Thursday, December 13, 2012


Tomorrow we are having our new sofa delivered.  So that meant I spent this morning cleaning up the living room so that the old sofa could be moved out to the curb for trash pick up tomorrow and the new sofa could be moved in.  How do two people accumulate so much?  I couldn't believe how much we had.  I am definitely doing a downsizing in this new year.

At least the day at work went pretty quickly.  Everyone who came in was so pleasant.  I guess the Christmas spirit is taking a hold of people.

Because this was my late night Joe took me out to dinner so that I didn't have to cook.  We went to IHOP and had some good burgers.  And then we went home and I saw the house for the first time.

What a shock!  My nice clean house is now ripped up.  I have a lot of work in front of me putting it back together.  Walt and Carole came over to help Joe put out the sofa and the loveseat.  I thought only the sofa was going out, so I was surprised to see both pieces on the curb.  They had to move everything to make it easy for the old sofa to go out and the new sofa to come in.  The coffee table is in front of the piano and the umbrellas are on the recliner.  Oh!!!  But by this weekend everything will be looking wonderful again.  I just can't get discouraged (although I am somewhat right now).   I have to keep in mind how nice it's going to be for Christmas.  I did take before pictures and will be taking after pictures, so be looking for them.  The saga continues.

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  1. I tell my Husband all the time that I don't start projects because they always end up being even more work than I imagined!
    Good Luck getting it all back together friend. I can't wait to see pics!!


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