Monday, September 5, 2011


Life in the big city sure isn't fun sometimes.  We live on a street that is one block long.  Lots of cars, little parking.  And the houses are all crowded together.  I am beginning to believe what my college sociology teacher said that people living on top of each other is not conducive to good relations.

GOOD:  Saturday night Joe and I watched the movie "Soul Surfer."  If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it.  For those who don't know, this is the true story of Bethany Hamilton who was surfing off the coast of Hawaii in 2003 and a shark bit her arm off.  She went on to become a professional surfer.  Be sure to watch the special stuff after the movie to see the real Bethany Hamilton and hear her testimony for Christ.  Awesome. 

BAD:  We finished watching the movie and had just drifted off to sleep when the guy in the apartment two doors down decided to move his drunken party to his front yard and the sidewalk in front of his house, our neighbor's house and our house.  The people were very drunk (or high -- couldn't tell which) and were yelling and cursing and breaking things.  Joe got up and yelled out the window that it was 2:30 in the morning and people were trying to sleep.  They looked around and couldn't figure out where the voice was coming from.  They quieted down for a few minutes and then decided to start banging the front door open and closed.  They did this for 2 hours.  Joe called the police who of course never showed up.  This is a low priority call for them.  Finally everything quieted down and we were getting back to sleep and they started up again.  This time Joe went to the front door.  I begged him not to go out, but he was angry.  Of course it did no good to try to talk to them because they were too drunk.  At 5:00 a.m. they all drove away, banging their car doors, reving their engines and screaming.  Not a good night.  Because Joe did not get enough sleep he started having seizures.  So he was not able to get to church in the morning.  He had to sleep.

SAD:  Sunday was Pastor Wayne's last preaching day at the church.  Pastor Justin was away, so it was old hymns with the piano, no overhead projector and Pastor Wayne preaching.  He spoke on Samuel, finishing up our summer series on the judges.  It was like the church was when I first started going there.  I miss those days.  I understand things have to change, but I still miss the way things used to be.  Poor Joe missed the whole thing.  Luckily we have the messages online by Wednesday, so he will watch it then.

GOOD:  Well, at least the day ended well.  Our best friends at church, Karen and Bud, asked if we wanted to go to lunch with them.  I called Joe and he said yes.  He got up while I drove home to get him.  We met them at the Country Club Diner.  We always like spending time with them.  They got married just 10 months before we did and they are our age so it is fun being with people we have so much in common with.  We spent a couple of hours over lunch and then had to leave.  It was good.

Joe and I then went to Home Depot.  I got Poison Ivy Killer to try to get rid of the last of it in our yard.  I'm afraid it has killed my one rose bush by now.  While we were there I bought some pansies for my big pot and some mums to fill in my one bed around the gazing ball.  Pictures coming when everything gets in.

So much to do today.  Last day of my four day weekend.  I still haven't finished the cleaning I want to do and still have to color my hair.  Pictures of that coming too.  I'd better get off of here and get busy.


  1. Busy, busy, busy!
    Remember to save sometime for yourself.

  2. I can empathize about the rowdy noise. I believe it's everywhere at
    some point. I hope Joe catches up on his sleep & feels better.
    It is great to spend time with friends. I like even the ones with
    only a few things in common. Their views can be a chance for me to view
    things from a different perspective.


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