Saturday, January 30, 2016


Hope you are all having a wonderful day.  I am feeling better these days especially because I can finally leave the house.  I don't feel like a prisoner anymore.

And where did I go yesterday?  To the doctor for a bloodtest.  Unfortunately, I found there was a problem with my insurance.  My post-work policy has not kicked in and I had to pay for the entire visit.  Fortunately I had the money to do so.  And to top it off, they thought I was there for a visit and charged me $40 more than I was supposed to pay.  After waiting an hour, they finally figured out that I just had to go in and get some blood drawn and leave.  The girl at the desk apologized over and over.  But I was enjoying watching the TV show they had on so I didn't really care.

The tech had a really hard time drawing the blood.  She tried my arm, she tried my hand.  Nothing.  My doctor (Barbara) came along, looked in the door, said hello to me, and asked what was going on.  The tech said she couldn't find a vein.  Barbara saw I was getting upset and sent the tech away.  She tried to get blood from me.  The first vein she tried didn't work either.  She was finally able to get it where the tech tried the first time.  The tech was just in the wrong place -- had to move a little to the side.  I was so glad to get that over with.  My stomach was in knots by the time they were done and it usually doesn't bother me at all.

After that I went to Rite Aid to get something for breakfast.  It was a fasting blood test so I was starved by this time.  While I was there I saw some things I could use as door prizes for the Friendship Feast we are having at church in a couple of weeks.  And we had saved up enough points that my whole purchase was free.  That was great!  Plus we still have some points left.

Last night Joe and I attacked one of the counters in the kitchen.  How do two people gain so much stuff?  We took everything off and Joe scubbed the counter.  Then we put things back.  So much of it was junk that we just threw away.  Other stuff was put away where it belonged.  And still other things (like herbs) were put into little jars that Joe gave me and are stacked neatly.  There's just a little more to do to finish the kitchen.  Then it's off to the next room.  It gives me a feeling of satisfaction to see the house starting to come together.  I think as the days get longer and the weather gets nicer I will get more energy.

Last night Joe got a call from one of the people at church.  She knew of a family that needed food.  They are completely out.  We have a food pantry for people in emergencies so she called us to get them some help.  We are going off to meet them this morning and help them out.  

Then we are heading over to the avenue to get Joe a haircut and to get my glasses fixed.  I fell asleep wearing them the other night.  I must have pulled them off in my sleep and rolled on them because I woke up laying on them and the one earpiece was completely broken off.  Fortunately I have my old pair which I can use while they are being fixed.  I have a feeling I will have to buy a whole new pair.

A busy day today and I have to get a move on so we are not late meeting the people at church.

Have a good day, everyone.  Warm temperatures are heading our way.




  1. How nice to see such a nice, long, newsy post from you. That is awful about the blood draw adventure and I hope when the insurance kicks in that you get reimbursed! How wonderful that you have that food pantry to help those that truly need help. God bless you all for doing that.
    Have a great day- sounds like it will be a busy one. Hope your glasses can be fixed. I sat on my prescription sunglasses in the car a couple of weeks ago. Those glasses were no match for my butt--so I had to order a new pair. lol xo Diana

  2. Wow! You are the busy one. What a shame over your blood! That would upset me too. Good thing you have the back-up pair of glasses! I too have a spare. Can't see a thing without them. Hope the folks work out for the food pantry. God's blessing that it's there.
    Can't wait till the temp hits 50 degrees tomorrow! And 60 latter in the week! Goodbye snow!!

  3. Kathy, Bless your heart's always something isn't it. But I am glad you can get pout. So thankful that Joe can help those in need. Blessings to both of you, xoxo,Susie

  4. Every day is a new day! What a sweet thing to do to help the people who had no food. I know you are happy to get the kitchen in order and now you can move on. Oops, hope they can fix that pair of glasses. I can tell you are going to start enjoying your retirement, since you are feeling better. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  5. I am glad that you can help that couple. How scary that must be. Our church is in a mall. We have a little cabinet where people can take a few items when they need them.
    Glad you are feeling better. I had a blood draw this week as well. First stick and no pain at all but then the next day it looked like I blew a vein.
    Your house will get there. I have been there. It is hard.

  6. I had a fasting blood draw on Friday. It went well. I've learned to clench then unclench my fists to help the veins work better. Glad your dr was able to help u.
    I took time this afternoon to clear up boxes I've had sitting in dining room. Move product out of them and into proper areas of house. Break down boxes and took to garage. I'm tired right now so am working on photos for a blog post. I do feel better getting a bit of decluttering done. Have a good week, Becky

  7. I don't have trouble getting blood drawn but my DIL certainly does. I'm not crazy over needles. At all.
    There is such a good feeling about an organized house....but a constant job!


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