Saturday, December 28, 2019


Hello, friends!  I want to continue on from yesterday and tell you about the day after Christmas.

After we all got up and got ourselves together we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast.  Joe and I had been given two gift cards so we treated Elaine.  It was such a treat and so good.  We loved our waitress.  She said she lived in Pennsylvania and when we told her we lived in Philadelphia, she said she had visited and her daughter loved Philly.  She was from East Stroudsburg and knew right where our church's campsite, Pinebrook, was.  What a small world!

After we ate, we went to Marshall's for their after Christmas sale.  Joe was able to get a new pair of sneakers for $20.  And he bought me something I have been wanting all of Advent -- a sock advent calendar.  But this one is the 12 days of socks, for the 12 days of Christmas.  Since it was the 26th, I opened the first two days.

Here is the calendar before I opened it.

And here I am pointing to the first door which I am about to open.

The first pair of socks were crew socks with a picture of a nutcracker on it.  So cute!

Then I pointed to the second day which I was going to open.

These were no show socks with peppermint stick stripes on them.  I am loving this!

Thank you, Elaine, for taking these pictures for me.  I will post each day the new socks I am getting.  Such fun!

We had lunch before we left her house.  There was lunchmeat, all kinds of cheese, different kinds of crackers, Hawaiian rolls and sourdough bread.  It was great choosing what kinds of cheese to eat and what kind of meat to pair with them.  Elaine knows I love Brie and had a big wheel of it sitting right in front of me.

Everything was delicious.  Then she brought out a birthday cake for me.  It was so pretty!

Elaine lit the candles and she and Joe sang to me.  Then I blew them out.  I missed one.  Does that mean I don't get my wish?

I have the best sister ever.

We hung out for a bit, but finally it was time to leave.  I wanted to get home before it was dark.  And I was almost home before the night set in.  But most of the way we were blessed with the most gorgeous sunset I think I have ever seen.  Golds, reds, crimson and purples just filled the sky.  If I hadn't been driving, I would have been taking some pictures.

All in all it was a wonderful Christmas.  There is still more to tell and show to you so please come back tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day.



  1. Nice day after Christmas! I worked but got off at 230. Did a bit of shopping then home. Happy birthday to you Kathy! I like your advent calendar sox. Fun! I get a few things after Christmas as well. Got some cards on sale for next year. Not doing photo cards again. Happy New Year!!!

  2. Hi Kathy, I really love your fun Christmas socks in the form of an Advent Calendar. That is so neat! After Christmas sales are fun, but we haven't done much after Christmas shopping this year. Sounds like you had such a great Christmas with your sister! Sisters are the best! BTW - Happy Birthday! You didn't mention if you were born on Christmas or the day after, but that is such a great time to have a birthday. I love the cute cake. Hope you have a great weekend and I will see you again soon!

  3. The Advent socks are so unusual & cute! The nutcracker is adorable. I can hear you agreeing with Snoopy about summer! I had to smile at that. Happy birthday,Kathy!Today it's all about celebrating you! Enjoy!

  4. Happy Birthday Kathy!!! What day was it? You did not mention. I've never seen a sock advent. It looks like such fun. Your sister sounds awesome! I'm so glad you had this wonderful time with her. You have a super day, hugs, Edna B.

  5. I have never seen Advent socks, but they look neat. Glad you had a good time at your sisters and with her. Happy New Year to you and Joe.

  6. Only now getting to reading your blog posts. Never heard of a sock calendar but what a neat and useful gift!
    Please know I am praying for you...may good health be yours very soon. And may Joe be spared!


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