritage Appreciation Society arrives on the scene, they bring more than a hunger for haggis and a passion for plaid.  The quarrelsome group harbors their share of long held grudges, and the animosity only grows as the whiskey flows.  Then a fierce blizzard hits, trapping everyone -- angry Scotsmen, hapless hotel staff, and Liss herself -- inside.
     It's a situation with all the makings for mayhem, and sure enough, it isn't long before a body is discovered, face down in a storage room, covered in tartan -- and blood.
     Lucky for Liss, she's got some good friends alongside her to help sort out the facts:  local police officer Sherri Willet, and Dan Ruskin, the man who's got Liss all tied up in Celtic knots.  But they'll have to work fast, before another body goes as cold as the snowstorm keeping them cooped up with a killer.

I'm loving these Scottish mystery books.  I thought I had figured it out about half way through.  Surprise!  I was WRONG.  Someday I will figure it out.

RODZINA by Karen Cushman (2003)

     In 1881, twelve-year-old Rodzina Clara Jadwiga Anastazya Brodski wishes she didn't have to board the orphan train in Chicago.  But she has no home, no family, and no choice.  Rodzina doesn't believe the orphans are on their way out West to be adopted by good families.  She's sure  they will become slaves to strangers.  Anyway, who would ever adopt a large, tough, stubborn girl from Poland?  As the train heads west, all Rodzina carries with her is a small suitcase and her memories of her family.  Will she ever step off the train to find the family that, deep in her heart, she's searching for?

This is the children's One Book, One Philadelphia selection.  It looked interesting so I picked it up.  So very good!  Although I figured out (sort of) how it would end, I was still happy with the ending.  I would recommend this book to adults as well as children..

Monday, June 29, 2015


And can you believe that it's the last weekend of June already.  2015 is half over.  I still keep thinking it is Spring and here it's Summer already.

On Saturday I took Joe to get the picture for his driver's license.  As he was getting the picture taken a lady asked me if she could help me.  I said, "No, I'm just the wife."  "Yes," said Joe, "the cook, housekeeper, laundry person, dishwasher, babysitter, social secretary, and everything else you can think of."  The two ladies started laughing and told him he was right.  That's the job description of a wife!

After we were done we walked down a few stores and went to Dollar Tree.  We were going in to get some batteries and ended up with $20 of stuff.  I got these cute flag plates for Tuesday morning and some red, white, and blue decorations for the tables in church where we have fellowship time before the service.  I also got two bunches of wild daisies that look really real and are now in a vase in my living room.  I've got to get a picture of it for you.

It was drizzling all morning.  When we got done at Dollar Tree we went to Home Depot still looking for the batteries.  (We still haven't found the size we need.  We tried Rite Aid, two Dollar Trees, Home Depot and ShopRite.)  I was able to get wire to protect my lilacs there.  Then we went to ShopRite and did our food shopping.  We really needed to.  By the time we got home the rain was pouring.  It took me a long time to take the groceries out of the car.  We were going to go to Saturday night church but it was pouring so hard we decided to just stay home.

So we went to church this morning.  A lot of people showed up today.  I wanted to show you the Praise Band, but the video is too large to post.  I really have to learn how to post larger videos.

There was an Elder's meeting after church so all the wives had to hang around waiting for our husbands.  We were playing with little  Miss A who isn't so little any more.

Her hands are blurry because she was playing "peek-a-boo" and was moving while I was trying to photograph her.

She thinks she's the queen of the church.  And I guess she is.  Ha, ha!  She's such a cutie.

We didn't get home until 2:30 p.m.  We went and got hoagies for lunch because we were so hungry but then we ate so late we didn't want dinner.  So around 7:00 p.m. I made us some salads.  It had lettuce, tomato, cucumber, peaches, and strawberries with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing.  It was really good.  Then we had ice cream for dessert.

And now it's back to work today.  I'm going to put the car back in the garage today to see if they can find the leak in the hose for the air conditioning.  I sure hope so.


Saturday, June 27, 2015


On Thursday Philadelphia had the priviledge of having the tall ships sail up the Delaware River and dock at the piers of Philly and Camden, NJ.  The last time they were here was 2000 so we are very excited.  I had a chance to watch them arrive so thought I would share them with you.  Sorry I can't remember all their names or where they're from.  If you compare them with the tug boats that are accompanying them, you can see how huge these ships are.

I think this is called a barque.  I think.

I remember this is a schooner.

And this is a wooden galleon called Le Galeon.  It is the only one in the world.

This is a fire boat.

This was General Patton's ship.  It's called the "When & If" because he said when and if he got home he was going to sail it.

The sky got dark and threatening.

At the end of the parade of ships was the famous rubber ducky!  Everyone was waiting to see her.  She is 61 feet tall (as tall as a six  story building) and weighs 11 tons.

The tug boats look so little.

And here is Philly's skyline.  I always think it's so pretty.
 If you want to see more photos just go to Google Images and type in Philadelphia tall ships.  Tons of photos show up.


Friday, June 26, 2015


Thanks everyone for your kindness and caring.  It appears there is no break in my foot but it is a bad sprain.  Glad it's not broken, but it sure does hurt!  And when I got home from work it was really swollen.

As for the car, I took it over to the garage my friend Carole recommended and she met me there.  She took me home and then came back later and took me to work.  I waited and waited to hear from her.  She called about 5 p.m.  It turns out that the new compressor was put on (which was a really hard job) and then he put in the freon.  But it didn't get cold.  So Carole's husband, Walt, took it back to his used car lot and put more in.  It ran out as fast as he put it in.  So now it is back at the original garage and tomorrow they will search for the broken hose.  *sigh*  It's never easy, is it?  But I will get the car back tomorrow whether it is fixed or not.  (I hope it is though).  Carole was nice enough to come back for me at 8 p.m. and take me home and is going to pick me up and take me to work this morning.

Just one more day of work and then two days off.  I am so looking forward to it.

For your Friday View I am going to show you the bee hive we have over the front door of the library.  They have been there for years and have never bothered anyone.  People are scared of them and are always coming in to tell us about them.  We always say "We know.  Don't bother them and they won't bother you."  It doesn't always go over good, but what can we do?  The city put up some screening to keep them out, but they found a way in anyway.

Do you see them?  Look way up at the tower.

Keep looking.  They really are there.

How about now?  Now you see them!
 And here's a short video for you.

Enjoy your day!


Thursday, June 25, 2015


Sorry I have no pictures for you today, but thought I would catch you up with what went on yesterday.  Since I was up most of the night with the pain, I slept in and so did not get to the hospital as early as I would have liked.  

We got there around 11 a.m.  There was no space in the parking lot, so we valet parked.  As I'm getting out of the car, the zipper on my purse breaks..  At least it was closed.  But I had to get it open once I got inside to get out my insurance card and then everything was falling out all over the place.  What a mess!

So I got the x-ray done around 12 noon.  It was painful how they had to put my foot, but the girl was really nice and tried not to hurt me too much.

The hospital told me that the report would be at my doctor's office by 3:00.  When I called at 4:00 I found that the office had closed at 1:00.  I left a message for them to call me back today.  (I really dislike that office.  Love the doctor, but I'm seriously thinking of changing to another doctor because of the girls.  They didn't even send a referral over to get my x-rays taken!)

So with all this running around we didn't get the car in to get the air conditioning fixed.  It's going in today and I will get a ride back and forth to work.  I hope.

Bible Study was so good last night.  We had a new lady show up.  It was all about fellowship.  What it is.  How to have it.  Joe's a good teacher.

So now I need to go and get ready to take the car over to the garage and see if they can fit me in today.  Hope I can make it through the day.


Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I feel as if I lived three Tuesdays instead of just one.  The day began with Tuesday Ladies' Bible Study.  We began Daniel chapter 10.  About four more weeks in Daniel.  It's been quite a study and I think we all learned so much!

After I took Debbie home, I got myself ready for work.  I was there for four hours and it was a mad house.  I don't know why so many of the kids that come in have to be so loud and destructive.  I got a lot done, spent two hours on the front desk, and then left to go to my doctor's appointment.

My appointment was for 4:15 p.m. and I got to see her at 5:30 p.m.  I told her how I had fallen and how badly my foot and ankle were hurting.  She asked me a lot of questions, examined me, and said until she saw x-rays she couldn't be certain but she thought that most likely my foot was broken.  She gave me a script to go get the x-rays right away.  But....

A bad storm had been predicted.  I thought I could get to the hospital and back before it hit.  I was telling Joe what the doctor said and suddenly it got dark.  We heard the wind start blowing.  Hard!  Joe said he had done a load of wash of sheets and pillowcases and it was on the line out back.  I went out to start taking them down before the storm hit while he went to get dressed to go outside.

I wish someone had taken a video of me trying to get the wash off of the line.  The sheets were whipping around like sails on a boat and as I took one down the wind grabbed hold of it and blew it (and me) across the yard.  Joe had a plastic bag out there and I was stuffing them into it without even folding them up.  As I'm taking them down there is a clap of thunder.  Then a few rain drops.  Then more and more until it was pouring!  And the wind was whipping around.  It was so hard I couldn't even see.  The thunder is sounding and the lightning is flashing and I'm still trying to get things down.  One of the pillowcases takes off and blows into my neighbor's yard.  I figure I'll get it later.  It's in a corner by her back door and isn't going anywhere.  Joe finally gets there to help me and we get inside where I drip water onto the floor.  Yuck!  What makes it worse is the sheets were dry and now I have to hang them in the celler to dry all over again.

Here is another video from my brother's blog Exploration Photography.
  Hope you enjoy it.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOwhVIJxZBg&feature=youtu.be

When the storm is over I looked outside and there is destruction everywhere.  Our yard and my neighbor's are thrown all around.

Even my fairies got blown over.

When I went to get my pillowcase from my neighbor's back step I saw that part of her fence was broken and part of her back door was stripped off and laying on the step with my pillowcase.

But when I looked up the sky was beautiful.

By now my foot is killing me so we call out for dinner.  We got burgers, fries, and onion rings from our local pizza place.  Joe went out to the kitchen to get us some iced tea and calls for me to get my camera and come quickly.  I grabbed my camera and hobbled out there to see this view.

The pictures do not do it justice.  It was glowing golden.  Imagine the entire sky like this.  It reminded me of how I think heaven will look.  I have never seen anything like this.

I have been awake for about two hours now with the pain in my foot.  But it is settling down so I am going to try to go back to sleep.  I want to get some rest because after the x-rays I am taking the car in to have the air conditioner fixed.  I just can't drive around in this heat anymore.  So I'll be back and let you know what's happening.  Until later....


Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Last night when I came home from work I went outside to take down my wash.  I love hanging the clothes outside.  They smell so good.  After I finished though, I grabbed my camera to get some shots of what flowers I have out there right now.

I forgot to take a picture of my lilac bushes.  They are still alive, but in sad shape since the groundhog that lives in my yard is eating the leaves.  Every single leaf has bites out of it.  If they can just make it through this year and get a little bigger I think they will make it.  I have to get to Home Depot and get some chicken wire to put around them to protect them.

But other than that, here are some of the things out there.  My hanging baskets aren't what they once were, but they are still there.

The impatients are still OK.  That's good.

The only rose bush that is blooming.  I really have to get out there and deadhead the roses.  There's always so much to do!

 My lilies are an orange/red.

They look orange until you compare them with my next-door neighbor's orange lilies.

It was such a nice night -- not too hot, not too cold -- that I sat down at the table and just enjoyed being outside.

How pretty this planter is.  It was a good investment.

My little cat statue that I have by the back door.  When my first cat, Fluffy, passed away I was so devastated.  I bought this as a memorial to her.  Even though it's been years, I still miss that cat.  There will never be another one like her.

So much work to do in the yard.  So much work to do around the house.  But for last night I just enjoyed BEING and that's always a good thing.


Monday, June 22, 2015


It's the first full day of Summer and so the first Monday.  I sure do hope it's not too bad.  It's back to work today after a very lazy weekend.  I did a lot of nothing.  Well, I did do a little bit.  I got the grass cut yesterday.  I actually waited until last night around 8:00 p.m. so it was a little cooler.  It has been in the 90s every day here for the last week or so.  Supposed to go up to 100* on Tuesday.

Here's this morning's sunrise.  Looks like it will be a pretty day!

Last night I made a pork roast with roasted potatoes and the rest of the wax beans from the farm.  It turned out so good.  We will have left overs for tonight -- an easy dinner.

In my brother's blog post yesterday (Exploration Photography -- see the link on my side bar) he posted a video he did of the Witness Tree in Valley Forge Park.  It is about 300 years old and was there when Washington's troops wintered at Valley Forge during the Revolutionary War.  Just wanted to share the video with you because I think it is totally awesome.

Witness Tree 

I have to get off of here and get myself ready for work.  And figure out what to wear.  It's so hot outside, warm at the front desk, and like a freezer in the workroom.  That's why I keep a sweater at work.  It's hard to dress though.

Enough of my rambling.  I'll leave you with a snippet of our Praise Band from church yesterday morning.  They are singing "All Things."  Enjoy and I'll see you tomorrow.


Sunday, June 21, 2015


Yesterday was the first Saturday off for the summer.  It was strange not working on a Saturday.  I'm sure I'll get used to it in no time, though.  My foot is still really swollen and hurting so I didn't do much of anything.  The one thing I did do was go to the farm.  For the rest of the summer I will be going every other week (pay weeks) to get their good food.  I always try to keep it under $20 and just made it this week.  But look what I got.

Wax beans, cheddar cauliflower, tomatoes, spring onions, cucumber and zucchini.
 We had the wax beans for dinner and they were delicious.

I have been looking for something to put in the little planter I got for the outside table.  I was thinking of marigolds since the planter is brown, but found these pretty purple-pink impatients and got them. 

I was surprised at how nice they look in the planter.  The dirt on the table is from me just planting them.  They look good with the white table and the blue chairs.

Other than that I didn't do much of anything except lay around with my foot up.  It's feeling better this morning so I am going to go to church. I can't wait until Tuesday to see the doctor.  I don't think it's broken but something is going on.  A sprain?  Arthritis?  All I know is that I can't keep going on like this.

My friend, Marion, is a real estate agent.  She is on a team with her friend Chris.  I recommended them to my co-worker Diane when she wanted to sell her dad's house after his death.  On Friday the settlement went through.  When I got home from work Joe asked me if I knew anyone named Chris.  I said yes and he said there was a box from her in the mail.  I opened it and there was this beautiful cutting board and knife with all kinds of treats attached and a note thanking Joe and me for our referral.  That was so nice.  I haven't eaten anything yet, but Joe had one of the amaretto cookies and a bag of cashews with white chocolate and pomegranate seeds and he said they were wonderful.  I'm looking forward to trying the Monterrey jack cheese and black pepper water crackers and the candied fruit slices.  We are going to enjoy this so much.  And I love the bamboo cutting board too.

I need to go.  I'm baking a peach and blueberry long cake for church this morning.  I want to do it before I take my shower and get dressed.  It's no good going to church with flour all over you.

Have a good Sunday everyone!