Saturday, August 11, 2012


Hello, friends.  I wasn't going to post anything because it really has been a nothing day again today.  But looking through my pictures I found this.  We have a new exhibit at work called "I'm Really Not a Hoarder -- Interesting Things Found in My Attic".  My boss has brought in some things he has had laying around and put them in our display case.  I even loaned him a pin I had for "Ross Perot for President".  Remember him?  So anyway, I figured I'd show you a couple of pictures now and in the next few weeks so you can share it.  I think you will find it very interesting and maybe you can remember some of the things.

These signs were all over the place when I was growing up in the 1950s.  Remember how they made us have fallout drills in school?  The things they had us do would never have saved us from a bomb.

I got a lot of reflection from the glass in this picture, but hope you can see this old camera.  It's amazing just how far cameras have come over the years.

If you grew up in Philly, you knew Steve Carlton.  He was the hero of many Phillies fans.  And how cool to have a Steve Carlton bobble-head doll.
 Hope you enjoyed these.  Like I said much more to come.  And Jerry keeps adding to it all the time so there's a lot more stuff to show.

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