Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I think a front door says a lot about a house and the people who live inside.  Do you ever look at front doors?  I do.  When I walk down a street or drive along in a neighborhood I look at the front doors.  The type of door and the way they are decorated gives me a glimpse into the taste of the occupant.  Do they have lights?  A wreath?  A glass door?  Old fashioned?

When we were going to replace our front door I spent lots of time looking at different stores and websites trying to find just the right one.  I wanted glass.  Joe wanted security.  We finally agreed on a fanlight.  But I didn't want just a regular fanlight because it always reminds me of half of a pizza.  I know, I'm strange.  So I found a door at Home Depot that had a fanlight window but with a leaded flower in it.  Compromise.

I guess all of this is why I enjoy decorating my front door so much.  I decorate both inside and out.  While I was at the Christmas Mouse in Virginia I found the cutest little scarecrow on a broom.  Well, OK, Joe found it.  It wasn't very expensive (about $7) so I bought it.  I hung it up the other day and I think it looks very cute when I come home from work each day.

What does your front door look like?


  1. I guess I notice doors too,especially wreaths. I love some of the Christmas ones. Your scarecrow is cute,I would have bought him too. Russ does our windows & door for the holidays. Currently there is a wreath of white daisies with a blue butterfly that I purchased at A C Moore. I know it's more for summer, but Russ wasn't ready to do the windows. Fall? Halloween? He'll get there. It always turns out really neat!

  2. One of my favorite past times is to look at entrances of homes. Doors are a biggie for me also.

    Bring on Fall!

  3. I notice front doors too; I'd like to have a red door; LOL

    I am partial to wreaths, so I have seasonal wreaths gracing my front doors 4 times a year :-)


  4. My front door isn't even cute LOL. Oh well! I love your new decor, too cute!


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