Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Oh my, what a day!  Things never stopped at work.  It has been one of the busiest days I can remember in a long time.  Usually there is one person on the front desk and the other is doing work in the back, shelving, etc.  Today both of us had to be on the desk for three hours straight.  Naturally, it finally let up around 3 p.m. when Marquita came in and we had extra help.  Of course during those three hours the mail kept coming in, emails for new library cards, deliveries of new books, etc.  It never stopped.  Well, we certainly have our work cut out for us tomorrow.  At least tomorrow is an early day, so I have an hour in the building before we open to the public and I can get some of the shelving done.  Joe was too sick to come in and help me today.

Diane is getting a new dog tomorrow morning, so she won't be in until after lunch.  At first it was going to be just me there and we wouldn't have enough people to open, but finally an LA volunteered to come over from 10 till 2 so we will be OK.  I feel badly for Diane next week though while I am on vacation because who knows what will happen.

Vacation!  I just can't wait.  I am getting very excited.  This will be the first big trip Joe and I have ever taken.  Usually we go to Lancaster County or down the shore, but this is to Williamsburg, VA.  We decided that five years of marriage deserved something a little more special. 

I have never driven for four hours before.  (Sort of nervous about that.)  Joe has been having seizures for the last two weeks, so I can't let him drive.  But I know everything will be OK.  We are planning on stopping in Baltimore to break up the trip, so it won't be four hours straight.

I have to get some sleep.  I want to finish downloading my pictures so hopefully tomorrow I can show you pictures of my pansies.  So pretty!


  1. It will be kind a like a honeymoon!
    Look out Williamsburg, here come Kathy and Joe!

  2. I hope it is better than our honeymoon. We were both sick!


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