Wednesday, December 11, 2019


Hello, friends!  Can you believe that in two weeks it will be Christmas?  I sure can't.  Time is just flying by.  There are not enough hours in the day.

Today I went to the new gastroenterologist.  Joe was with me and we were both very impressed by him.  He listened to me, asked questions, and is going to get my records from the other doctors I have seen.  I will be getting an endoscopy in January and have several other tests done.  I am very hopeful that I will finally get some help for all the problems I have been having.  Or at least some answers to what is going on.

After we left the hospital, Joe wanted to stop at the Rite Aid near there.  I wanted to just go to the small one in our neighborhood, but I gave in to go to the one he wanted to.  I was surprised because I knew it was bigger, but this was huge.  And there were so many Christmas things in there.  We got the things we went in for and so much more.  I took pictures of the store to show you.  Of course, I did not buy everything I am going to show you.  But there was so much I had never seen before.  Are you ready for picture overload?

One of the first things I saw was this cute "Ho, ho, ho" sign.  With the Santa hat on top and standing upright in Santa's boots, and the belt around the middle as if it was his waist, it was just adorable.  If I had someplace to put it, this would probably have come home with me.

Everyone loves Elf on the Shelf and this mug with his picture was great.  And as you can see from the tags, everything Christmas was 50% off.

This is really hard to see.  They were little gift boxes with either a Santa or a snowman on top.

Joe and I both loved these mugs with either red or green reindeer on them.  We talked about getting them, but the last thing we need in this house is more mugs.

I did get these boxes though.  The green one says "Holly Jolly" and the red one says "Merry."  They are the perfect size to put the cookies I am making to give to my neighbors in.

There were all kinds of hand towels.  Unbelievable how many.  These were my favorites though -- white with a sweet sprig of mistletoe.

I had to laugh when I saw this oven mitt.  Like the towels, it was on a lower shelf and hard to photograph.  It says, "Mrs. Claus' Kitchen -- all children spoiled while you wait."  Ha, ha!

There were so many candles!  The top shelf had these cute candles in red plaid holders in spice and balsam scents.  The silver and white and gold and white holders on the left were really heavy.  They would make a great gift for someone.  They were peppermint scented and really smelled like mint!

Some more cute candleholders.  Penguins, Santa, gifts, and that little red truck with the Christmas tree in the back.  That one came home with me.

I loved this sign that says "Believe" and has Santa's hat and belt.  How cute!

Want to write a letter to Santa?  Just put it in this cute little mailbox.  Since it says "Send Santa your letter," I'm sure he has elves that picks up your letters and delivers them.

How pretty this lantern with the holly berries is.  I might have to go back and get this.

There was an entire wall of soft, fuzzy Christmas socks.  They looked so warm.  But I am not fond of the socks that don't cover your ankle.

This kit made me smile.  It is a box of cookies shaped like sweaters and tubes of colored icing.  You can make your own ugly sweater and then eat it.  Ha, ha!

There were several of these Christmas mail boxes around the store.  Each one had a different design on the boxes.

As we were getting ready to check out I saw this Santa figure with the North Pole beside him.  He was a big guy, up to my waist.  What a beautiful figure.  I love his face.  But no where to put him in my home.  *sigh*

It was fun seeing all the things, but we spent way more money than we expected to.

We had to rush home to get dinner so Joe could go to his veterans meeting tonight.  So I took a bunch of leftovers and made fried rice.  I had been wanting it for over a week, so I was happy to finally make it.  I love my fried rice -- not so much other people's.  I had a bottle of iced tea so didn't use a mug.  But don't worry, there are more Christmas mugs coming.

And that's it for tonight.  I have so much to still do but I think it is going to wait until tomorrow.  See you then.



  1. Lots of cute things! I probably could spend too much as well. I am actually getting a little anxious about my planned Hobby Lobby visit for that reason. If I had shopped with you, those reindeer mugs probably would have come home with me. They look like pretty winter sweaters. So glad that you liked your new doctor. That’s half the battle right there. Sounds as if he is capable and personable.

  2. Hello Kathy. Such a fun store with so many cute Christmas things! Can't believe it is a Rite Aide. We don't have any Rite Aides out here in Utah - I think Walgreens bought them all so we have mostly Walgreens and a few CVS stores. Can't wait to see what you bought and put up in your house! So glad you found a new doctor you like. That is so important, especially as we all get a little older. Hope you have a good evening and I will see you again tomorrow.

  3. So many pretty things! I agree about the socks. They must come past my ankles. I'm glad you like your new doctor. As you said,hopefully this will lead to what is going on. Stay warm!

  4. Oh yes, I agree that my socks need to come up over my ankles. The shorter ones slip down into my shoes. You found so many wonderful bargains. It makes shopping fun. I hope your new doctor can help you. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  5. The gray socks with Christmas lights caught my eye. An unexpected combination of colors!

    Also...ugly sweater cookies! Ha ha! I will have to look for those.

  6. Catching up with you tonight!
    That store reminds me of the big Big Lots in York, PA that I like to go to. Was just there on Tuesday but not enough time to really look at everything. I don't need more stuff so it's all good.
    Hope you rest good night and are renewed in the morning! Take care.

  7. Temptations! I would of fallen for all the hand towels and I'm sure some would of jumped into my cart, when I wasn't looking 👀.

    I'm praying that you find relief and answers to your health problems. Nice to hear he listened to you!


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