Friday, November 19, 2010

Pre-Op Testing

Joe didn't feel well, but he went with me to the hospital.  What a guy!  He always tries to be with me if he can.  We left early because I had to drop some things off at the surgeon's office too.  It was terrible traffic, so it was good we started early.  My appointment was for 1:30 p.m. and we got there at 1:00 p.m.  While we were sitting there waiting for me to get called to sign in, Joe said he would run the errands for me and left.  Of course, as soon as he left I was called in.

So I had to answer all these questions for the lady checking me in.  When she asked me what religion I was I said "Bible Fellowship."  She looked at me strangely and said, "Is that Christian?"  I assured her it was.  She said it was not one of her options on the computer.  I could be Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddist, Atheist, Catholic, Baptist or Christian.  I guess Catholics and Baptists don't count as Christians.  Ha, ha!

Then I had to go to another part of the room and I waited and waited.  I prayed that Joe would come back before I got called in, and he did.  Thank you, Lord!  And then we waited and waited.  I told Joe that most of the 3 hours they told us it would take was spent waiting.

I was called into the back and Joe was able to come with me.  The tech told me someone would be right with me and we waited some more.  Then a lady came in and said she needed to do an EKG.  She asked when I had my last one and I said it had been Monday.  So she tried to call Dr. Miller's office but it was closed until Monday, so she took another one.  This one showed my heart murmur while the one in Dr. Miller's office didn't.  So God had me take the second one to show that murmur to them.

Then a nurse practictioner came in to take my medical history and do a physical exam.  That must have taken at least 1 1/2 hours.  It was very intense.

After that we waited some more and finally a nurse came in and took 4 vials of blood.  Then  we were sent to a building across the street and I had to get a chest x-ray.  I was given a locker to put my clothes into, but there was no lock and the lady there told me to not leave anything valuable in it.  So Joe had to "purse sit".  And a very good job he did, too.  The x-ray was really quick.  I think because by that time it was after 5:30 and everyone wanted to go home.

The traffic going home was even worse than that going down there.  I had forgotten how bad rush hour traffic is in center city.

I had had only an egg for breakfast and Joe hadn't eaten at all.  We were driving through Chinatown and both of us felt like having Chinese food.  I don't see any connection there, do you?  So I suggested going to the Chinese Buffet near home.  That way he could have as much as he wanted and I could eat just a little bit.  The food was very good, the iced tea was incredible and I couldn't eat more than a mouthful.  Joe said I ate more than usual.  I didn't eat very much and still over ate.  I had one dumpling, 2 forkfuls of fried rice, and about a tablespoon of lo mein.  I left almost all of the iced tea.  I had a spring roll on my plate, so I wrapped it up and stuffed it in my purse for later.  I was in terrible pain for about 2 1/2 hours.  At least I'm feeling much better now.

We also stopped in the Sprint store and Joe hooked us up with wireless internet.  So now we will get rid of Verizon and all the problems we have been having with them.  And we won't have the wires running across the living room because we don't have outlets in the right places.  It will be so nice.  I can also take it in the kitchen for recipes when I'm cooking and can take it upstairs if I'm not feeling well enough to get up.  It will be so great having this.

So thank you everyone for all your prayers.  The day of surgery is coming closer and hopefully by this time in two weeks I will be able to eat and not hurt.  I will be able to eat more than 2 tablespoons at a time too.

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