Monday, September 5, 2011


It sure was nice to have a Monday off even though I know that tomorrow is going to be over-the-top busy at work. 

Anyway, I promised before and after pictures of my hair.

I took off about 5 inches.  It feels so much better.  It is so hot at work.  I felt as if I were wearing a fur scarf every day and ended up keeping it in a ponytail.  I love long hair, but I got to the point where I just couldn't stand it anymore.  

I have been very tired and when I put the dye on I sat down to watch TV while I waited for the time to be up.  Unfortunately, I fell asleep.  I woke up when it had been on 45 minutes instead of 25.  Woops!!  It is a little darker and redder than I expected, but it doesn't look bad.  Thank goodness!  I was afraid it was going to be green or purple or something when I washed it out. 

When I fall asleep, I'm awake one second and in a sound sleep the next.  Ask my family, they will all tell you.  I can be in the middle of a sentence and the next second I am snoring.  OK.  I admit I snore.  There is no in between drowsy period, just bam there I am asleep.  I guess I'm strange.

I did a load of wash this morning.  Joe and I were sure he had fixed our broken clothes dryer, but when I used it, it smelled like it was burning and the rubber around the door was red hot.  OK.  Unplug that and hang the clothes on the line.  At least it was a nice day and they dried quickly.  We are going to have to get a new dryer.
We had our friends Walt and Carole over for dinner.  I made my famous potato salad and some peach squares I just got the recipe for.  Forgot to take a picture of them.  They turned out really good.

I finally got to use the grill.  I made some hamburgers.  They were good.

We always have a good time with Walt and Carole.  

Well back to work tomorrow.  I'd better get to bed.


  1. The sleep thing has been happening to me as well. I will be wide awake reading or watching tv, then pow! a snore & I wake myself up.Yes, I also snore. Trouble is, if I go up to bed, I lay wide awake! Go figure.....
    Your hair looks ok, though pics make it look a little redder. I'm hoping to get my hair trimmed this weekend. I agree with you that I love long hair (mine was once to my waist!); but now anything past my shoulders drives me nuts! I can't wait for my trim!!!

  2. Nice new perky hair style!
    I like the color. Next time, when you are doing your hair, take a nap because it turned out great!

  3. Your hair looks cute! I'll bet it feels so good to get that off your neck! I know the feeling. Mine is getting pretty long. I'm glad the color turned out well for you...I would have been so scared waking up and realizing I slept through the time that I was supposed to rinse!!! Aaaaaa! whew!

  4. Love the hair do! Nothing like a hair cut to lift one's spirits! Great pics of some really good looking burgers!!

  5. I used to wear my hair long too, but as I got older long hair became more difficult to work with. I have really short hair now; Pixie cut - but I swear, if we lived in the backwoods with nothing but animals to spend time with I'd probably buzz cut it like I do hubby's! LOL


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