Sunday, August 31, 2014


The Sunday before Labor Day is always T-shirt Sunday at church.  The congregation gets together and wears our church T-shirt.  It is to show the unity of the body of Christ.

It started about 6 or 7 years ago when we first got our T-shirts.  They were blue then with a different logo. We got them right before Labor Day and that weekend a lot of us wore them (me and Joe included).  We all laughed about the church "uniform".  However it gave Pastor Wayne (who was our pastor then) the idea to make it a yearly thing.  So the following year he announced it was T-shirt Sunday and to wear your shirt the next Sunday.  Just about everyone did.  So much fun!

We have a new version of the shirts now.  They are black with a new logo and our website on the back.  I took lots of pictures at church today.  Here are some of them.

This is Krystal at Coffee Hour before church.  She has the greatest smile and laugh.  We just love her so much.

Peter and Dottie.  Peter is the perfect gentleman.  I love to talk with him.  Dottie is 90 years old and kicking.  She is in the Tuesday morning Bible study I lead.

Jon is our Deacon and Worship Leader.  What a wonderful musician he is.

Caity with her handsome sons Keaven (left) and Jon (right).

Jim and Patrick

During worship time:  Pastor Justin, Jon and Caity.

Joe was the Elder "du jour" today.  He led the prayer and scripture reading.  He gave a mini sermon before the prayer that was so inspiring.  He told me that the Holy Spirit just laid it on his heart what to say.  He challenged us to live for Christ and tell others about Him.

The congregational singing.  See all the black shirts?

Fellowship time after the service.  Here's Caity and Peter talking.

Joe talking with Jim and the other Joe.

As usual Miss A was the center of attention.  Here she is with her mom, Jim and Carol.

Joe talking with Rich.  Patrick and Jon are in the background.

Pastor Justin took this picture of Joe and me for us.
 Of course I had to get pictures of Miss Aurora.  She is such a cutie!

It was a fun day and I'm glad that Joe recovered enough to be a part of it.  He says his back is much better.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, go back and read how we spent the day in the Emergency Room yesterday.

Tomorrow is September 1 and I have a wonderful day planned.  Can't wait to show you.



Madison River at sunset near town of Ennis, Madison County, Montana

Goodbye August 2014.  Why did you come and go so quickly?


We dwell on your faithful love, God, in your temple.  Your praise, God, just like your reputtion, extends to the far corners of the earth.  Your strong hand is filled with righteousness.
Psalm 48:9-10

One of my all time favorite hymns.  I feel as if I am standing before the throne while I am singing this.

Saturday, August 30, 2014


I had plans for today.  Nice plans.  Big plans.  I was going to get a couple loads of wash done, get all the dishes done and put away, clean the bedroom, vacuum, get the grocery shopping done...

Instead I spent most of the day in the Emergency Room of the Veterans Hospital with Joe.  Last week he had hurt his back.  It got better, then got worse.  He called our doctor and was told that no one could see him for two weeks.  He called the VA doctor and was told he could have an appointment in November.  He tried to live with it, popped pain killers, laid down a lot to rest it, but nothing helped.  Finally today he asked me to take him to the hospital.

Man in hospital bed.gif photo Maninhospitalbed.gif

He was there for 6 1/2 hours.  Most of the time waiting for a doctor to examine him and then waiting for an MRI to be done.  But the doctor was very nice and gave him a very thorough exam.  It turned out that he was running a high fever besides having all the pain.  We still don't know what the fever was from.  The doctor thinks he may have a viral sinus infection since he had been on anti-biotics three weeks ago for a sinus infection and they didn't seem to work.

I was not dressed warmly enough for the coolness of the hospital.  So when they wheeled him down for his MRI and the nurse told me Joe would be gone for 1 1/2 to 2 hours, I ran home and changed my clothes.  I was freezing!  I was hungry too and got myself something to eat.

While we were gone Frank had come over to cut the grass and cut one of the bushes back for me.  I had paid him ahead of time so he didn't have to wait for us.  It looks really nice.

When I got back to the hospital, I ran into the doctor who told me that Joe could go home.  She was worried that there might be an abscess on his spinal cord, but nothing at all showed up.  She thinks he pulled, and perhaps tore, a muscle.  He had been given morphine and another pain killer and was feeling pretty good.  She gave him two prescriptions to have filled and we were free to go.

Joe kept saying how hungry he was.  I had a gift certificate for Chick-Fil-A in my purse, so we went there and had dinner.  It was good not to have to cook after the day I had.

So anyway, Joe has to take it easy for the next couple of weeks, take his pain killers and anti-inflamatory pills, and not lift anything heavy.  He should be fine.

There were a lot of people praying for him and I thank each and every one of you.  You know who you are and so does God.  Prayer is a wonderful thing!

Can you believe tomorrow is the end of August?  This month is flying by.  I had lots of plans for this month, but life intruded and almost none of them got accomplished.  Hopefully September is better.


Friday, August 29, 2014


I have another old car to show you today.

It's a 1969 Camero SS.  It was parked in front of the Jefferson Diner when we went there to eat during my Sisters' Week vacation in July.

I love old cars and it was cool to see this.  My sister and her friend, Frank, knew what it was right away.  I only knew I liked it.  I wonder if it runs.


Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Joe and I are still missing our little Jenny cat something awful.  But to help us cope with it God gave us Snowy.

Snowy is quite a character.  She eats everything in sight and then some.  We don't think she realizes that there will always be food there for her.  She still has the stray mindset -- eat when you can because you don't know when you will find food again.

She is very cute and loveable.  She likes to be petted and cuddled, but only to a certain extent.  When she is done, she is done and she runs away.

She runs madly all over the house, jumping on the furniture (and us -- ow! her nails hurt!) and looking out of every window she can find.

I love her eyes being two different colors -- the right one green, the left one blue.  Her pupils are different sizes too.  I often wonder if she sees double.

She will never take Jenny's place, but I'm very glad we have her.


Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I have gotten two more Julep boxes since I last wrote about them and am about to get another one.  I am really enjoying this and hope I can afford to keep it up for quite awhile.  I always get compliments when I wear their nail polish or use their makeup.  (And believe me, I need all the help I can get!)

So here is the box I got two times ago.

I use the Bare Body Milk after I take a shower.  It is sooo nice.  It gets absorbed right into the skin with no oily or creamy mess left behind.  It makes my skin feel so smooth and soft.  I love using it.

The Mint Condition Pedi Creme is also nice.  It conditions and exfoliates my feet while making them cool with a nice mint smell and feel.  My feet are always hot and hurting after a day at work and this works just great.  I even used it on Joe and he loved it too.

These have been great for the summer.  Now they are beginning to bring out their autumn products.  I'm excited to see what they are going to be.


Monday, August 25, 2014



My sister and I watched this movie while on vacation.  She has a big screen TV (well, big to me) and so it was more like watching it in the theater.  We had both read the book so sort of knew what to expect.  By the way, if you have the chance, please read the book.  As in most cases it is 100 times better than the movie.  It is able to go more in depth with the relationships between the characters and the actual events in the hospital.

The one thing I didn't like in the movie was the father's and the congregation's attitude toward this experience the son had had.  It wasn't like that at all.  And the father (pastor) seemed to be preaching a feel good gospel which is not how I read it in the book.  Maybe I'm wrong?

In any case, it was a wonderful movie.  Very close to the story.  I like it when the story isn't changed into something totally unrecognizable.  The message is good.  Heaven IS for real.  I don't know how anyone can doubt it.  After reading the book and watching the movie I'm more anxious than ever to go there.  I know -- all in God's good timing.

I am so glad that I saw it.  Joe has not seen it yet, so I will probably get it out of the library again and watch it with him.  I highly recommend it for everyone.  If nothing else, it will get you thinking.

P.S.  Be sure to have those tissues handy.


Sunday, August 24, 2014


Yesterday was a low-key day for me.  I mostly just lay around and slept.  The one thing I did do was go to the farm.  It was drizzling, so I made it a quick trip.  Joe went with me and it was fun going with him.  We don't do enough things together.

I didn't get very much, but what I did was so good.

Red bliss potatoes, baby heirloom tomatoes, garlic, 1/4 of a watermelon and 4 nectarines.

The watermelon is gone.  So sweet and good!  It was dessert for dinner last night.  I made a "What You Have" Pie for dinner and some of the tomatoes went into that.  Oh my!  I am making a salad for dinner and will use some more of them in that.  Joe has already eaten two of the nectarines.  He said they were sweet and he can't wait to eat the others.  I plan on making potato salad with the red potatoes for dinner.

Well, that didn't last long.  I love eating veggies that were growing in the field less than a week ago.  That's the best thing about this time of year.



I will love You, O Lord, my strength.
The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer;
My God, my strength, in whom I will trust;
My shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.
Psalm 18:1-2


Saturday, August 23, 2014


Fridays have become Slush Day for me.  Three Fridays ago I started stopping at Sonic on my way to work and getting a large slush.  It's my way of saying to myself, "You made it through another week of work -- here's your treat."  (Especially this past week which has been the week from hell!)

I am trying to go through all the flavors they sell (except the ones that I already know I don't like).  I like doing this so much that I have even put a little picture on the side bar of this blog telling the flavor I had this week.

My favorite is lemon.  I think it always will be.  Last week I tried orange.  That was really good too.  In fact I had a couple of them last week.  Yesterday I tried watermelon.  While it was good, it isn't my favorite.  I would get it again, but not too often, I think.  I am looking forward to trying strawberry and cranberry.  Ooh!  A cranberry slush for Thanksgiving?

A few years ago I didn't even know what Sonic was.  We didn't have any up here in Pennsylvania.  When we first got together Joe told me about them in Tennessee.  His son, D.J., worked in one while he was in high school.  He tried to explain it to me.  Then one opened a few blocks from our house.  Once I went there, I was hooked.

What is your favorite flavor of slush?  Today is a gray, rainy day.  A slush might be just the thing to brighten it up.


Friday, August 22, 2014


On Wednesday we had a visit from the Philadelphia Eagles Bookmobile.  The kids were really excited for the program and all showed up early.

Everyone was excited when the van pulled up.  Some of the little kids were jumping up and down and screaming.

The doors opened and in ran Mr. Storybook Man (the #1 Reader).

He read a couple of stories to the kids.

Then he and a cheerleader led the kids in an Eagles cheer.

When they were finished all the children got a bookmarker and a free book.  It was a great program.

P.S.  Thank you to all of you who expressed your love and concern to Joe and me on the death of Jenny.  We are sad but doing OK and loving on Snowy.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Yesterday I was desperately looking for something to take to Bible study as a snack.  A while back I had bought a box of what I thought was cake mix for $1.00 at Wal-Mart.  I got it because the flavor was orange/cream sickle.  I LOVE those things and I love orange cake.  I even got the icing to go with it.

When I got it home I found out it was cookie mix.  So disappointing.  I put it in the pantry meaning to make it up sometime this summer.  After all pop sickles are a summer thing.  So yesterday I found the box in the pantry, saw it was easy, and quickly made it up.

Wow!  They are SO good!  You can taste the orange.  You can taste the cream.  And they melt in your mouth.  Oh my!  I have a feeling the left overs are not going to last long around this house.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Sunday night we had to do one of the saddest things I think a person ever does.  Our black cat, Jenny, has been fighting a battle with cancer for four months now.  For two days she wasn't eating or drinking and was hiding from us, coming out now and then for pets and cuddles.  Last night she was laying on the landing of the stairs and couldn't get up to walk away from us even when we were having to step over her.  This is not how Jenny normally acted.

I'm sorry if this is going to be too much information, but sometimes you just have to pour your heart out.  I don't do this very often, so please bear with me or just read something else.  I would certainly understand.

Jenny in her favorite spot looking out of the window.

She even let us pick her up which she never does.  So we knew it was time.  Well, Joe knew it was time.  I didn't want to believe it.

We picked her up and put her in her carrier.  Usually she fights us and scratches us when we do this.  Last night she just lay there and let us.  She cried a little, but that's all.

Because it was a Sunday night we had to take her to the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School Emergency Room.  I took what I thought would be a short cut and ended up driving 30  minutes longer than  I should have.  Joe sat in the back with Jenny.   She usually cries and puts up a fuss the whole time she is in the car.  Last night there wasn't a peep out of her.  *sigh*  We knew she was very sick.

The people at the Emergency Room  were wonderful.  So  nice and kind.  Joe told them what was going on and asked for her to be euthanized.  They gave her a brief examination and agreed with our vet, Dr. Yuhas, that this was the kind thing to  do.  We  opted to be with her when she went.  I was petting her and she was looking at Joe and purring.

We decided to not bring her remains home, so they gave us a clay medallion with her name and paw prints on it.  So kind.  We had to bring it home and bake it, which we did last night.

She was a beautiful and sweet cat who was inseparable from Joe.  They adored each other.  I know this grief too shall pass, but for right now it really, really hurts.


Sunday, August 17, 2014


Especially a beautiful day like today.  So sunny, warm, cool breeze.  It's the kind of day that I just can't stay inside.  So as soon as I am finished with this post I am going back outside.

I thought I would show you some pictures of my garden.  Here is the herb box.  Some of my herbs died, but I have basil, sage, thyme and chives.

And, of course, the fairy garden.  They are a little dirty.  I will have to give them a washing.

The second side is all weeded.  Just the back needs to be done now.

And the irises are cut back.

There are a few roses and one gladiola left.

I'm so glad my yard is looking more and more like it should.  Now on to the kitchen!

One last picture.  Look what little Miss Aurora is up to these days.

She has learned to pull herself up to a standing position.  Can walking be far behind?  Oh her poor parents!  I have a mental picture of them running after her now.