Monday, July 22, 2019


Hello, friends!  How are you all making out in this very hot weather?  We had a major thunderstorm this afternoon and I think the heat wave has broken.  At least for awhile.  Our trash cans are blown all over the yard.

Let me show you how hot it has been.  On Saturday I went to have my hair cut.  When I got into the car to go to the hairdresser the temperature was 106*F (41*C) in the car.

But when I came out of the salon and got into my car to go home, the temperature was 113*F (45*C)!

So here is a picture of me before I got my hair cut.  I had just gotten out of the shower, so it's not my best picture.

And here it is afterwards.  I had a new girl, Jodi, do my hair.  She cut about an inch or so off of the front and made it even shorter in the back.  I told her I wanted it off of my neck and that's just what she did.  I love it so much!

Tomorrow I am going to the eye doctor after Bible study.  I am so glad because I still have the floater in my left eye and it's getting worse.  I am having trouble seeing and reading with that eye.  I spend a lot of time sitting with that eye closed.  It is a real challenge to type which is one reason you haven't been seeing me around here too much.  So please say a prayer that this isn't anything serious and the doctor can do something to help me.  (Hopefully without surgery.)

And now I have to go to bed.  Tomorrow comes early and I have lots to do.

Until later...

Thursday, July 18, 2019


Hello, friends.  Is it hot in your part of the world?  We got a little relief here today.  There was a major thunderstorm and down pour here last night which brought our temperatures from 97*F (36*C) at 7:00 p.m. when we went into church for Bible Study to 77*F (25*C) at 8:30 p.m. when we came out.  It was warm again today but we just had another major storm and it has gone down to 83*F (28*C).  This is just the lull though because this weekend it is going up to 100*F (38*C) with heat index numbers around 115*F (46*C).  I am staying inside in the air conditioning as much as possible.

Since I am not doing too much, I thought I would give you a this and that type of post today. 

Yesterday I went to the cardiologist.  It was my usual doctor's partner.  Of course no one at the office is going to tell me my doctor's personal business, but I was told to come back to see the new doctor in 6 months.  I asked if my doctor was retiring and was given a vague answer.  I have a feeling he or someone in his family is very sick and I sure hope this is not the case.  I have been seeing him for over 20 years and like him a lot.  The new doctor, Dr. Saul, was very good.  I was afraid of him for nothing.  He listened to everything I said and ended up giving me a new medicine to add to my day.  It should take about two weeks to get a full effect, but already I am feeling better after just 3 doses.

My eye is better, but still not good.  On Monday I started seeing blood colored floaters in my left eye which has gone down to just one long strand.  It is annoying.  I look around it and thank God I still have my sight.  Dr. Saul thinks I may have broken a blood vessel with the high blood pressure I've been having, and told me to see an opthamologist.  My usual eye doctor is on vacation this week so Joe told me to call his doctors that did his cataract surgery.  I just did and have an appointment for Tuesday afternoon which is the earliest they had.

So, want to see some pictures?  I went through my shots and found some to show you.

Remember the house down the block from me they are fixing up?  Here are a couple of new shots of it.  The first one is from July 2 and the second from July 14.  It is moving slowly, but is being done correctly.  They let each layer dry and cure before adding the next.

I got the cutest birthday gift for Hadley.  Can you believe in a couple of weeks she is turning two?  I saw this in Shop Rite and had to get it because she loves kitties so much.

It's not just a little kitty, it's a little kitty purse!

And it opens by pulling the tail up and down its back.  So cute!  I know she will love it.

I will have to do a post on Hadley soon and show you how big and cute she has gotten

Threatening clouds and severe storms roll in once a day.  It's the only thing keeping us from roasting in this heat.  I heard it's the end of the hurricane that came up from Louisiana.

And that's all I have for you today.  Off to start dinner.  Chicken in the air fryer, left over macaroni salad and green beans that I have to use before they go bad.  Shouldn't be too bad in the kitchen.  There's no air conditioning out there, but I do have a fan.  Oops -- more rain coming now.  I hear the thunder.  Have a good day, everyone.