Sunday, September 25, 2011


Today was a very interesting day at church.  It was Pastor Wayne's last Sunday.  He is officially retired and as of right now on his way to his new home in Washington state.  Pastor Justin was installed/ordained as our new pastor.

All the ladies were given a red rose when we entered the building.

Pastor Wayne gave the welcome, call to worship, and led us in two hymns.

John Vandegriff from Pinebrook Bible Conference gave the invocation.  Then Ron Hoyle from the Bible Fellowship Church Historical Society gave some greetings, telling us some of the history of the church and read a letter of greeting from Pastor Prontnicki of the Maple Glen Bible Fellowship Church which is our mother church.

We sang another hymn which happened to be one of my favorites, "Be Thou My Vision."  Then Pastor Wayne read the scripture and gave his last message from Hebrews 13:1-9.

Next the Bible Fellowship Church Conference Chaplain, Ronald Mahurin gave a charge to the congregation.  We agreed that we chose Pastor Justin to be our Lead Pastor and to support him.

Then there was the Charge to the Elders and Deacons by Pastor Mark Bickel of the Grace Bible Fellowship Church who was the Representative of the Bible Fellowship Church Philadelphia Region.

Deacon Sydney, Elder Joe, Deacon Patrick

Elder Shawn, Elder Bud, Deacon Richard

Deacon Ed, Pastor Mark, Deacon Sydney
Then there was the Charge to the Pastor Elect by Keith Plows, a former pastor at our church, Wissinoming Bible Fellowship.  He was supposed to say a few words, but ended up giving a second short message on 2 Corinthians.  No one minded because he was very good.

Pastor Wayne, Pastor Keith Plows, Pastor Justin
The Prayer of Consecration was next.  The Bible Fellowship Church Executive Director David T. Allen asked Pastor Justin to kneel and had all the Elders, Deacons, Pastors and Bible Fellowship Representatives to come to the front and lay hands on him as Pastor Allen prayed.

Following this Pastor Justin said a few words.

We closed with a hymn and the Biblical Benediction by Dana E. Weller, Director of the Bible Fellowship Church Board of Mission.  

A beautiful service and very moving.

Here's Joe and me after the service was over.  I got my friend Sarah to take it.

Following the service, we had a luncheon in the Fellowship Hall.  Pastor Wayne and his wife Phyllis gave it to the church as a good bye gift and a welcome to Pastor Justin and his wife Cherie.  There was ham with pineapple, sausage and peppers, roast beef, potatoes and Caesar salad.  Everything was so good.  For dessert was this beautiful cake.  The upper layer was chocolate and the bottom was yellow.  It was so delicious.  So much was left I was given two pieces to bring home.

Here's Joe.

Tom and Bud seemed fascinated with their phones.  I think they were showing each other their pictures.

Dottie and Margie

Karen and Tom

This is Kate, one of the new twins.

Juliette, the twins' mom, and Connor their big brother.

Natalie wasn't as happy as Kate was.

Pastor Wayne with Pastor Justin's family.

This is our friends Karen and Bud.  You read about them often here because we go out to lunch with them a lot.  Bud is a member of the band Boris Garcia.  If you ever get a chance to hear their music, do.  It's really very good.

Pastor Justin and his wife Cherie.  Also good friends of ours.

Tom and Lynn, Pastor Justin's parents and his sister, Allison.
Caity and Richard, Cherie's parents.  Richard is a deacon in our church and the new leader of the Wednesday night Bible study.

I am very sad to see Pastor Wayne and Phyllis leave.  They have been there for 31 years and really he is the only Pastor of WBFC I have known.  But I am excited to see where God will take our church under the leadership of Pastor Justin.


  1. That's a realy good oicture of you and Joe

  2. Sounds like you and your congregation had a really special day...and that is such an awesome feeling. When you said the new pastor's name was Justin...I knew he would be young before I even saw the photo of him. Prayerfully he will be retiring from your church after serving 31 years just like Pastor Wayne.

  3. Looks like a great service & great fellowship. Hope the new pastor brings many blessings to your church.


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