Tuesday, December 3, 2019


Hello, friends, and welcome to Blogmas Day 3.  I have an interesting topic today.  There are several vlogs I watch on a regular basis.  This was the topic of two of them one day.  One lady was in Canada and one was in Denmark.  It was so interesting what each of these ladies did that I thought I would blog on this topic.

So here are six traditions that Joe and I do that it wouldn't be Christmas without.

1.  Every Christmas we have Advent readings for our evening devotions.  We have used different books or online programs each year.  This year we are using one written by James Merritt called "The 25 Days of Christmas."

The 25 Days of Christmas: A Family Devotional to Help You Celebrate Jesus

2.  Each year we attend the Christmas Café at church.  We have been doing this for 13 years now and no two cafes are the same.  There is a different vibe each time.  Can't wait to see what this year is like.

3.  Each year we try to get to Greeby Street.  It's one block long and so highly decorated.  Although I heard it will not be as elaborate this year due to some people moving away.  We still want to go see it though.

4.  We go to my sister's house to celebrate Christmas each year.  Because she always has to work either the day before or the day after Christmas it is easier for us to come to her.  And it is always a lot of fun being at her house for the holiday.

5.  We always have Christmas Crackers at our dinner.  They are hollow cardboard tubes that are highly decorated.  When the ends are pulled, it produces a bang.  There are a very bad joke, a paper crown that you wear during dinner and a little prize inside each one.  So much fun!

6. And finally every year we listen to the Queen's Christmas speech.  We gather around the computer and watch her give her greetings and thoughts to her subjects around the world.  Yes, we are all anglophiles.

Those are my six things.  How about you?  Are there any things you and your family do every Christmas that we would find interesting?  I'd love to hear about it.

I started out so good this morning and then just fizzled out.  *sigh*  Tomorrow is another day.

I did take my friend Kathy to the Xfinity store.  I sat in the car reading while she was inside.  The wind was so strong that it was shaking the car.  That was a little nerve-wracking.

She also needed to go to Rite Aid, so we headed there.  I was just taking her but ended up spending a lot of money.  But I did get our Christmas cards, a gift for Joe, a Christmas Nisse (a gnome), and a cute snowman sweatshirt for me.  No pictures, but you will see it soon.

I tried making some party mix today.  I followed the directions exactly but it didn't really turn out.  I am going to try again later this week with another recipe.  I want to make it for the Christmas Café this Sunday.  But I want it to taste good.

Joe called out for dinner tonight.  He got a chicken wrap and I got a Caesar salad.  It was good!

And that is it for today.  Have a good night and I'll be back tomorrow.



  1. Hi Kathy! I am loving your Christmas posts. It was fun to hear about your day and your Christmas traditions. I love that street with all the lights. I may do a post about our family Christmas traditions. I am loving reading your blog. Thanks for posting. Your friend out west in Utah, Deb :-)

  2. Thanks for sharing your traditions. That street is gorgeous and I love the idea of the Christmas crackers. How fun! Our Christmases are changing a bit since I started working at a nursing home and usually end up working all the holidays. It feels weird to celebrate on off days, but in a way it's working out better for us since our kids and their kids can come and spend the whole day this way rather than have to be rushing to or from their in-law's celebrations.

    There are a couple of things we try to always do: visit the huge light display at the county fairgrounds, watch for Santa to come through the neighborhood on a fire truck, take a drive to look at the lights, go see the trees at a big Christmas store, and watch A Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation.

  3. It is interesting to hear of the traditions of others. Love seeing all the lighted streets. Our traditions? Weather permitting,Russ & i walk the neighborhood at night (holding hands!) seeing the decorations.Go into center city where they've set up a 'village'of small Christmas shops.The one thing I miss is as a little girl I'd stay in my new jammies all day! oh well...

  4. Hi Kathy, Reading what others do is interesting! For the past several years, our immediate family meets at our oldest daughter's. She and son in law fix breakfast/brunch for the 9 of us. We give thanks to God for our Savior, open presents, watch Elf, play games and eat!

  5. You are a good friend! I enjoyed reading your list of six traditions. None of them are on my list, but that’s what makes blogging so interesting. Have a great day! I must get going as well. I have been slacking. The laundry is going; the dishes are done, but that just makes the slightest dent.

  6. Love your traditions and thank you for sharing with us.

  7. Love reading your Christmas traditions, I share your love of Christmas Crackers, and have never celebrated a Christmas without them.
    The Christmas lights are stunning, so much work and dedication, kudos to the homeowners for making the celebration a little more magical !

  8. I enjoyed reading about your Christmas traditions. All the years while the kids were growing up and when the grandchildren were growing up, we had the family gathering at my house on Christmas Eve. And Santa Claus always showed up. I love all the Christmas lights. In years past, I used to go out and see all the beautiful sights around town. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  9. I like your list of your Christmas traditions and I share some of them. You are reminding me of getting Christmas crackers, they are silly and fun.

  10. It's fun to have traditions and things to look forward to and get in the spirit of Christmas. We have a few that make it special for us. My favorite would be our trip to Chicago to spend the second weekend in December with my family for our annual Christmas gathering. We have a white elephant gift game and many other things that make it a blast! Can't wait for it this year!


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