Tuesday, August 21, 2012


What a difference a day makes.  I am not 100% but much, much better than yesterday.  A bowl of chicken soup and a good night's sleep does wonders.

Today was another wild day at work.  We usually do around 8 new cards a day.  Today we have done 35.  Yes, 35!  Lots of people.  Lots of problems.  Lots of work.  Job security, folks.

I was in a sort of grouchy mood when I got to work.  Ever have one of those days?  I was grumbling at everyone.  But as the day wore on I felt better.  I just keep thinking of all the good stuff coming up for me.

Joe and I think we have finally decided what to do for our anniversary this year.  Last year we spent so much money going to Williamsburg that this year is going to be very low key. We are going to save up some money for the next couple of years and then take a big trip again.  We want to go to either Canada, Charleston, or Mystic and any of the three is going to cost us.  So a couple of years not doing much will make the next trip all that more enjoyable.  What are we doing for our anniversary?  Well, I'm not going to jinx it and tell you.  But it does involve a nice dinner.

I ran home at dinner time and on the way back I passed Campbell Park.  It's 3 acres in the middle of Port Richmond and really pretty.  There were a lot of people out.  Some were sitting on benches reading.  Some were at the picnic tables eating.  Kids were riding their bikes and roller skating.  It was such a nice scene.  I wish I could have pulled over and taken a picture of it.  I considered doing just that, but I was in heavy traffic and I was afraid I would be late getting back if I did.  I've been looking for a picture on Google that would show something like what I saw, but I haven't been successful.  You will just have to imagine it.

Joe bought me dinner tonight.  He had a California Wrap and I had a Gyro.  Yum!  I didn't complain (much) about not cooking.

I've got to get off of here and get some things done before bedtime.  Early day at work tomorrow.  I can only hope things calm down sometime this week.


  1. Wow!That is a lot of cards! I love looking at parks like that. If it were a little closer,I'd walk Crystal there & sit awhile...
    Hope things work out better the rest of the week.
    For Crusade: 1 Kings 18:37

  2. Yum, a gyro for dinner! I absolutely love gyros...and also that you didn't have to cook..well that is a double bonus! The park scene you described sounded lovely...I could totally imagine it in my head. These days with the weather so nice and no humidity...great days for the park! Well, I hope whatever you planned for your anniversary turns out great!


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