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About the Book:
When worlds collide can the truth set two young women free?
     As a child caught up in a crisis, Lainey O'Toole made a split-second decision with far-reaching effects.  Fifteen years later, when her car breaks down in Stoney Ridge -- the very town in which that decision was made -- she is forced to face the past and discover how her decision has impacted so many.
     Bess Reihl is less than thrilled to be spending the summer at Rose Hill Farm helping her intimidating grandmother Bertha recover from surgery.  It doesn't take long for Bess to realize that her grandmother coaxed her to Stoney Ridge for an entirely different reason.  But once Bess meets hired hand Billy Lapp, the summer starts to hold some promise.
     Lainey and Bess's worlds are about to collide, and the secrets that come to light will shock them both.
     Beautifully written, The Search is a skillfully woven story that takes you through unexpected twists and turns on the long country road toward truth.  Immerse yourself in this heartwarming -- and surprising-- tale of young love, forgiveness, and healing.

My thoughts:
     I love Lancaster County.  After being out there so much I have gained a great appreciation for the Amish community.  They are a peace-loving, hard-working people.  We have much to learn from them.
     And so I am also fond of Amish fiction.  It is a fast-growing genre among authors today.
     Suzanne Woods Fisher is a new author to me.  This book was suggested by my friend and I am so glad she did.  It is a fast read.  The story is true to the characters (they are fleshed out beautifully) and is completely believable.  Although the story has some twists and turns, it is the surprise ending that will have me going back to read the rest of the Lancaster County Secrets series.

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  1. Oh, now you've got me intrigued! I will keep this on my list of "to read"!


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