Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Stress Test

So today was the day for my stress test.  I filled out the paperwork and then the nurse took me back, put in an IV and gave me some medicine that would show the heart.  Then she took me in a room and a camera went around my body and took pictures of the blood flow.

The hardest part was when they gave me the drug to simulate exercise.  That was hard to take.  I got a headache, my neck and jaw hurt, my legs felt like they had lead weights on them and my chest was heavy.  The physician's assistant said this was all normal.  When he gave me the drug to reverse the effects, it worked in about 45 seconds.  Amazing.

Then I got another drug and had to wait an hour for it to work.  I was taken to another room for more pictures and then I could go.

I left, got down the hall, and realized I forgot the note for work.  I told you I always forget it, so I had to go back.  I also hadn't paid my co-pay and they were amazed that I came back to give them money.  But isn't that what I'm supposed to do?

During the test they made me drink cold water.  I told the nurse that I would get sick on anything cold, but I had to anyway.  Now I am having massive stomach pain.  I am supposed to go to work, but don't think I can.
Well, anyway, glad that is over.  The next thing is the surgery.

6 days to surgery and 2 days to Thanksgiving


  1. I am glad that the stress test is over and now on with the surgery.

    WEll, first, we have to meet and celebrate!

    Happy Thanksgiving, and hope you can stay well through it all.

  2. Thanks, Cherdecor. Happy Thanksgiving to you too. I am so looking forward to meeting you Saturday.


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