Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cleaning Day

Being sick for 5 months I have let the house really go.  It is hard to clean with intense pain, vomiting and severe fatigue.  Today I decided I had to really push myself to clean up.  Fortunately my good friend, Carole, and her husband, Walt, were able to come and help me.  Unfortunately, it now looks worse than before except for a small corner.  But I did get a lot accomplished.

I had my clothes dryer in the kitchen and the washer in the basement.  They are both in the basement now.  The air conditiioner from the living room is also in the basement.  The glass case I had in the living room holding VHS tapes and DVDs is now in the kitchen holding cookbooks and appliances.  It looks very nice.  In its place is a small electric stove my sister, Elaine, gave us last Christmas.  It has a light that looks like a fire and is very nice.  Very relaxing.  It is much smaller than the glass case which was there and so has given the living room a lot more space.  This is a good thing since the room is so small.

With moving things around, now other things are out of place.  I am going to continue working on it tomorrow for as long as I can.  I may not get everything done, but at least I am making strides in the right direction.

Joe was sick all day today.  Around dinner time he was feeling better and wanted to go to Boston Market.  I have been doing really good with my eating, so said OK.  The food was really good and I, of course, overdid it and have been sick for several hours.  Feeling OK now, but for awhile it was rough.  According to what I have read about my surgery, I will have immediate relief from this afterwards.  So even though I am NOT looking forward to Monday, by Tuesday I will be able to eat without getting sick and I am looking forward to that!

2 days to surgery

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  1. It really makes a person feel good to get the house cleaned up and orderly. When my house is a mess, I am a mess! I am glad that you have gotten a lot done before your surgery.


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