Friday, September 23, 2011


I love Pooh Bear!

Yes, it's Friday again.  Where do the days (and weeks) go?  Where do the months go?  Can you believe in one more week September will be over?

And by the way, welcome to Autumn.  Today is the first day.  I'm so sorry to see the summer end.  But I like fall too so I am looking forward to it. I like the colors, the cooler weather, the smells, the food.

It wasn't too busy at work today which was a break for us.  Since Marquita did not come in it was just Diane and me and we had to be on the desk every other hour.  It's not easy to get anything done when you have to stop every hour to man the front desk.  But some things were finished and some others started so I feel as if I accomplished something today.

Actually, I have had a much better attitude toward my job since I went to the meeting yesterday.  It was emphasized over and over that there are some things we just can't concern ourselves over and that we need to pick our battles.  Some things just aren't worth fighting for.  Once I adopted that attitude, things started going better for me.  The administrators are right.  There are just some things that aren't worth it.  And arguing with the patrons about what they "think they know" and what is the truth is one of them.

Well, for those of you who read this and pray, please pray for my sister Elaine.  She was diagnosed with pneumonia and is very sick.  I'd really appreciate it and I know she would too.  Thank you so much.

We got Joe's suit.  It's dark gray and very nice.  He got a white on white striped shirt and a gray and white tie to go with it.  He's going to look so nice on Sunday.  Got to take a picture to post here.

We're going to watch a movie called "The Late Great Planet Earth" based on the book by Hal Lindsay.  Anybody remember this book from the 1960s?  Haven't read it in YEARS.  Orson Welles is the narrator.  It sounds interesting.

It's farm day tomorrow, so you'll get to see what we've gotten then.  It's getting to slim pickings time.


  1. It was great to hear there was something to help with the stress level. At least the library recognizes it as most companies aren't.
    I am sorry to hear about Elaine & will certainly keep her in prayer. The gray,damp weather can't be helping her either.
    I look forward to seeing the picture of Joe in his suit. Sounds like he'll look very handsome!

  2. I just said a prayer for your sister Elaine. That's great that you can feel more relaxed about not worrying about things that are not as important during your day. It seems like it will help you out. I need to return some books to the library today. I renewed them once...time to get them back!


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