Thursday, September 8, 2011


Diane was late coming in today, so we had a substitute sent over from the McPherson Square Branch.  Her name is Jackie.  She's very nice and very pregnant.  (She's having a girl.)  It's always nice meeting new co-workers.

Another busy day, but fortunately not as busy as yesterday.  But being on the desk every other hour did not help to get things done.  A better day is coming tomorrow I'm sure.

For those of you interested in ghosts and the paranormal, my brother Larry just began a blog about that stuff.  It's not at all scary, just his insights into those things.  I think it's interesting.  You can see his site on my list of favorite blogs under "My Paranormal Experience".

Well, I promised you pictures of pansies and here they are.  I bought three flats of assorted pansies, so they are all different colors.  So pretty.


  1. Thank you for the pictures! Amidst all the rain & gray we've had, the colors are really cheery!

  2. Hi Kathy, I will check out your brother's sounds interesting. The pansies are so pretty!! I love's the purple and yellow that I just love!

  3. I love pansies! Thanks for sharing your colorful "cat faces"; LOL



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