Sunday, December 23, 2012


Tonight we finally got our Christmas tree up.  I wanted to use my old ornaments for it, but they were not where I thought they were.  So I just grabbed the purple and silver ones from last year and the new red and white ones I bought this year.  Last year on the day after Christmas we had bought a lighted star that was on sale for the top of the tree.  We got it out and put it on and it was so heavy that it just fell off.  After three tries we gave up and put on our angel.  She is so pretty that I don't mind a bit.

I didn't start out with any idea of how it would turn out, but as I put the balls on I realized that they had snowflake designs on them.  And I had lots of snowflake ornaments.  So in spite of myself it turned into a snowflake tree.  We are delighted.  It is so pretty.

The finished tree.  So pretty.

Three different kinds of snowflakes are on the tree.  One...



I've loved the purple and silver combination ever since I saw it in Williamsburg, VA last year.

The angel is so pretty.  All feathers on the wings and fur on the robe.  Best yet, the lights show through her skirt and make her glow.
  I'm giving out cookies at church tomorrow and I haven't finished them yet.  But it's after midnight and I'm tired, so I will get up early enough to finish them and pack them up.  So much to do tomorrow... shopping, wrapping, cleaning and finishing the cards.  Only two more days to Christmas!


  1. Yes, your tree is beautiful!
    I love when things come together without planning, like that. It means it was meant to be...God's plan.

    Merry Christmas Kathy and Joe.

  2. Two more days friend!!!
    Hang in there :)

    Your tree is beautiful. I love the angel on top.


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