Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday--Psalm 91

Again, a message meant just for me.  God has been using this series in the Psalms to stretch and grow me in ways I could never imagine.


We have a lot of fears.  That's how we live our life.  It's our world view.  We see only what is happening around us.  But our focus is to be on God, not on what is going on around us.  Our faith is not in someone who is weak or facetious, but in a personal, all-powerful God.  God delivers those who trust in Him and we don't need to be afraid.

1.  God delivers us from sin and addictions.  We have sins so deep that we can't get rid of them.  But God can.  We need to chop off the things that hurt us and run to God.  He will deliver us.  Don't go through it alone.  God will deliver us from any spiritual traps that Satan sets for us.  Sin and addiction are all intertwined.  We can't get rid of just one and think they are all gone.  We try to compartmentalize our lives.  But we are more complex than we realize.

2.  God delivers us from fear.  The psalm writer is using extreme illustrations.  God is in control.  We can put our complete trust in Him.  Fear is practical atheism.  If we fear, we doubt God's sovereignty and control.  If we believe God is not in control over everything, then we are doubting God and that's atheism.  Because God is God, we don't have to fear anything.  If God is God, there is no fear.

3.  God delivers us from evil and danger.  How can a loving God allow evil to happen?  How can we trust Him?  God is in control.  What He wants to happen will happen.  Angels are encamped around us to protect us.  God will give us victory.  Evil will not befall God's followers.

God does not promise us a world without trouble, but to be with us in our trouble.  Deliver means to snatch us away.  But in verse 14 deliverance means to equip or strengthen.  We may go through troubles, but there will always be deliverance.  It may just not be on our timetable.

Run to God for refuge and protection.  He will be there to deliver us.  There will always be deliverance.  God's will is perfect.  Nothing bad happens to us without His permission.  It happens to strengthen us.

At the end of our days we will be satisfied with how God has protected and delivered us.  God can be completely trusted because He is in complete control.

8 days to surgery


  1. Fear is practical atheism.

    I like that! Your pastor speaks in terms that make us take notice and listen.

  2. He does. And this is our assistant pastor, Justin. He has been preaching for less than a year, just received his ministrial license. I think he will be ordained sometime in 2011.


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