Friday, August 31, 2012


Here it is the last day of August.  Where did the time go?  What happened to summer?  Why didn't I get to take lots of trips to the shore?  Where are my cookouts?  Summer, why are you leaving me so quickly?

Even though technically summer lasts until September 21st or so I always feel that August 31st is the end.  OK, call me strange, but that's me.  September is always a fall month to me.  So even though I really got married in the summer (9/16) I always say I had a fall wedding.

The only thing that helps me along with this time of year when the days start getting shorter and the air starts getting cooler is that I LOVE fall.  I  love the colors, the smells,  the tastes.  I feel invigorated.  I love tramping through fallen leaves.  I love pumpkins, apples, squash.  Well, the list could go on and on.

And so on that note I have decided to do a fall giveaway.  Look at what I have for you....

There is a cute wooden pumpkin, an apple cider candle, an autumn leaf potholder and a journal where you can write down your favorite recipes, make lists, journal, whatever your little heart desires.  All this by just commenting on this post and telling me you'd like to enter.  If you are the lucky winner, I will contact you for your address and send the prize off to you.  You have until midnight on Monday, so be sure to enter.  Tuesday morning I will randomly choose a winner.  Good luck!

In other news, I saw my oncologist yesterday and I am doing really well.  Blood looks good.  I will be getting off the cancer medicine in six weeks -- for good!  And I will be seeing him much less -- probably every six months instead of every three months.  Such good news!


  1. I want to enter to win!

  2. Summer went too fast. Mike and I have been camping this summer and it flew right by. Love you.

  3. Cute! Enter me. I love the summer much more than fall. But love the colors on the trees. Nice pictures.

  4. I ADORE the fall! The cooler air,the colors & putting on a jacket! I am NOT a summer person.
    I even like winter(except for the ice).The crisp air,snuggling & watching my dogs coping with walking on the new 'surface'! Ha ha!
    I got my Swiss Colony book yesterday.Is that rushing the holiday or what? I'm not ready!!

  5. I would ♥ to enter your giveaway! What cute things!

    I'm so excited for Fall. Here in Vegas it's still pretty HOT, so I can't wait for it to cool down a bit!

    Because I'm brand new to your blog, I didn't know you were sick. So I will try to read past blog posts about your health. It sounds like you're doing good though, so that's great. I wish for you wonderful health!

    Thanks for the nice comments on my blog! I'll definitely be back here to visit again!

  6. I had a great Summer and I sad to see it go. Fall is always well come. Love the colors!

  7. aaaaaahhhhh! Kathy, I totally missed your giveaway!! LOL! I haven't been reading anyone's blog for days!! Today I got on and saw your post that showed the winner to the giveaway and I'm like "what!! I missed it!". Oh well, that's ok! LOL! Sorry I haven't been around!! Very nice giveaway!


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