Sunday, August 5, 2012


I slept really good last night at my sister's house.  I slept so good that I woke up later than I expected to.  That was nice.

We had muffins for breakfast -- blueberry for me and chocolate chip for Elaine.  So good.  They were BIG muffins.

Elaine had heard that the Elks Lodge was having a Farmer's Market so we decided to head over there and see what they had.

We were pleasantly surprised.  There was a real farmer there and the produce was so fresh and good looking!  I got potatoes, shallots, garlic, zucchini and green beans.  I had the potatoes and green beans for dinner and they were good!!

We then went over to Barnes and Noble.  I was just going to look around, but I found a cookbook I had to have.  It is all Amish and Mennonite recipes -- the kind of food I grew up eating.  I am going to be using this book a lot!

We also went back to Cracker Barrel.  Joe and I saw a lamp awhile back that we both loved.  I saw it again last night.  We talked it over and decided that we would give it to each other for our anniversary.  By splitting the cost it wasn't too much for either of us.  I know, folks, I will be getting pictures of everything for you, just not tonight.

People tend to think of New Jersey as being flat and sandy.  But where Elaine lives is in the hills on the side of a lake with lots of trees.  I took these pictures to show New Jersey isn't all beaches.

When we got home we went out in her yard for awhile.  Her plants are beautiful.
Rose of Sharon
Another Rose of Sharon

And still another
 Her dog, Cody, is so cute and such a good boy.

 It was so nice just sitting out and talking.  It's so peaceful at Elaine's house.  Just what I needed this week.

Unfortunately after we had lunch I had to leave for home.  It's back to real life for me.  But what a great week off I had.

On the way home a sensor light on the dashboard went on telling me I had a flat tire.  I was really upset.  I pulled into a parking lot to check on it.  I couldn't see anything wrong with any of them.  But while I was there I heard a noise and looked up and saw a blimp advertising some insurance company.  Fortunately I was able to get a shot of it.

I was able to get to a gas station where the guy there checked the tires and there was nothing wrong.  He thinks there is something wrong with the sensor.  But after he checked things the light went off and I drove the whole way home with no more problems.  Go figure.

As I said, back to reality tomorrow.  Church and getting things ready to go to work on Monday.  It was fun while it lasted.


  1. Cathy did you notice the ghost figure in your ist pic? It's probly a reflection but scary. The idiot light means time to rotate the tires. I had that happen to me so that's how I know. Glad you got home OK.

  2. That's just my reflection because I took the picture through the window of Elaine's car. Not scary. I know what I was wearing. LOL.

    There is a different light to rotate the tires. It was because one of my tires was a little low. I'll put air in it today.

  3. It sounds like the day was a perfect ending to your vacation.
    While I haven't been to Elaine's,I
    know places where I have felt just that kind of peace.Sometimes it's important to just be still....

  4. I'm so glad you enjoyed your week off and got some R&R in. You so deserved it! I can't wait tos see pics of all your goodies. Oh and when you make yummy recipes from that cookbook, don't forget to post them!!!

    Glad you found me on Facebook!!!


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