Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hospital daze

Kathy has, by God's graciousness Made it through the surgery just fine. The spots on her liver are benign cyst. Yesterday, she was in some pain and quite nauseated.Today she had a fever of 100 for a little bit,severe pain,however her upper GI test came back OK and she began a liquid diet this evening.Please pray with me that God will continue to strengthen her in spirit as well as her body. I am sorry I did not get this out last Night,but my father was hospitalized at 10AM At Aria Torresdale with breathing and heart trouble.Please pray for him             Joe Specht


  1. Thank you for posting, Joe. Praise the Lord that Kathy came through it all and with good reports.

    We will also pray for your father. Along with your own health issues, you certainly have your plate full.

  2. Good Morning Joe. How many days will Kathy be in the hospital? I hope she is progressing right along and doing better every day.

    How is your father?


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