Thursday, August 9, 2012


Those of you old enough know where the title came from.  And, in fact, that's exactly what it was -- just another day.  Nothing special.

I overslept this morning and was a few minutes late for work.  It was my late day where I went in at 11:30.  I woke up 11:15.  Yikes!  Fortunately I had been up earlier and eaten breakfast.  Otherwise I would have been in BIG trouble.

A boring day.  Nothing special.  The highlight was when this woman said Sheila and Diane had yelled at her because she kept walking into the staff areas.  Didn't we know who she was?  Her son volunteered with us and she should have privileges.  Yeah.  Right.  By the way, neither of them yelled at her.

I went to Rite Aid tonight to get something to eat since I didn't have time to pack anything this morning.  While I was there I saw this pretty dish towel with apples and pears on it.  My kitchen is all apples, so I decided to get it.  It was only $1 so I splurged.

One more day and it's the weekend.  I can't wait.  I'm so looking forward to this weekend because I am heading for Lancaster on Saturday.  Of course I have to work on Sunday, but I'm having a good time at least part of the weekend.

I'm tired and I'm heading for bed so I'll say goodnight.  Have a good one, folks.

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