Friday, January 24, 2020


Hello, friends!  As Joe would say, "Welcome to Friday."  The weeks just fly by, don't they?  And here we are about to enter the last week of January.  A lost month for me. I am feeling a lot better, although I have a wicked cough which I feel deep in my lungs and isn't going away.  Each day, though, I am a little better and hopefully will be myself soon.

On Wednesday I went to Bible Study with Joe.  It was the first time I had been to church this year.  I sure didn't feel good and was happy I was able to sit on the sofa in the meeting area, put my head against the back of it, and close my eyes for awhile.  But it was so good to be out of the house.  My pastor isn't doing well health-wise either, so please my friends who pray, pray for Pastor Ralph.  I'm not at liberty to say more, but God knows and that's what matters.  And pray for Joe who now has what I have.  I was taught to share when I was growing up.

The thing about being sick is I have had lots of time to knit.  And one thing I have finally completed is my temperature blanket from 2019.  I had the stripes finished the beginning of the month.  It took a few days to catch up.  But finally I put the border on using gray yarn.  I am very happy with how it turned out.  I was very disappointed at the beginning because I didn't like the dark colors, but as I got into the red, hot pink, yellow and orange, it began to pop.  Looking at it makes me see just what a temperate climate I live in.  Here's a photo I took of it to show you.  January is at the top and December at the bottom.

I'm already using it and it is very warm.

I wasn't going to do another blanket this year, but when I was cleaning up the back bedroom I found a stash of beautiful, wonderful yarn that I couldn't resist using.  I'm not sure I have enough for the entire year, but that's OK too.  I started another blanket which is so different from any other I have done and is totally beautiful.  I can't wait to show it to you at the end of the month.

The other thing I'm doing is an advent scarf from 2014.  I have never had much luck with advent scarves but this is turning out nice.  Here is the first day.  Sorry it's so dark.

And here is the second day.

And the two of them together.

I am working on the third day now.  It takes me more than a day to do each section.  And even though I did the first part three times I can't seem to get the zig-zag pattern to line up correctly.  The first of the designs is perfect but as the row goes on it gets more and more messed up.

Again, I know I don't have enough yarn for the entire thing, but we'll see how far I get.  In the meantime, I'm just enjoying doing it.  I really like to knit lace.

And with that I am going to get off of here and get myself together.  I am trying to do something productive today.  I have had too many days where I just sit on the sofa doing nothing.

I hope you all have a good day too.


Saturday, January 18, 2020


Hello, friends!  Hope you are having a good day.  As for me -- I am still sick.  I have had a fever, sore throat and runny nose.  They are gone, but now I have a stuffy nose that I am constantly blowing and a wicked cough.  I can feel the congestion in my chest.  And being the person that I am, I shared it with Joe.  He is about a day behind me and is feeling so bad.  He went to the doctor yesterday who told him he just had to ride it out.  It is now 21 days that I have been sick.  I am so sick of being sick.  To top it off, my doctor had surgery yesterday and will be out of the office for about three weeks.  At least there is Urgent Care if I get worse.

To help me out with this cold, I have been drinking a lot of hot tea which seems to help a great deal.  For Christmas my sister Elaine gave us a really nice box of assorted teas.

It is by Taylors of Harrowgate and is used by the Prince of Wales.  Well, according to the box.  I can understand if he does use it, though.  This tea is wonderful.  Some people like coffee.  I love my tea.

It was so pretty when I opened the box.

There were 8 different teas, each in its own little cubby in the box.

And the box closes so nicely keeping everything fresh.

So far I have tried the Decaffeinated Breakfast Tea, the Earl Grey Tea, and the English Breakfast Tea.  All were excellent.  Joe has had the Organic Chamomile which he really liked.  What is good is that the ones I do not like, Joe does.  So the Green Tea with Jasmine, the Chamomile and the Organic Peppermint are all his.  I want to try the Lemon and Orange Tea and the Assam Tea this weekend.  In fact, I think I will have the Lemon and Orange for breakfast.

After Joe's doctor visit yesterday we stopped at Shoprite to pick up a few things we needed.  With this snow storm coming, I did not want to go out driving to the store for things.  I forgot eggs and bread but I was not going back through that mob to get them.  I can get them at 7-11 today.  We are both feeling so bad.  In fact, the facial tissues were on sale for 88 cents, so we each have our own box which we carry around with us for our poor noses.  We had even run out of tissues and were blowing our noses on paper towels.  Ouch!  These are much softer.

I am hoping that my next post I can say to you that I am feeling wonderful and am finally over all my illnesses.  I think my body is so run down that no matter what comes along, I just get it.  The only place I have been besides hospitals and doctors' offices for the past three weeks is Monday I was feeling good and went to the nursing home with Joe and Rick.  I stayed far away from the ladies and gentlemen that were there, so I hope I didn't pass on what I have.  I wasn't feeling sick then or I wouldn't have gone.  Joe says we will probably cancel this week because he is too sick to preach.

And I think we will both stay home from church this week.  I have never in my life missed three weeks of church in a row.  In fact, I can't remember when I missed three weeks of church in a year!  You know I am sick if I don't go.  My sister's church records their service and posts it on YouTube so we have been watching those when they go up on Tuesday.  But it's not the same as being there.

At least I am getting a lot of reading done.  I am reading "Anne of Green Gables."  Can you believe I have never read it?  And as I am reading, I wonder why I haven't read it before now.  It is so good.  Yesterday at the VA Hospital while I was waiting for Joe to have his appointment, I read 11 chapters.  Yes, we waited from 2:00 to 4:00 for the doctor to get around to seeing him.  He said he was running a little late.  Uh huh.

And now I think I will get something to eat and lay down again.  I look around and know I should clean the house and do the wash and I just can't.  The dirt will be there tomorrow.  And the day after that.  And the day after that.

Thanks for not giving up on me.  This is a rough time in my life but I have hope it will get better.  Really.