Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I didn't want you to think I fell off of the face of the earth.  It's just been a not-so-good week.  But I'm still here and still fighting on.

On Sunday Joe made it to church for the first time in 5 weeks.  It was his turn to lead the prayer and read the scripture.  He had a hard time getting to the front of the church.  His hands were shaking pretty hard and he lost his place several times.  I felt bad for him and proud of him at the same time.  He's a real trooper.  I can't wait till he sees this new neurologist on August 29.

I had to work overtime on Sunday afternoon.  It turned out to be a pretty easy day and I can sure use the extra money.  Bills, bills and more bills keep arriving in my mailbox.  Can anyone else relate to that?

My right leg and lower back are bothering me a great deal.  I'm having a lot of pain and finding it hard to stand and walk.  But I'm heading to work every day and finding ways to work around it.  I see the doctor on Thursday morning for a follow-up on my heart condition which seems to be under control for now.  I guess my leg is the next thing to tackle.  This new doctor is going to be sick of seeing me.

Yesterday when I came into work my staff came to greet me with the news that the safe was broken.  It was open, but couldn't be closed.  We called Buildings and they sent a couple of guys out, but they couldn't fix it.  We need a key to get into a part of the lock to reset it.  We don't know where the key is.  Sheila and I searched the whole building.  No luck.  Jerry was on vacation.  I have an emergency number for him, called it and left a message, but he never called back.  So we don't know if he has the key with him or has put it somewhere, or if it is just lost.  Fortunately we have another place to lock up the money, but it looks like we are going to need a new safe.  This should be fun.

So, folks, that has been my week so far.  I'm almost afraid to see what today is going to bring.


  1. Hi Kathy! I s0rry to hear your hubby is not feeling so well. I will include you two in my prayers tonight. When you mentioned the safe at your work, for a second there I thought it had been broken into..and i was like "what!!!!" But anyhow, probably nowhere near as exciting as that...LOL! Not that that would be a good excitement...just that it would be crazy. Anyhow, hope Joe does well with his new doc, and hope your leg and back pain cease soon!

  2. Hope your day was brighter today friend. I'm so sorry it's been a rough week so far. I know Joe's sickness has to emotionally take a real toll on you. You should be very proud of him. He sounds like a wonderful man and husband! Hopefully you will get your pain under control soon too. Working in pain has got to be so tough. Sending all my love and prayers your way friend!

  3. Bet the rest of the week will be wonderful! All the bad stuff has already happened!

    If you and Joe BOTH felt good at the saem time - Look OUT world!

  4. I agree with Linda. The only place to go is up! I will continue to pray for you both.Here's hoping
    each doctor can get to the root of what the problem is.

  5. Sounds like you need a pick-me-up.
    I pray that God will bless you and Joe this week.
    We all shouldn't take our health for granted.
    Thanks for letting us know what to pray for.


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