Saturday, May 31, 2014


I haven't been ignoring you, dear blog friends.  There just hasn't been anything going on except for cleaning the house and I KNOW that is not of interest to you.  You probably have your own houses that you are cleaning.  This has been a very quiet week which is just what I needed.

On a better note my daughter-in-law has gotten her test results back and her cancer is gone!  Thank the Lord!  And thank you for all your prayers on her behalf.  This is such good news.  She still has a ways to go to have a full recovery, but she is on the road now.

I am at the Fishtown Branch of the library today.  It is so slow.  I think I have waited on about four people the whole day.  But I am so tired that this is a good thing.

For your Friday View I thought I would show you my huge African violet.  I had lots of them when I first moved into this house 30+ years ago.  But they slowly died off.  This one and a pink one are all that I have now.  Unfortunately, after I took this picture I discovered that a colony of ants had made their home in this pot.  I had to remove the plant, get rid of the dirt, and spray everything.  Unfortunately, the plant did not fare well.  Most of the leaves turned brown and fell off.  I have just a few leaves and one flower left.  I am babying it to see if I can save it.

I am sorry I am so behind with my blog reading.  I mean REALLY behind.  I don't want you to think that I am not interested.  It is because I AM interested that I am trying to read everything you all wrote.  I will catch up very soon, though.


Monday, May 26, 2014


Today was a beautiful day.  So nice and sunny and HOT.  I just got up in time to make it to the Memorial Day parade.  I live just one block from the parade route.  I can (and have) watch it from my front windows since there is a parking lot across the street from me.  But today I went across the street to see it.  Most years I am in the sun and end up getting burned.  Today I was able to stand under the tree so it was rather pleasant.  As usual I took lots of pictures, so be prepared.

There were several vendors.  This guy was selling soft pretzels.  And they weren't cheap either!

The Marine Corps honor guard.

I love this truck.  It is in the parade every year.

Here is an ROTC group.

These are the flags at the Viet Nam Veterans headquarters.  The back of their building faces the front of my house.  The black flag is a Prisoner of War/Missing in Action flag.

This is the Aqua String Band.

The Bridesburg American Legion.

Miss Poppy, Betsy Ross and the Poppy Queen.

A confetti cannon went off and there was red, white and blue confetti everywhere.

These kids were good.

More of the Highland students.

And the Highland Hype.

I don't think I could twirl flags like they did, even if I were young again.

Another ROTC group.

A Brownie Girl Scout troop.

The Polish American String Band.

More Boy Scouts.

The Third Federal Bank mascot.

Still another ROTC group.

And another American Legion group.

I loved this old trolley.

The Hiberian Pipe and Drum Corps.

This was so unique.  Everyone kept saying, "Look at Santa!"

I always look forward to the Civil War Reenactors.

A salute to the Viet Nam Veterans.

The Civil War reenactors.

The Civil War guys saluting the Viet Nam Vets.  I thought this was really cool.

This is a Boy Scout troop that was founded in 1922 and they were wearing the uniform from that time.

Go Navy!

A hum-vee.

More Boy Scouts.

The Bridesburg Outboard Motor Club.

This group from Cinnaminson, New Jersey is there every year.  They are very good.

Pennsport String Band

The parade always ends with the fire department.

And the police.

This is the first year we have put bunting at our window.  We have to figure out a better way to do it next year.

I spent all afternoon cleaning the house and making food because we were having company this evening.  Carole, Walt, Carol and Donna came over.  We had hamburgers and hot dogs, pasta salad, potato salad, all kinds of fixings for the burgers and hot dogs and lots of iced tea and lemonade.  For dessert Carol brought a big dish of fruit and I had another cake for both Joe and Carol's birthdays.  We lit the candles, sang to them and then they blew them out.

It's been a fun day, but very tiring.  I think I have to go back to work tomorrow to rest up.

Monday's weather:
Partly cloudy
High:  89 degrees
Right now:  68 degrees
(A beautiful day)