Friday, August 3, 2012


Today was not at all as I expected.  I was going to get up early and get on my way to my sister’s house.  I got up early, but things at home did not go well.  I hadn’t done all I wanted to yesterday because I was so tired I slept most of the afternoon.  So there was lots to do before I left.  On top of it, Joe got sick all over the bathroom and I had to clean it up.  Poor guy.  He insisted I go, so I did.  At least when I talked to him tonight he was much better and had even gone out to dinner with friends of ours.

I got such a late start that I didn't get up here to northern New Jersey until early afternoon.  We left right away to go to the New Jersey State Fair.

Every year I take a picture of the fair as we approach it.  At least this year it was sunny and warm.  Not at all like last year.   This was the first day of the fair and we found that it wasn't all up and running.  Some of the crafters hadn't shown up and some of the commercial vendors were missing also.  But there was plenty  to see and do and eat.

We got to see the equestrian trials this year.  Last year the rain kept us from getting there and, I imagine, them from racing.

 Here's a picture of the ferris wheel.  It's what you see first when approaching the fair.

We went into the commercial tent first.  We always get good buys there.

But this year everything was so expensive.  And people were just not buying.  There were several things I absolutely loved, but I don't have $75 to spend on a carved box (even though it was gorgeous beyond belief) or $50 on a necklace.  I have bills to pay.

I did, however, buy a carved wooden picture frame for Joe for Christmas.  It has his name carved in it and I will find a picture to put in and surprise him.  I also got a bar of bug bite soap.  It's supposed to remove the itch and sting of bug bites within 1 minute.  It wasn't expensive and worth a try.  Elaine and I both got a wooden cross with the life of Christ carved into it.  The bottom shows His birth, the middle the crucifixion and the top the accension into heaven.  Beautiful!  I will try to post a picture of it when I get home.

We looked at the 4-H exhibits.  What talented young people they were.  I wish I had half the talent some of these kids have.  They can sew, grow plants, draw, you name it.

Next we went to the Richards Building where they have the art exhibit and the quilts.  Of course you can't take pictures of the art, but it was unbelievable.  Oh my!  How good these artists were.  There was all kinds of medium used -- water color, acryllic, oils, pencil, charcoal.  All beautiful.  I would pick a favorite, turn a corner and have a new favorite.  There was photography too which was so beautiful.  Same thing, you couldn't choose just one picture to like.

The quilts I did, however, take some pictures of.

And look at this quilt made out of old handkerchiefs.  How clever!

And look what someone did with old buttons.

There was also an exhibit on antique means of communication.  So sad that Elaine and I knew what they all were and had used most of them.  I guess we're antiques!

The last place we went to was the craft tent.  Here's a picture of me outside of it.

I usually buy a lot in there, but there really wasn't much I was interested in.  I did get three soy candles.  The scents were fantastic.  I got a lemon curd for Elaine and hot apple pie and rainforest for myself.

It was very hot.  I mean HOT!  I wanted to get a lemonade and Elaine treated me.  I thought the stand was really cute.

We left the fair around 5:30 p.m. and went to this place for dinner.  Recognize it?

Yes, it's Cracker Barrel.  It was so hot outside and so FREEZING inside.  We got hot tea to try to warm up.  Elaine had trout which she is still raving about.  I had a grilled pork chop.  We looked around the store a bit and I got Joe some diet Stewart's Root Beer, his favorite soda.

Then it was home to watch some TV and just relax.  The day began not so good, but ended up just fine.


  1. I love State Fairs, especially the booths and animals.
    You will always find me lingering at the quilts.
    Happy that your day ended well.

  2. I won't get there this year because of the car. I'm glad you had a good time. Hope Joe is feeling better. You should post the Quilts on F B.

  3. Sure hope Joe is feeling better! Glad your day got better and you had a good time at the fair. I love fairs! Can't wait to see pics of what you bought. I had to LOL at your "being antique comment". That is too funny. Do you know my daughter has never used a payphone. Isn't that insane!!! Oh and btw- you looked so pretty in that pic :)


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