Wednesday, April 29, 2020


Hello, friends!  I hope that you are all doing well.  For two days I had no headache.  Wonderful!  Then today it came back.  But not nearly as bad as before.  I was able to take a nap and sleep it off.  What a relief it is to not have a headache after 10 days of it.

Yesterday I was feeling pretty good, the weather was wonderful, and I decided to get the grass cut.  The yard was a mess!

I started cutting with my weed whacker and then saw a bee.  Then another and another.  How wonderful!  I haven't seen bees in ages.  So I stopped cutting and sat down and watched them.  Such wonderful little creatures.  I tried to take photos of them, but they were too fast for me.  I'd no sooner focus on one and it would take off for another place.  I saw a couple of wasps too but we won't talk about them.  I am not a fan of wasps.  We have had our run ins with them in the past.

After awhile things seemed to settle down and I went on with my cutting.  There were two kinds of flowers covering my lawn.  These sort of light purple ones.

And then some more blue-purple ones.

I hated to cut them down but they will grow back.  And the yard needed a cut.  I will make sure I plant more flowers for the bees.

I took this short video to show you the yard and let you hear the sounds of spring here in northeast Philly.

But another reason I was outside was to see a flyover by the Navy Thunder and the Air Force Blue Angels.  They were flying over New York, Philly and New Jersey as a salute to all those fighting the COVID-9 virus and those taking care of them.  What a thrilling site.  The aircraft went right over my house!

I heard some kids yelling, "There they are!" and looked up just in time to see them.  It was so thrilling!  It was the first thing I've looked forward to in weeks.

I also got some pictures from our local news station.  I thought you would enjoy seeing them.

Here they are flying past the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.

And flying by the statue of William Penn on top of City Hall.

The Navy F-16 Thunderbirds.

Over the Delaware River.

The Air Force F-18 Blue Angels.

Flying over center city.

It was a wonderful thing for them to do.  And so exciting to see them.  It reminded me of the years I spent working for Naval Air.

And so another day of the stay at home is in the books.  We are half-way through the seventh week with no end in sight.  I have a feeling that when we finally do reopen it will be a different world.

Hope you have a good evening.



  1. Fantastic photos! That must have been quite a sight. I've seen the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds separately but to see them flying together...AWESOME!!

    I'm glad your headache went away easily today! Enjoy the rest of the week.

  2. Hi Kathy. That is so cool that you got to see the fly over from your house! I also loved the video of you backyard. I think the Philadelphia row houses are so historic and cool. Love it! Thanks for sharing. Have a great Thursday!

  3. Megan was just telling me about the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds flying around together. That is so cool for them to do that. Thanks for sharing all the photos. Like an air show!! I like going to them. Phil mowed Sat and then Tue. Hope your headaches go away soon! I had an upset tummy today but am thinking it's rx I took 4 days that often bothers my stomach when I take daily. Need to get to bed earlier than I usually do. Take care!

  4. I have those light purple flower things in my yard too. Are they a flower or a weed, do you know? We love the Blue Angles, they come to Seattle every year for Seafair. We have hydroplane races, it's quite a week around here. That's so cool that they would do a fly over to those with the virus and those serving them. It seems those pilots really do have a heart for service. Have a wonderful day!

  5. The photos are great! It means a lot for them to fly together like that.very historic.I can understand you pausing to 'listen'. I often sit to see & hear the sparrows in my yard. It's so peaceful....Glad the headache went away.

  6. Thanks for sharing the fly over pics! So exciting! Looked like you had perfect weather for it! Glad you're feeling better!

  7. I think these air shows are awesome. I love your little flowers. I also love sitting out on my porch and listening to the birds. Enjoy your day, hugs, Edna B.

  8. Hi Kathy. I’m so glad to read that you are feeling better. Headaches are awful! Thank you for the sights and sounds of your yard too. And the air show was awesome!

  9. Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures of the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels! I live in Bucks County (not too far from Trenton) and was hoping to get a glimpse of them on Tuesday, but I never saw them! You got fantastic shots. I'm new to your blog and just love it! Stay well and safe.

  10. I saw from President Trump's Twitter feed the flight plan for the flyover. And I thought of you! So glad that you saw it. Yes, I can imagine that it would be thrilling and a call to prayer for this great country of ours. Glad for no headache days. 🌷

  11. How awesome to see that from your yard!! Ellen and I saw it on TV and thought it was so neat. Yesterday was a beautiful day and I loved being outside. Now's so ugly!! Hoping for more days like yesterday.
    Take care, my friend!


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