Thursday, December 6, 2012


Everyone likes a change now and then.  Especially women.  We are always updating our wardrobe, rearranging our furniture, getting a new hairdo.  I asked Joe what he thought of me putting some red highlights in my hair for Christmas.  I originally have a lot of red in my hair.  So does all of my family.  My dad's dad was a real carrot top so I'm told.  He died two years before I was born, so I never saw him.  So bringing out some highlights sounded good.

I got a shade of auburn hair dye that I've never used before.  But the picture looked good.  I was busy while it was on my hair and I might have left it on a little long.  When I washed it off and dried my hair, I was horrified.  It's red.  I mean really RED.

This picture doesn't show just how red it is.  I was thinking of a nice strawberry blonde.  That's not what I got.  It's a kind of "Look!  I came out of a box!" red.

This is me yelling "Help!  What have I done?"  I know it will wash out with time.  But I did it to look good for Christmas.  *Sigh*

As I'm posting these I realized that my camera setting is making the hair look darker than it is.  I will have to give you a better picture later.  To top it off Marquita said to me yesterday, "It looks good except for the places you missed in the back."  I said, "I was trying to do highlights."  She said, "Oh.  Well... it didn't work."  Double *sigh*.

I have an appointment with Jamie at Mane Connection on the 15th.  Hopefully she can help me feel better about it.  Because I'm sure not going to dye on top of dye.  Maybe a better cut?


  1. I LIKE it!! Nothing wrong with red!! It will lighten with every shampoo.

    Our little Trystan is a redhead. Maybe a strawberry blonde - we can't really tell just yet!

    You look cute!

  2. Hi Kathy! I give you credit for coloring your hair. I am too scared to try. LOL. I had a little laugh at the beginning of your post. I did not read carefully enough about your Dad's Dad being a red head, and that he died 2 years before you were born. I thought that I had read that your Dad had passed away 2 years before you were born! I was like....wait a minute Kathy, are you sure that was your Dad? Oh man! I had to go back and re-read!

  3. I actually think it looks good on you. You keep saying it's "deeper" so I'm imagining it's more of a maroon color. I had mine that color once. It was quite a shock in the beginning but the longer I wore it the better I liked it. I say give it a few days. Sometimes the SHOCK of something new can really throw us!


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