Monday, August 27, 2012


Today I finished up all the reports I had to submit for Harvest America and I feel as if a weight has been taken off of my shoulders.  What a relief that it is all over and the follow up letters have been sent out.  The only thing I have left to do is have one of my phone committee call the two adults who came forward and talk with them sometime in the next two weeks.

I woke up late this morning.  I wonder why.  I was a little late for work.  But everything worked out.

I was feeling pretty good and it wasn't busy when we first opened so I got most of my shelving done and was able to straighten up three bookcases before my back and legs gave out.  That's the most I've been able to do in a couple of weeks.  Of course the two hours I was on the front desk were very busy and I didn't get to sit down at all.  The pain has been pretty bad ever since.

I forgot to take anything out of the freezer for dinner.  So while trying to figure out what to do I came across an unused gift card for Boston Market.  Our friends Walt and Carole had given it to us last Christmas.  So Joe said that was where we were going.  Thank you Walt and Carole for our free dinner tonight.  It was good.

I haven't been feeling good tonight, though.  I fell asleep while watching TV and Joe has gone to bed without me.  I am very tired so I think I am going to join him.  Good night.


  1. A gift from friends that God's timing turned into a blessing! WOW!!
    I am sorry you are sore.Falls take awhile to heal.May the Lord cushion the rest of yoiur week.

  2. Boston Market is yummy! Glad you came across your gift card. Sorry to hear you are still in pain. That is rough to try to work while dealing with pain.


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