Friday, December 28, 2012


An extremely slow day at the library except for one hour.  That hour I was the only one working in the library.  Both Bob and Jerry were at lunch.  Then, of course, everyone decided to come in.

I have one last Christmas view for the season.  I was at my friend Debbie's house a couple of weeks ago.  Her husband goes all out decorating for the holidays.  Hope you enjoy them.

Wow!  I told them I felt as if I were at the North Pole!

Tomorrow is my birthday.  I will be 59 years old.  And we are supposed to have a major snow storm.   It just figures.  I was going to take it easy, but I decided that having a clean house would make me feel better than sitting around would.  So I'm going to get things done as I sip on hot chocolate and look out the window at the falling snow.  Nice.


  1. WOW- That is quite a lot of decorations!!! Looks great

    Snow on your birthday, that is awesome. I want snow so bad!!!

    Have a great birthday my friend

  2. Happy Birthday Kathy!!! I hope your day was GREAT!! :)

  3. Pictures came out great! Russ does love doing the decorating..
    Glad you had off on your birthday.The hot cocoa sounds um um good! Enjoy!

  4. Happy Birthday Kathy. Rusty dose enjoy the holiday. Glad you had a good time at Debie and Rusty's house.


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