Saturday, September 24, 2022


 Hello, friends!  Hope you are all having a great day.  It is the second day of fall and it certainly feels like it.  As fall came in yesterday, the temperatures dropped dramatically.  It is hard to remember now all the 90*+ days we had for weeks on end.

I like the fall because of all the colors.  My favorite colors.  Orange.  Yellow.  Brown.  Red. 

And the food.  My favorite foods are fall foods.  Squash.  Pork.  Pumpkin (technically a squash).  Apples.  Peaches.  Cranberries.  Brussel sprouts.  Of course, in today's world we can get these foods year round.  But there is something special about having them in September, October and November.

The good thing about the weather in fall is the crisp mornings.  The sunny days without the over the top heat.  There is still warmth and yesterday I did go out without a jacket or sweater.  The bad thing about the weather in fall is the shorter days.  The cold coming on which makes life for me very uncomfortable and painful.  I'm already starting to suffer with my arthritis and cold induced asthma.

Still, I carry on and enjoy myself as much as I can.  This morning I am feeling peaceful and happy for the first time in many weeks.  I hope this feeling lasts.

Our pastor has to be away tomorrow, so Joe is teaching Sunday Bible Study and we have a good friend of ours as the guest speaker.  It will be good to see him and his wife again.  Then we are planning another lunch out after church with our friend Carole.  I am enjoying these lunches out.  Sometimes it is just the two of us and other times we take someone with us.  We got lunchmeat yesterday so that will be dinner tomorrow.  It's nice to have a "no cook" day once a week.

Speaking of cooking, I am planning on making a pumpkin dump cake today to take to church tomorrow for fellowship time.  Everyone likes my pumpkin dump cake (including me!).  It's a nice way to welcome fall.

And with that I am going to get off of here and get started with things.  First my medicine, then feed Jack.  He insists on being first.

Then I can get my breakfast, hop in the shower, figure out what to wear today, and get started on the cake.  I hope I can get out into the yard today and work some.  It all depends on how much pain I am in.  The bulletin for tomorrow is all typed.  I just have to print it out.

And before I forget, look who lost her first tooth.  And at school no less.  Hadley, you are growing up too fast!

I hope you are all having a great beginning to fall too.  I will see you again real soon.

Until later...


Sunday, September 18, 2022



Hello, friends!  I hope you had a great day today.

Joe and I have started a habit of going out for lunch after church on Sundays.  Today we went to Yamato's.  In fact, when I got there we actually found a parking spot right outside of the restaurant.  That was nice but very unusual.

I liked the fact that there were two families in there with little children.  And they were digging into all the Japanese food.  I think it's a good thing to introduce different cuisines to children.  It makes them open to trying new things and being less of a picky eater.

We were both hungry.  But I have been having lots of trouble with my stomach so I didn't want to have too much to eat.  I got two appetizers.  The first one was pork gyoza.  That is my favorite dish of all time.  They are dumplings with spiced pork and a dipping sauce.  Yum!  I could eat a dozen of them.

I also had Sunshine Sushi.  It is a vegetarian sushi with crispy fried sweet potato, avocado and mango.  The slices of mango on top gives it its name.

I ate everything but I really pushed it.

Joe got a teryaki beef dinner.  They started him off with miso soup and a salad.  Then they gave him a huge plate of beef with teryaki sauce and a bowl of rice.  He said it was like eating two steaks.

And yes, we both use chopsticks.  I learned as a child and Joe learned when he was stationed in Japan.

Obviously, we were not hungry for dinner.  We just had tomato sandwiches and finished up the little bit of apple pie that was left.

I wonder where we are going to go next week.

Until later,