Thursday, December 3, 2020


Hello, friends!  Welcome to Blogmas Day 2.  Sorry I am late getting this up.  I had a busy day yesterday and ended up falling asleep before I got this written.  I will try to do another one tonight so you will get two today and I will be caught up.

I hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas season.  Yesterday I finally got the fall taken out of the front window and Christmas lights up.  We do not have an outlet near the window and so were always running a line over to it.  This year I got some battery operated lights in the shape of snowflakes.  They are so pretty.  I may be buying stock in batteries, but it is well worth it.  When I finish decorating I will take pictures of everything to show you.

But for today I will take you back a few days and show you what we have been having for dinner.

On Tuesday, November 24 we had ham steak, mashed sweet potatoes with pumpkin pie spice (so good) and I made a salad with lettuce, mushrooms, baby carrots and the last of our tomatoes.  We got so many tomatoes this year.  I am going to plant tomatoes next spring too.

On Thanksgiving, November 26, we had turkey breast, stuffing, mashed potatoes, roasted Brussels sprouts, jellied cranberry sauce and gravy.  Everything was so good.

On Friday, November 27, we had poached salmon, corn on the cob and another salad.  No, we did not have turkey the day after Thanksgiving.  I do not like turkey enough to have it day after day.  People think the next day will be leftovers, but not in this house.  Joe has been eating turkey and cranberry sandwiches.  But the salmon is more my speed.

On Monday, November 30, we had barbecued pork chops, peas and carrots, and applesauce.  Another good meal.  And yes, we had turkey leftovers on Saturday.

On Tuesday, December 1, I went to Target.  (You will see that post next I think).  I wanted beef and got these great steakhouse burgers.  They were seasoned so nicely.  I put mayo and ketchup on my burgers.  It was a nice change.  We haven't had burgers in a long while.

Last night I made a turkey pot pie.  I like crust on top of mine, Joe likes biscuits.  I made biscuits for him because it was easier.  It was good and I will make it again.  I got the recipe from the Campbells website.

The last of the pumpkin dishtowels.  At least for awhile.

I took a couple more pictures of the Advent candle so that you can see it better.  Burned down to number 2 now.

And now I have to get going and get some things done today.  Have a good day everyone and I will see you soon.




  1. I had turkey meals for two days. That's about all I can take of turkey. The rest of the meal I could eat every day. I love my mashed potatoes and veggies. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

    1. I'm with you. Turkey no. Stuffing, potatoes and gravy yes.

  2. Your meals are making me hungry! We do like turkey leftovers and had it for several days after Thanksgiving. Really nice picture of you to end this post...looking forward to the day when we can get together in person.
    Take care!

  3. Your meals look so healthy. Good for you. We are careful to eat healthy too. Love mashed sweet potatoes. Enjoy your delightful attitude and gracious spirit. Turkey Pot pie tonight...getting rid of the last of the leftovers.

  4. Ham steak! I haven't had ham in a long time and it looks so good.

  5. Hi Kathy - your meals always look delicious and give me some menu ideas. The picture at the end is a really nice picture and that is a festive holiday sweater you are wearing. See you again tomorrow.


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