Sunday, September 18, 2011


Yesterday was the last of a very busy week.  We were able to sleep in for awhile, but then had to get up and run some errands.

We went to the farm to pay our last installment on our CSA share.   It wasn't our week to pick up but there is a farmer's market there every week.  I got some shallots, new potatoes, vari-colored carrots, green beans and red popcorn on the cob.

Joe went and got a haircut while I ran to Rite Aid to get some batteries for my camera.  Then we went home to get ready for the dinner we had to attend.

Because we are on the social committee we had to be there early to set up.  Our church is so small that we borrowed the fellowship hall from the Grace Bible Fellowship Church in Wallingford, PA.  The people there were so nice and the facilities were huge and beautiful.  We had the dinner catered and the caterer (who is a friend of ours) showed up and helped set everything up for us. The third person on the committee, Dorothea, showed up while the caterer was still there.  The three of us got busy to get everything done before the people came.

The food was great, the guests were wonderful.  Pastor Wayne and Phyllis (his wife) were truly touched by everything that was done for them.

Several of the other Bible Fellowship pastors spoke along with Pastor Wayne and Phyllis' children and some members of the congregation.  Then there was a slide show of him as a child, a young man and all through the history of his 31 years at Wissinoming Bible Fellowship Church.  We will miss him so much.

One funny thing happened last night.  While we were cleaning up afterwards we were telling Pastor Tim of Grace BFC about our wedding and teasing Pastor Wayne about not letting us kiss.  At our wedding ceremony he clean forgot that line and so we never kissed after being pronounced husband and wife.  So I said to Pastor Wayne, "Say it now."  He said, "What?"  I said, "Tell us to kiss now."  So he said, "Joe, you may now kiss your bride."  And Joe kissed me.  Pastor Tim said, "Aww, now wasn't that worth waiting five years for?"  I said, "Finally we are married!" and laughed.  This morning in church Pastor Wayne told the congregation that after five years we were officially married because last night he told us to kiss.  Ha, ha, ha!

It took us two hours to clean up with several people helping us.  It was 10:00 p.m. when we left, but the place looked beautiful.  We were so tired and slept really well last night.

This morning Joe had the prayer and scripture reading.  I asked Pastor Justin if I could give a testimony and he said yes.  I have been felt led to tell of God's faithfulness.  It just kept being impressed on me over and over "God is faithful and someone else needs to know this."  So I was nervous, but I told of how God had been faithful to Joe and me through the five years of our marriage.  After the service one of the ladies in the church thanked me and said it was exactly what she needed to hear.  I don't know if she was the only one, but at least I know I needed to say it for her.

I am planning a great dinner tonight.  I haven't cooked all week and am itching to do so.  I'm having a salad, roasted chicken with herbs and grapes, new potatoes, carrots and broccoli.  I have tons of plums from last week so I want to make a plum cobbler for dessert.  It's getting late and I'd better get busy so that's it for today.  At least I am caught up with everything and it's back to work for me tomorrow.

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