Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our 4th Anniversary

On September 16th Joe and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary.  We went to Ocean City, NJ for a few days.  It was absolutely wonderful!  Here are a few pictures from it.

I was trying to take a picture of us when we first got there.  A lady came along the boardwalk and offered to take it for us.  That was so nice!

My favorite of my pictures of the shore.

Took several shots of this also.  This animated pirate ship was on top of a building with all kinds of games in it.

Joe on the beach.

Me on the beach.

My gift to Joe.  Aww!

The courtyard at the hotel.  There were tables in there where you could order at the restaurant and eat outside.

I so love being at the shore.
More summer pictures later.

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  1. Your ocean pictures are beautiful!
    Our son and his family live in VA Beach so they go there to the beach a lot. Alan and I are not water people. We have a jacuzzi in our house and we have NEVER used it. Isn't that funny? When we moved in, we filled it up to make sure that it worked, then drained it and never got in. We don't sit around much for pleasure.
    I guess you could call us workaholics.

    We are praying for you and will be praying for you tomorrow during your surgery.

    We drove by Cracker Barrel yesterday and thought of you. It was a beautiful day in Lancaster County and you would have enjoyed it. So sorry for the loss of someone that you knew. Being there for friends is important.

    Thinking of you, dear friend.


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