Tuesday, December 29, 2020



I am such a bad blogger lately.  I began this post yesterday, ran out of power on my computer and then just never got back to it.  It was not a good day for several reasons.  But today is better so let me finish and post this.

Christmas may be over on the calendar, but it continues here at Looking at Life.  Today I will tell you about my Christmas Eve.  What a day that was!

It began with a wonderful breakfast that Elaine made for us.  She had deviled eggs and peppermint chocolate scones.  So good.

Then it was off to open gifts.  This was one of my favorites.  Elaine made me a 2020 Survival Kit.  It had all kinds of things in it like hand sanitizer, Lysol wipes, gloves, face masks, a sponge and even a roll of toilet paper.  So cool.

Ace was waiting for his gifts too.

He does love his toys.

Joe got his favorite Harry's products.

I got some cute Christmas hand towels.  One is already hanging in the kitchen.

Elaine found some "Joe" coffee for Joe.  It actually says "Hello, Joe!" on the box.

Even without a tag you would know this gift was for me.  Everyone knows how much I love my Hallmark movies.

Elaine had to go outside to talk to someone.  While she was gone, Ace walked over to his stocking, pulled out this big orange ball, and proceeded to tear off the cardboard it was attached to and to play with it.  Way to go, Ace!

Since I am on a big cleanout of my house, I was thrilled to get this lightweight stick vacuumn.  I love it.

I gave Elaine this little gnome for her collection.

I got my birthday gift too.  Elaine made me this wonderful blanket with different logos from the annual t-shirts collected from when I used to work for the Academy of Natural Sciences.  It was a wonderful and thoughtful gift.  I am so in love with it.

Joe went to take a nap and Elaine and I watched one of our favorite movies, "A Christmas Movie Christmas."  It is so good and so funny.  The two sisters in the movie remind us of ourselves.

Around noon we had lunch.  We have the same lunch every year.  There were three kinds of crackers, about five kinds of cheese, a wheel of brie, and some sliced up summer sausage.  I look forward to this every year.

We were going to stay until about 2 p.m. or so.  But the weather changed.  It started raining and we were afraid with the low temperatures that it would freeze.  So we quickly got everything together and took off.  It's always sad to leave.  But we got a few pictures together before we left.

It was a little icy near Elaine's house, but got better the closer we got to home.  In some places it wasn't raining at all.  But it was by the time we got home.  It usually takes us 2 hours each way but going home took 2 1/2 hours.  I rested for about an hour before I had to go back out and pick up Debbie and Rusty to take them to Christmas Eve service at church.

It was a beautiful service.  The video is up on YouTube if you want to see it.

I drove through Greeby Street on the way home from church.  It was much more lit up than it was when we were there earlier in the month.  So beautiful.  And then I dropped Debbie and Rusty off and headed home.

We hadn't eaten yet, so I made a Christmas Eve dinner -- flounder and Brussels sprouts and mushrooms.

We had our new stove going.  It is so nice.

As we did our evening devotions I noticed just how small the candle was.  Christmas is here.

Next time I will tell you about Christmas.  So much more to go.

Until later,



  1. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time with your sister. Wishing you a Blessed Christmas and a Wonderful New Year. Hugs, Edna B.

  2. Hi Kathy - What a wonderful time you had with your sister, and you got such nice and thoughtful gifts. My son Josh loves Harry's shaving products too, and he got some for Christmas and was very pleased. We also have a stick vacuum and just got a new one, which Charly ordered just before Christmas. They are so convenient and make clean-up easier. I know you will enjoy yours. I love that quilt. Such a very thoughtful gift! So glad you got home safely and were able to attend Christmas Eve service! It has been fun to share the Christmas holiday with you!

  3. That was a nice visit with your sister....And a sweet Christmas eve. Lots of food, gifts, and church. And lovely colorful pictures..

  4. Sisters are the best! It looks like you had a great time with yours. She's quite the hostess and a thoughtful gift giver.

  5. Your visit with your sister was wonderful. I am sorry that you had to scoot because of the weather. Lots of sweet gifts...that blanket is amazing. You'll enjoy fitting it into your decor.

  6. I enjoyed your post and hearing and seeing about your Christmas Eve.

  7. Elaine sure knows how to buy gifts. The 2020 Survival Kit was so original! Love that she found Joe such a cool gift----literally a cup o'Joe! I had to laugh at Ace's eagerness. Glad you were safe while driving. Can't wait for the rest!

  8. How fun Kathy...Merry Christmas to you and your family...in addition to a Very Happy Birthday wish!!!


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