Saturday, September 17, 2011


It got cold overnight and went down into the 40s.  It's going up to only 68 degrees today.  I turned on my stove space heater for the first time this season.  I think it's time to take out the air conditioners.  Fall is really here.

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary.  We have been married for 5 years.  I never imagined that I would marry for the first time at age 52 or that it would be so good.  It's always nice to marry your best friend.  It certainly does not feel like 5 years ago to me.


And now:

I don't think we have changed much at all.  We are both thinner -- that's a good thing.

To celebrate, Joe made reservations for dinner at the Revere Tavern in Paradise, PA.

When making the reservation he mentioned that it was our wedding anniversary.  

We laid low most of the day trying to recover from our drive home before taking another one.  Revere Tavern is 64 miles away in Lancaster County, but one of our favorite places.  We don't go often because it is VERY expensive.  But this is a special occasion.

So it took us 1 1/2 hours to get there.  We were seated at a very nice table by a window.  There was an oil lamp on the table and candles on the window sill and in the wall sconces.  It was very romantic.

Revere Tavern has been in business since 1740  when it was called the "Sign of the Spread Eagle."  It was one of the better inns along the 62 miles of turnpike stretching from Philadelphia to Lancaster, and catered to the more prosperous class of travelers, providing him with accommodations suited to his means.

In 1841 the Tavern became the residence of the Rev. Edward V. Buchanan and his wife Eliza Foster Buchanan.  Eliza was the sister of Stephen Foster who wrote some of his music here such as "My Old Kentucky Home", "Way Down Upon the Swanee River" and "Oh Susanna".

In 1854 Edward and Eliza moved to a new pastorate and Edward's brother, James Buchanan (the 15th president of the U.S.) became the owner.  It is an interesting and wonderful place to dine.

Our meal was fantastic.  I had filet mignon and Joe had prime rib.  When we were finished our waitress came out with a large cupcake and said, "I understand this is a special day for you.  Happy anniversary."  It was so nice.  I asked Joe if he had done this and he said no it was a surprise to him too.

We were full so took it home to eat later.  Since Joe is a diabetic we decided to split it in half across.  He had a small part of the bottom to eat and I got the icing.  See the smile?  It was wonderful.  Oh so good!

After we ate we went to Rockvale Mall.  We wanted to go to Reading China and Glass to get a few things.  We passed the Hagger outlet to get there.  They were having a 70% off sale.  Joe got me a sport camera for our anniversary but I hadn't bought him anything, so we went in and I got him a pair of khakis and a pair of jeans.

So we went shopping and went home.  Another big day coming up tomorrow.  I'm going to have to go back to work to get some rest!  But it's been a wonderful week.


  1. Congratulations!

    And many, many more anniversaries to come :-)


  2. Happy 5th anniversary! You make a handsome couple. The restaurant sounds super,I could almost taste it. It was really special of them to do the cupcake. A surprise for both of you!
    Russ & I wish you both all happiness, health, joy & many more years together.

  3. What a special celebration! Happy Anniversary!

  4. Happy Anniversary. What a nice day.


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