Wednesday, August 30, 2017


And how did this happen?  Apparently August decided to run by me when I wasn't looking.  So since fall is coming, I decided to treat myself and buy the special fall "mystery box" that Julep offered this month.  The fun part about the mystery box is you know you are getting six items, but you have no idea of what they are.  Some people order several mystery boxes hoping they will get various items.  At times they do, but often there are duplicates.  These are things that were the featured items last season (there was a summer mystery box too) or last year at a significant discount -- up to 75%.  Most of the time I do not get this box, but everyone needs a treat now and then.

Here's the fall box I got.

Let me show you the items individually.  I got three nail polishes (one for each month).

I really pretty eyeshadow.

I've been wearing a pale pink lipstick all summer.  Here's a darker one for the cooler weather.

And finally an eyebrow conditioner and stain.  I've used this before and it's nice.

Not bad getting all of that for $25.  I'm very happy with it.

I tried my nail polish from my last order.  At first I thought it was too dark, but it's sort of grown on me.  I do like the color.  It's called Magdalene.
Not put on very neatly though, but I did my best.

On with another day.



Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Slow down just a bit.  The days are just speeding by.  Is this normal or does it mean that I'm getting old?

Yesterday was another one of those speedy days.  I decided to give the cleaning lady another chance.  She really is a great organizer.  She was working in the dining room and I was in the living room doing some work for church.  (I love being able to work from home and still get things accomplished.  Thank you, internet, that I can communicate with the pastor by just emailing him.)  So it was easy for her to say, "What do you want to do with this?"  or "Do you know what this is?"  And easy for me to say, "Salvation Army" or "Throw it out" or "There's another Christmas gift I couldn't find last year."  Hee-hee.  

She finished half of the dining room and I am very happy.  Her husband does yard work and we hired him for 2 weeks from now to clean up the parts of the yard we can't do and make it livable again.  I know I'm spending money, but I am realizing that I just am not able to physically do things anymore.  This makes me sad because I have always been a "hands on" person and I know I am getting old.  But I do what I can.

I went outside this morning to get some shots of the morning glories for you.  They are huge and have taken over the entire yard.  The leaves are the size of a dessert plate.  But they are so pretty.

One rogue blue plant is in with the coleus.  It's the only blue one in the yard.

 You can see how tall they are and how huge the leaves are.  Even though I really like morning glories, they are so invasive.  I can't see my rosebushes or even one of my trees because of them.  And forget sitting on the bench.  Hopefully I will get rid of some of them before two weeks.

After Jenn left this afternoon, Joe and I went to Lowe's.  We were looking for a decent pair of loplers and rosebush clippers. While we were there I also found a really cute fall welcome mat for the front door.  My mat has been out there for several years and is really shot.  I'm hoping to get four mats and change them out with the seasons.  But for right now I am going to switch it out with this new one.  Fall is almost here.

I made the Pioneer Woman's macaroni and cheese along with some meatballs for dinner.  It was so good.  Usually there is some left, but not tonight.  I didn't have any cheddar cheese so I made it with mozzarella.  We use what we have.  I think I like it better with the cheddar but it was still good.

So on to getting ready for the day.  I hope I can get more accomplished today than I did yesterday.  Bible study this morning and more cleaning/straightening up this afternoon.

Before I end, here is a picture I took last night of the summer candle I'm burning.  Not much more of that.  I love the pineapple candle holder I bought this year.  The candle is Lavendar and Sage.  It smells good but it isn't very strong.

Until later...



Sunday, August 27, 2017


Hope you are enjoying my new series.  I have lots more pictures to show you.  Here is your one for this week.  If one cat last week was good, how about three this week?

Enjoy!  I'll be back later with another post.


Saturday, August 26, 2017


And August is quickly winding down.  I'll be sorry to see the summer go.  I always am.  Like I said before, I just don't know where this month has gone.  And although I love the fall, I know what comes after that.  I can only hope the winter months move as quickly as this one did.

But the best thing about August is my little great-granddaughter's birthday.  Or should I say birth day.  And at three weeks old she is getting cuter and cuter.

Here's her two week picture.  I didn't get it in time to post last week.

Either concentrating or giving the evil eye.  Ha, ha!

 Time moves so quickly.  Before I know it, she will be wanting keys to the new car.

Thanks for your kind comments on these pictures.  It's not forever.  In two weeks this princess will be one-month old.

Have a good day!



Friday, August 25, 2017

i've been running!

I have been running my little legs off recently.  Yesterday began with taking Joe for a doctor's appointment at the V.A. Hospital.  It was an early appointment and I really disliked driving in the rush hour traffic.  But we still made it in plenty of time.

We had left so early that we didn't have time for breakfast.  So on the way home we stopped at Andy's Deli which is near our home.  We don't go there very often so it was a treat.

Three days ago my left arm began to hurt.  The elbow especially.  I couldn't bend it all the way and it felt like it might be broken.  Then my shoulder started hurting.  As we were eating lunch I gave in and said I would go to Urgent Care.  The Emergency Room is $300 but Urgent Care is only $40. It was really busy and we waited about 3 hours to see the doctor.  But he was really good.  He said I have a torn tendon in both my elbow and shoulder.  He gave me a steroid for 5 days and said if I was still sore after that I should see my doctor.  But the worst of it is...  I can't knit for awhile.  What will I do?  (sigh)

We got home in time to turn around and go to the Elders' Meeting at the parsonage.  Joe must have been so tired by this time.  I know I was.  I almost fell asleep waiting for the meeting to be over.

Today I tried to clean up a bit, but didn't get much done.  I took my friend, Kathy, to Target.  She is having trouble with her phone and there is someone there who can help her. I always try to give rides to people who don't have cars.  I remember the years before I was driving and how kind people were to me giving me rides.

Of course I couldn't go to Target without getting something.  I love the Dollar Spot.  I got three candles:  "Fall Day," "Pumpkin Spice," and " Apples and Cinnamon".  I also got this cute orange and black striped bowl.  I know it's for Halloween, but I can use it all fall.  I also got a mini planner that I am going to use to keep notes for church.  I haven't loaded any pictures, but you will see it as the days go along.

Last night my aunt (my dad's youngest sister) passed away.  She was very sick so at least she is no longer suffering.  If you think of it, please pray for her husband, children and grandchildren.

My girlfriend just began writing a blog.  She recently retired and is so excited about doing this.  If you have a chance, pop over and see her and tell her I sent you.  Her blog is Home and Family. Thanks.

Since I don't have any photos to show you, I will show you one of my brother's.  Larry is such a great photographer.

This is the main conservatory at Longwood Gardens, a wonderful place.  Wish I could go again, but it is a lot of walking and I don't think I could do it.

I have to run.  Hope you all have a good weekemd,


Thursday, August 24, 2017


OK where is August and what have you done with her?  Have you ever seen a month go so fast?  It's like I turned around and it's the end of the month already.  July went OK.  Even June was a good little month and walked along at a decent pace.  But August?  She's running a marathon, I think.  Nevertheless it's heading into the last week of the month.  And my garden is a mess!  I mean a MESS!!!

 It has never been this bad.  I think it's because of all the rain we've had (I could never get out there to work) and my busy schedule.  Also my arthritis makes it painful for me to do what I once did.  But Joe and I made a stab at cleaning up the other day.  We still have a long way to go, but at least we started.

Joe got out his saw and started working on the weed trees.
 I did a lot of weeding.

As I was working on my earthbox, an insect jumped off of a plant and flew away.  It was so perfectly colored that it was camouflaged and startled me.  I saw where it landed and went over to see what it was.  It's a praying mantis.  Cool!

Look at all the trees Joe cut down.  I started cutting them into pieces but my hands gave out so I have to go finish that today so it can go into the trash tomorrow.

The pot of coleus is looking lovely.

My fairy garden has been unearthed.  Literally.  I still need to wash them off, but they are there.

So much more to do.  At least it's better than it was.  I'm looking to hiring someone to help me with it.  It's just more than I can do at this point.  It's tough growing old. 


Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Lincoln City, OR eclipse

Did any of you see the solar eclipse today?  How much of it was available in your area?  Here in Philly it was an 80% eclipse.  Originally I wasn't going to be able to see it because I had to take Joe to a doctor's appointment, but he changed it to another day.

The day started out with bright sun and then got cloudy.

Then the sun came out.

Then it clouded up again.

I didn't have any glasses and never got around to making a pinhole viewer, so I watched it live stream from our science museum, the Franklin Institute.   It was amazing watching the sun be covered up by the moon and then reappearing.

You can tell the cameraman was using a filter because of how orange it is.  I made a short video for you too.

I also grabbed a couple of pictures off of our news broadcast.  They were much clearer.

Just ignore the date on the pictures.  I accidentally set it to the wrong month.  Duh.

Did you feel a difference during the eclipse?  It didn't get pitch black here, but it got dark like a storm was about to come.  It felt like a storm too.  All the air was somehow charged.  And I was in the house!
Now to try to get a few hours sleep before I have to get up to teach.  This is going to be a busy day.