Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Here is where we stayed while in Lancaster.

It is a small family run business.  Everyone here is really nice and treats you like family.  They have a great little breakfast area with good food.  We both had eggs, bacon, sausage and toast.  Very good.

There is a little patio in front of each room with Adirondack chairs.  It's really nice to sit out there and enjoy the fresh air.

We had the end unit and next to the door was a butterfly bush.  It was filled with butterflies.  I was able to get several pictures of them.

After breakfast we checked out of the motel and went to Rockvale Mall.  We stopped in the Lenox outlet, Christmas Tree Hill and The Book Cellar.  I bought a few things and even some Christmas gifts which I am going to put away and hope I remember where they are in December.

We left the Mall and went to Sight and Sound Theater to see the show "Jonah".  Sight and Sound is a beautiful building.

It has a large statue of a lion and lamb in front.  A lot of people have their picture taken in front of it.  Usually it is so crowded you can't get a picture of it.  Today I was lucky.

The building has all these fountains on it too.  So beautiful.

The show was so wonderful!  The special effects were unbelievable.  I can't even describe how great it was.  It is so good that I have decided to take Joe to see it for our anniversaary.

After the show was over we went next door to Hershey Farm for dinner.  We splurged and got the smorgasbord.  So good!  

When we were finished eating we went shopping in their stores.  I got a pint of tomatoes for $1.  I've already eaten two of them and they are so good.  They were just picked a day or two ago so you know they are fresh.

Hershey has a couple of hiking trails, so before we left we walked the medium trail.  It's about 3/4 of a mile.  First we stopped to see the baby farm animals.  A rooster, goats and chickens.

There is a beautiful pond on the farm.

By the lake was a family with a little boy feeding bread to some geese.  The geese were actually coming up onto the land and going after him to get more bread.  Elaine went right up into the flock to try to get some pictures.

Every year Elaine and I get our pictures taken on a bench by the waterfall.  This year they moved the bench and you really can't see the falls.  But we got our pictures taken anyway.

The grounds of Hershey Farm are so beautiful.

Before we left I had to get my picture taken with Famous Amos.  He's a famous figure in Lancaster County.

So then it was time to head for home.  I love Lancaster County so much that it is always hard to return to the "big city".    When we got home our friends Walt and Carole had come over with pizza for Joe and them for dinner.  That was nice.  

Elaine has now left to spend some time with her friend, Donna.  Tomorrow is a big wash laundry, clean the house day.  Another day has gone.  Good night!


  1. What an absolutely awesome day. I really enjoyed all the photos. That farm looks beautiful! Glad to see lots of pics of you too :)

  2. That's where Rich and I stayed. It's clean ad friendly. The people who own it do a great job. It's also inexpencive. I recomend it.


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