Sunday, December 16, 2012


The third Sunday of Advent talks about joyWe tend to get joy confused with happiness. Happiness is an emotion that we feel when everything is working the way we think it should. Joy, though, sees problems, trials and hardships, but knows that our hope is in a God who never leaves us or forsakes us. Joy is a choice, a decision of our will.  Rejoice and be glad because God is in control.

Today began with me being late to church because I was trying to help Joe get settled.  He overdid it yesterday and is really paying for it today.  He is in a lot of pain in his ribs and hip.  We had a nice service and then I had to scoot out because I was working this afternoon.

Work wasn't bad at all.  Lots of kids books returned and tons of videos.  I think Cathy and I must have put away 500-600 DVDs. 

When I got out of work I stopped by and picked up my friend Carol to go to a concert at my church tonight.  She usually drives over herself, but she fell and injured her right arm.  She tore all the ligaments in her elbow and is in a brace and can't use it for the next 6-8 weeks.  Then I had to pick up Charlie who was one of the people playing for the Christmas Cafe.  He didn't have access to a car tonight and had no way to get there.  Joe wanted to go so badly, but still wasn't feeling well.

The Christmas Cafe was a lot of fun.  We had Charlie and Bud playing the piano, Jason playing the sax and Jon playing the electric guitar.  We had sing alongs, jokes, etc.  Joe and I brought a cake that said "Happy Birthday, Jesus."  Dorothea made a cake with buttercream frosting.  It was SO good.  Her frosting tasted exactly the same as the one my mom always made.  It made me think of her.  There were also a bunch of cookies and various beverages.  The Christmas Cafe is always a good time.  I just wish I hadn't been working today because I am very tired.

Here's some pictures of the Cafe:

These are the centerpieces for each table.

The cake I brought.  It was yummy.

Charlie playing the piano.  I was far away and used my zoom.  I'm surprised it turned out so well.

Jason playing the sax.  He plays with one of the string bands that march in the Mummer's Parade on New Year's Day.

Jon playing the electric guitar and singing.  He was VERY good.

Here are a group of people sitting around listening to the music.  This is the area where Joe and I have our Bible Study every Tuesday morning.

Bud, John and Denise listening to the music.  I got a video of Bud at the piano, but not a photo.  I felt bad that Joe couldn't make it, so taped about 3 minutes of it so he could see some of it.
I am so very tired, so I must end before I fall asleep right here.  Take care, folks.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day at church! I hate to hear Joe is in so much pain. Sending my prayers to him.

  2. It seems a good time was had by all at the Cafe.Getting together at
    the holidays is usually fun.
    Sorry to hear about Joe hurting.
    I will pray for him to feel better soon.
    Try to get a little more rest!

  3. I really like the idea of the Christmas Cafe. I'm going to remember that and bring up next year at our church.


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